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East and West Midlands Council Constituency


Patricia Duke-Cox

I am interested in standing for election for the new Council of the Croquet Association to represent the combined federations of East and West Midlands as their constituency candidate.

Over the last three years I have served on two of the three CA working parties that presented the case for change and led to the acceptance of the new governance structure at the recent SGM in March 2019.

I have a good understanding of how the previous Council worked and admired the dedication of those serving the croquet community. I served on Council for twelve years, two years as chairman. Recently I was honoured to be elected as a Vice-President.

I have been a federation representative and am currently the chairman of the East Midlands area. I have served on the federation committee since 1997.

My other interests, apart from croquet, are to be found at the local Cottage Museum where I am the current chairman. I have assumed other officer roles, over the years, with local organisations such as the WI, village hall, swimming club, twins club etc.

I believe I can help establish a strategic vision for Council and identify and prioritise key long-term goals. I can lead, if required, and will happily listen to new ideas and implement those that are worthy. Good communication with others is an essential part of working with members and this will give transparency for them to know what is proposed for their benefit.

I have recently joined the Association of Chairs, a national body, that offers me a network for advice and guidance should I need it.

Proposer: Brian Shorney; Seconder: Bob Thompson

Peter Hanley

I would be honoured to be elected to the CA Council having played (primarily association) croquet for over 30 years in various parts of the country including Bath, Letchworth and currently Nottingham. Whilst training at Royal Naval College Greenwich to become a submarine nuclear engineer officer, I established a croquet club there, with the assistance of the late Richard Rothwell, then secretary of the Hurlingham Club. I believe all forms of croquet are equally valid if they provide appeal to as wide a population as possible.

Croquet is the game of the future, offering opportunities for physical, mental and social connections and activities, all vital to health and wellbeing through life. I believe croquet has a natural appeal which makes it attractive to a wide range of people. I believe that good strategic thinking and planning, served by good implementation of programmes, will enable croquet to tap into a large audience who are looking for what croquet has to offer.

I have experienced numerous long periods at sea on submarines where I could not play croquet so had to collect and devour books instead and work on playing croquet in my mind. Nothing quite focuses the mind like being submerged on a submarine and working with many physical and mental restrictions. Just one of the many positive outcomes of this experience is that I am able to create high quality and detailed plans that are both time and information sensitive, something that I genuinely believe could add value to the efforts of the new Council.

Proposer: Dave Gunn; Seconder: John Davis


The East and West Midlands Council constituency covers the area of the East Midlands and West Midlands Federations.

Election Cycle

A single representative to serve for four years as a voting member of Council is to be elected in 2019.


To vote, you must be a member of the Croquet Association (either a directly subscribed, e.g. Premium, member or a Standard member through your club) aged 16 or more registered to vote in the East & West Midlands Constituency. You can vote online, or by post using this ballot paper. Voting closes on 3rd September.

Further Information

Please see the election rules for further information about the election process the guide to the skills sought. Nominations closed on 30th July, 2019.