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Referee Training Course Manual - Section 4

Referee Training Course Manual

Section 4 Examination for Referee

The examination is in three parts as follows:

Part A Knowledge of the Laws

This part consists of a multiple choice examination paper which the candidate must answer without reference to the Laws Book or any supporting documentation.

Part B Analysis of the Laws

This part consists of questions on problems normally requiring the application of two or more Laws. The candidates are urged to use the Laws book when giving answers to this part.

Part C Situations on the Court

This part is carried out on the lawn where the candidate is expected to show that he can give correct answers clearly and in a timely manner to problems which may arise on the lawn.

It is recommended that the examination be given in the order of Part A followed by Part C. If the candidate passes these two examinations then he has qualified as an Assistant Referee. If successful, it is recommended that all candidates then take Part B. A pass in Part B qualifies the candidate as a full Referee. Without lowering standards in the marking, the Examiner is expected to use the examination as a continuance of the Candidate's training, particularly on the lawn and Part B. While Part A could be taken as a written paper, it is recommended that Part B should be taken orally as the Examiner will get a much better view on borderline cases as to whether the candidate should be a Referee or not. The requirements for the Championship qualification is a higher pass mark in all three Parts as well as a minimum of two years' experience as a Referee. The examination on the lawn for a Championship Referee must be carried out by two Examining Referees with one carrying out the test, while the other gives their independent view on the outcome of any test to corroborate the Candidate's answers.

This section provides an overall Examination Record Sheet (Appendix 4.1 omitted) which should be used throughout the examination by the Examiner for Assistant Referees, Referees and Championship Referees.

This Section also provides a set of 35 questions (Appendix 4.2 omitted) from which a Part A examination should be prepared. This multiple choice Examination paper should contain 20 questions, including questions covering each part of the Laws book. A time limit of 40 minutes is allocated for completion of this examination and a pass mark of 80% (95% for Championship Referee) is required. Model answers are given in Appendix 4.3 (omitted) together with discussion of any important points which may arise.

Three Part B examination papers are given in Appendix 4.3, one of which should be selected for an examination. This part of the examination normally takes about 1 hour and the pass mark is 75% (87% for Championship Referee). Model answers are given for each paper in Appendix 4.4 (omitted) together with discussion of important points which may arise.

The practical examination on the lawn is also required for all Candidates and the requirements for this are given in Appendix 4.5 (omitted). The required pass mark is 71% (83% for Championship Referee)

(The omitted sections are available to Examining Referees on application to the Chairman of the AC Laws Committee.)