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Croquet England Partners

Partners of Croquet England are other individuals or groups that may join the CIO in accordance with Clause 9(6)(a) of the Constitution. Partners may not become members of Croquet England and are not entitled to vote.

Please contact the Croquet England Office for further information on Croquet England Partnership and to join as a Partner.

Club Partnership

Club Partnership is available to groups formed primarily for purposes other than playing croquet (e.g. U3A groups, Women's Institutes, and Livery Companies) but which make occasional use of an Affiliated Club's facilities to enjoy the sport and wish to be part of Croquet England. It costs £50 per year, and gives you:

Hospitality Partnership

Hospitality Partnership is designed for organisations that have facilities for playing croquet that can be used by members, employees or guests - for example, Hotels, Country Houses and Company sports clubs.

Croquet would not normally be seen as a prime function of the organisation but the organisation aims to maximise the usage and enjoyment of those using the croquet facilities.

Croquet is an ideal activity for team building as it is simple to play, social, very interactive (especially doubles), and it is independent of age, gender or physical ability.

Hospitality Partnership can facilitate this by:

Hospitality Partnership costs £150 per calendar year.