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Examining Coach

The criteria required to be an Examining Coach are:

The role of the Examining Coach is:

In order to ensure that they examine only within the limits of their own expertise, Examining Coaches are empowered to assess candidates up to and including a standard 'one grade lower' than the level of qualification they themselves hold. For example:

Examining Coaches will normally be expected to be present throughout the course or process. Where exceptional circumstances mean this is not possible, the other parts of the course or process must be led by an experienced and trusted assistant of proven quality, with the Examining Coach being present for a minimum of a full day including face-to-face final assessment of candidates.

To become an Examining Coach, the candidate must meet the criteria set out above and the application must be endorsed by the relevant Federation Coaching Officer. Applications are made to the Coaching Committee Chair. Approval is not automatic; candidates may be appointed, or may be encouraged to further develop their skills, expertise or experience. Once an appointment is confirmed by the Coaching Committee, the nominee's name will be added to Croquet England's list of Examining Coaches.

To help ensure that the Register of Examining Coaches remains up-to-date, new appointments will be for a five-year term. Terms of office for Examining Coaches who have a strong track record of success in the role and who are willing to continue can be renewed with minimum formality.