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Silver Medal Award Winners

The Silver Medal marks a player's entry into the top echelon of croquet.

First awarded in 1896, and made of real silver until the mid-1930s, the qualification criteria barely changed until 2020 from when a player qualifies by reaching an advanced stage of a sizeable Grade 1 or 2 Championship, in either AC or GC.

Men's and Women's Silver Medals (for first-time winners) are distinct, with holders listed in the Roll of Honour. There used to be separate Gold Medal events for Men and Women, which, with the caskets, were incorporated into the Men's and Women's in 1935. The Gold Medal events pre-date The Croquet Association and were seen as two of the major championships at the time. The awarding of a silver medal to first-time Men's and Women's winners dates from the merge.

See also the Merit Awards and Most Improved Players.

Year Month Name Event Awarded For Code
2022 April Aston Wade Cheltenham Easter Finalist AC
2021 September Jack Good English National GC Championship Finalist GC
2021 June Aston Wade British Open GC Championships Winning GC
2020 August Stuart M Smith British Open GC Championships Semi-Finalist GC
2019 September Rachel Gee English National GC Championship [1] Winning GC
2019 April Robert Wilkinson Cheltenham Easter Semi-Finalist AC
2018 September Richard Bilton English National GC Championship [1] Winning GC
2018 April Sam Murray Southwick Finalist AC
2018 April Richard M Smith Cheltenham Winning AC
2017 September John-Paul Moberly English National GC Championship [1] Winning GC
2017 June Christian Carter Men's Championship Finalist AC
2017 May Mark Suter Cheltenham Winning AC
2016 September Ian Burridge English National GC Championship [1][2] Winning GC
2016 May Alan Chance Cheltenham Finalist AC
2015 September Tobi Savage English National GC Championship [1] Winning GC
2015 May Robert Moss Cheltenham Finalist AC
2014 June Andrew Winn Bowdon Finalist AC
2014 June Alain Giraud East Midlands Championship Finalist AC
2013 August Gabrielle Higgins Championship Of Surrey Semi-Finalist AC
2013 May Matt Holmes Cheltenham Semi-Finalist AC
2013 May Harry Fisher Cheltenham Semi-Finalist AC
2013 April Mark Ormerod Southport Winning AC
2013 April Jaimie Mussi Cheltenham Easter Winning AC
2012 September James Hawkins Southport Finalist AC
2012 August Roger Wood COWhorn Finalist AC
2012 May Dominic Nunns Cheltenham Coles Winning AC
2011 September Will Gee English National GC Championship [1] Winning GC
2011 August Paul Rigge Crake Valley Winning AC
2011 June Paddy Chapman Bowdon Winning AC
2011 April Strat Liddiard Cheltenham Easter Finalist AC
2011 April Peter Nash Cheltenham Easter Winning AC
2010 September Jonathan Hills Southwick Finalist AC
2011 September James Goodbun English National GC Championship [1] Winning GC
2010 April James Hopgood Bowdon Finalist AC
2009 September Alan Cottle Southwick Finalist AC
2009 May Ian Parkinson Cheltenham Finalist AC
2009 April Geoffrey Taylor Cheltenham Easter Winning AC
2008 September Robert Fulford English National GC Championship [1][2] Winning GC
2008 May Gavin Carter Southwick Finalist AC
2007 September Mark Fawcett Southwick Finalist AC
2007 September Rutger Beijderwellen English National GC Championship [1][2] Winning GC
2007 June Bob Burnett Crake Valley Finalist AC
2007 April Nick Saxton Cheltenham Easter Finalist AC
2006 September Ivor Brand English National GC Championship [1] Winning GC
2006 June Jack Wicks Men's Championship Finalist AC
2005 September Jamie Burch Southwick Finalist AC
