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Hogan Roll

November 2004

This article is based on a series of correspondence in November 2004 on the Nottingham mailing list.

Original postings have been edited for clarity.

Richard Dickson asked:

What is a Hogan Roll?

It is named after Joe Hogan from New Zealand, who was the first World Champion, and it is the big roll from corner 4 sending the striker's ball to 2 and the other ball to 3.

It is played when you want to get a standard TP when there is a ball in corner 4. Most of the top players do not take this line of play, but will set up for a delayed TP, i.e. peeling 4-back before 6.

It is very difficult to play on a slow lawn, because you have to hit the balls so hard and there is a lot of furniture in the way. Also it is difficult to play on a fast lawn, because it is hard to judge the pace of the balls.

Chris Williams

The Hogan Roll is a way of obtaining a standard TP from the position with an opponent ball in corner IV after a missed long lift. Here's one variation:

After hoop 1, get a rush toward corner IV. Send this ball to hoop 4 going to the ball in the corner (assuming you haven't got a corner cannon). Now do a huge split roll sending this ball to 3 going to your hoop 2 pioneer. If you get any sort of control at hoop 2, you have a standard TP.

You don't see it that often though because it's too hard.

Robin Brown