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The Croquet England Bursary Scheme

The Bursary Scheme has been formulated by the Funding Committee to distribute the money allocated annually by the Executive Board to players of both AC and GC who have the potential to be selected, or have been selected, to play for England and who require assistance with the costs involved.

Who May Apply?

Any individual Croquet England Associate may apply for a Bursary. Preference will be given to those under the age of 25 at the beginning of the year. It is expected that applicants will either be nominated or supported by one of the Croquet England International Performance Directors (IPDs). Any member who wishes to apply but is not already known to one or both of the IPDs is encouraged to approach them, with a view to demonstrating their potential and obtaining support for their application. However, any member may apply directly to the Funding Committee if, for any reason, he or she has not been nominated by, or does not have the support of, an IPD.

When Should an Application be Made?

It is expected that applications will be made in the period before the start of each summer season but they may be made at any time. For example, an application relating to a tournament or tournaments being held abroad during the English winter may well be made appropriately at the end of the summer season.

How is an Application Made?

An application must be made by completing the Application Form published on the website or supplied by the Chairman of the Funding Committee. An applicant who has a Development Plan prepared in conjunction with an IPD must attach a copy of that to the form. Applicants may attach any other documents that they wish the Funding Committee to see when considering their application. The completed forms will not be made public and, after they have been submitted, they will be seen only by the members of the Funding Committee and by the Officers of Croquet England, upon request.

What are the Matters to be Taken Into Account?

The Funding Committee will exercise wide discretion and may take into account any relevant matter. The criteria are set out in full in the published Procedure for Bursary Funding. Applicants do not have to have reached a minimum standard of play but the Committee will have regard to the standard already achieved (as shown by the applicant's handicap(s) and/or grade(s)); the potential for improvement and the commitment to the sport. Similarly, there is no "means test" but the Committee will have regard to the applicant's financial position and to any personal matter which an applicant may choose to draw to their attention.

What is the Money For?

A bursary is, in effect, a grant made to the applicant to use to defray any of the costs with which he or she may be faced when playing croquet. It is expected that such costs will be related to events or activities that the applicant and/or the IPD feel should be entered or undertaken, to improve any aspect of performance. They might be, for example, the costs of travel or board and lodging or tournament entry fees but they are not limited to such things. All successful applicants will obviously be expected to spend the money responsibly. Payments will usually be made retrospectively but successful applicants will not be required to produce proof of payments made.

Will Successive Applications be Possible?

Any applicant may make successive applications but any applicant making a second or subsequent application will be required to provide an account of how he or she spent the previous bursary and a description of the effect of the financial support provided.

Any potential applicant requiring further details or explanations should contact the Chairman of the Funding Committee by email or telephone.