2005 September Dave Nick Southport Finalist AC
2005 September Ben Ashwell Southwick Winning AC
2005 June Samir Patel Championship of Surrey Finalist AC
2005 June Marcus Evans Men's Championship Finalist AC
2005 May Sarah Burrow Southwick Finalist AC
2004 August Tom Weston Compton Finalist AC
2004 April Philip Brabazon Southwick Semi-Finalist AC
2004 April Paul Castell Southwick Semi-Finalist AC
2004 April Louise Bradforth Southwick Winning AC
2004 April Chris Daniels Southwick Finalist AC
2003 July John Gibbons Eastern Championship Winning AC
2003 June Chris Williams Budleigh Winning AC
2003 May Jonathan Lamb Southwick Finalist AC
2003 May David Magee Cheltenham Coles Finalist AC
2003 April Rutger Beijderwellen Southwick Winning AC
2002 July Tim Wilkins Roehampton Winning AC
2002 July Jeremy Dyer Eastern Championship Finalist AC
2002 July Gary Bennett Roehampton Finalist AC
2002 June Reg Bamford GC Open Championship [1][2] Winning GC
2002 June Paul Swaffield Edgbaston Finalist AC
2002 June Jonathan Kirby East Midlands Winning AC
2002 April Jenny Williams Southport Finalist AC
2001 August Richard White Compton Finalist AC
2001 June Ian Lines Budleigh Winning AC
2001 June Ailsa Lines Budleigh Finalist AC
2001 May Dave Mundy Southwick Finalist AC
2000 June Stephen Mulliner GC Open Championship [1][2] Winning GC
2000 June Nick Evans East Midlands Championship Finalist AC
2000 May Ed Duckworth Bristol Finalist AC
1999 July Matthew Burrow Open Championship Semi-Finalist AC
1999 April Peter Taylor Southport Finalist AC
1998 September Peter Trimmer South Of England Finalist AC
1998 August James Death Nottingham Winning AC
1998 June David Harrison-Wood East Midlands Championship Finalist AC
1998 April Alan Linton Southport Finalist AC
1997 May Dave Kibble Cheltenham Coles Finalist AC
1997 May Adrian Wadley Bristol Finalist AC
1997 April Robin Brown Southport Finalist AC
1997 April Graham Gale Southwick Finalist AC
1996 June Roger Tribe East Midlands Winning AC
1996 June Lionel Tibble Edgbaston Winning AC
1996 April Terry Burge Southwick Finalist AC
1995 August Phil Eardley Bowdon Winning AC
1995 May Terry Ballard Bristol Finalist AC
1995 May Chris Patmore Bristol Winning AC
1994 August Martin Haggerston Surbiton Finalist AC
1994 June Ray Ransom Edgbaston Finalist AC
1994 June Ian Vincent East Midlands Championship Winning AC
1994 June Brian Hallam East Midlands Championship Finalist AC
1993 August Peter Dorke Budleigh Winning AC
1993 August Debbie Cornelius Northern Championship Finalist AC
1993 June Rick Davis Edgbaston Finalist AC
1993 April Adrian Saurin Southport Finalist AC
1992 September Kevin Carter Southport Finalist AC
1992 July Tom Coles Open Championship Semi-Finalist AC
1992 June Jeff Dawson Championship Of Surrey Winning AC
1992 June Francis Landor Championship Of Surrey Finalist AC
1991 June David Wiggins Harrow Winning AC
1991 June Chris Haslam Men's Championship Finalist AC
1991 May Laurence Latham Bristol Finalist AC
1991 May Alan Bogle Bristol Winning AC
1991 April Andrew Saurin Southport Finalist AC
1990 June David Goacher Bowdon Winning AC
1990 April Andrew Symons Southport Finalist AC
1989 August Ian Burridge Northern Championship Semi-Finalist AC
1989 July Duncan Reeve Eastern Championship Winning AC
1989 May Steve Comish Harrow Finalist AC
1988 July Robert Fulford Eastern Championship Finalist AC
1988   Russell Collighan     AC
1988 June Mark Saurin Men's Championship Winning AC
1988 June David Maugham Bowdon Winning AC
1988 May Don Gaunt Western Championship Semi-Finalist AC
1987 August Martin French Northern Championship Semi-Finalist AC
