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Rules for the Inclusion of Coaching Courses in the Fixtures Calendar

Croquet England welcomes the inclusion of relevant coaching courses in the Fixtures Calendar as consistent with the its aim of supporting competitive croquet by improving players' skills and increasing the number of competitive players. Courses so advertised must meet Croquet England's quality standard as well as the following criteria:

  1. They must be croquet-related.
  2. They must be led by a competent person, defined as:
    1. for courses on croquet playing techniques or tactics:
      1. A Croquet England (or CA) Qualified Coach with the relevant qualification for the course being run (i.e. Grade 1, etc.); or
      2. A widely-acknowledged expert in the precise subject matter who has teaching experience relevant to the style of the course. In this case, the course must be called a Masterclass or Workshop.
    2. for a Coach Training Course: a Croquet England Examining Coach.
    3. for other courses (such as how to manage a tournament, or sports psychology applied to croquet): an acknowledged expert in the subject matter who has teaching experience relevant to the style of the course. Such a course must not be called a coaching course.
  3. They must follow any syllabus published by Croquet England for the course as a minimum
  4. Any implied or offered Croquet England qualification must adhere to the relevant Croquet England qualification process (including referees, coaches and handicappers).
  5. They must be open to all and offered with a reduced price for Croquet England Associates. Additionally, clubs and Federations may offer a reduced price to their own members.
  6. Fees for such courses may be collected by the organiser or Croquet England (using the online system). If Croquet England collects the fees, the appropriate amount received (less refunds allocated to withdrawing applicants) will be passed to the organiser. Alternatively, for courses required by Croquet England's development programme and where there is a perceived financial risk, Croquet England may agree to pay the cost of running the course, including lawn hire and coach expenses, and will keep the fees to offset those costs.
  7. Attendees must be requested to complete a feedback form within 14 days of the end of the course.

Croquet England reserves the term Academy to apply to an approved organisation, and restricts its usage in the Croquet England Fixtures Calendar to those organisations so approved by the Coaching Committee in accordance with the policy agreed between the Coaching Committee and the Executive.

Subject to the above, there is no charge or levy associated with listing courses in the Croquet England Fixtures Calendar, with the exception of any agreed bank handling fee agreed between the organiser and Croquet England where Croquet England is collecting fees on behalf of the organiser.