1987 July Reg Bamford Open Championship Semi-Finalist AC
1987 June Paul Smith Men's Championship Finalist AC
1987 May Stephen Wright Harrow Winning AC
1987 April David Beatty Southport Finalist AC
1987 April Chris Clarke Southport Winning AC
1986 August Simon Williams Northern Championship Finalist AC
1986 August John Davis Nottingham Finalist AC
1986 August Danny Palmer Nottingham Winning AC
1986 July Joe Hogan (NZ) Open Championship Finalist AC
1986 July Bob Jackson (NZ) Open Championship Winning AC
1986 June Pat Hague Women's Championship Finalist AC
1985 September Andrew Collin Southport Winning AC
1985 September Tony Mrozinski South Of England Finalist AC
1985 August Bill Aldridge Northern Week Winning AC
1985   Carl von Schmieder     AC
1985 July Jerry Guest Compton COWhorn Finalist AC
1985 July Tim Harrison Budleigh Salterton Winning AC
1985 June Mary Collin Women's Championship Winning AC
1984   Gerard Healy     AC
1984 August David Peterson Northern Week Finalist AC
1984 July Steve Lewis Open Championship Semi-Finalist AC
1983 September John Walters Southport Winning AC
1983 August John Meads Northern Championship Semi-Finalist AC
1983 July Tom Griffith Compton COWhorn Finalist AC
1983 July Richard Hilditch Compton COWhorn Winning AC
1983 August Eddie Bell Northern Championship Semi-Finalist AC
1983 July Dennis Moorcraft Budleigh Salterton Finalist AC
1983 July Susan Wiggins Budleigh Salterton Winning AC
1983 July Dayal Gunasekera Open Championship Semi-Finalist AC
1983 July Keith Aiton Open Championship Finalist AC
1983 May John McCullough Southwick Winning AC
1982 May Phil Cordingley Southwick Finalist AC
1982 August Peter Death Northern Championship Semi-Finalist AC
1982 August Colin Irwin Northern Week Winning AC
1982 July Mark Avery Colchester Winning AC
1982 July John Rose Open Championship Semi-Finalist AC
1982 June David Foulser Southwick Finalist AC
1981 July Roger Murfitt (NZ) Open Championship Finalist AC
1981 June Sue Sykes Women's Championship Finalist AC
1981 June Graeme Roberts (NZ) Men's Championship Finalist AC
1981 May Spencer Buck (Aus) Coles Championship Finalist AC
1980 June Veronica Carlisle Women's Championship Finalist AC
1980 June Ian Bond Men's Championship Finalist AC
1979 August Peter Alvey Hurlingham Finalist AC
1979 July David Croker Open Championship Semi-Finalist AC
1979 July David Openshaw Open Championship Winning AC
1979 June George Noble Men's Championship Winning AC
1978 August John Haigh Hurlingham Finalist AC
1978 August Stephen Mulliner Hurlingham Winning AC
1976 August Vic Rees Hurlingham Finalist AC
1976 July Stephen Hemsted Cheltenham Winning AC
1976 July Eric Solomon Open Championship Semi-Finalist AC
1976 July Martin Murray Open Championship Finalist AC
1976 July Colin Prichard Budleigh Salterton Winning AC
1976 June Frances Joly Women's Championship Finalist AC
1975 July Andrew Hope Cheltenham Winning AC
1975 July Tom Barlow (SA) Open Championship Finalist AC
1975 July Betty Prichard Budleigh Salterton Finalist AC
1975 July Dennis Bulloch (NZ) Budleigh Salterton Winning AC
1974 August Michael Heap Open Championship Semi-Finalist AC
1974 August Allan Anderson (NZ) Open Championship Finalist AC
1974 August John Prince (NZ) Open Championship Semi-Finalist AC

[1] In March 2020, Croquet England retrospectively recognised former GC Champions as having satisfied the achievement criteria for the Silver Medal.

[2] When a player satisfies the achievement criteria in either AC or GC but has already satisfied the criteria in the other code, the player does not receive a second Silver Medal.