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National Croquet Week (NCW) - A National Drive to Help Your Club

BHF National Croquet Week - 24th July - 1st August 2021

Supporting the BHF as they turn 60 on 28th July 2021

Session Materials From Info Sessions

See recorded YouTube session (first of 3 identical drop-in sessions for CA Clubs) covering information about the week, about the BHF, and some hints and tips.

Google Slides link (including useful click-through links on suggested formats, rule sheets).

General Notes

Key Contacts/Fundraising

CA Marketing Team leading on this are Eugene Chang and Paul Hetherington. They are happy to help with any questions leading up to NCW, and to share best practices.

The BHF Fundraising Team supporting the CA are Vicki Carswell, James Rogers and Ben Lee. Vicki is happy for clubs to contact her direct to order BHF balloons and small banners to support your club's fundraising.

Information about how to transfer fundraising totals directly to the BHF post-event will be shared by email - bank details and CA reference number to use for all payments.

Useful Materials

Publicity Posters

The CA Office is able to print any posters up to A3 size and send hard copies out to clubs. Please do allow sufficient time for these to be printed and posted.

Pre-Event Press Release Templates

The BHF and CA recommend informing local press/journalists around 3-4 weeks before the event.

Paul Hetherington is able to export lists of local press contacts in your area from a constantly updated press database. Contact him directly for this list.

Information on How to Use Eventbrite

See previously recorded webinar and step-by-step how-to.

Note from Beatrice McGlen (Nottingham) and Jon Diamond (Tunbridge Wells) on Eventbrite packages:

There are different packages in Eventbrite and it defaults to the more expensive 'professional' package. I wonder if you can alert people who view or have viewed the CA webinar that it is probably best to set their account to Essential unless they want some of the added benefits.

We recommend that on setting up an account and BEFORE setting up an event the user goes to 'organisation settings' and then 'package'. It will show Eventbrite Professional with a box on the right saying Change. Clicking on that will show the three packages Essential, Professional and Premium. Each one has a 'compare packages' button at the bottom. If the essentials package has everything required then select downgrade in the essentials box. Any events created AFTER changing this will attract a lower fee (49p+3.5%+VAT compared with 49p +6.5%+VAT). On a £5 ticket the fee is 98p with the professional package but only 80p with the essential package. The difference is clearly much larger on more expensive tickets.

Formats for public taster/group pay and play sessions

We recommend getting people on the lawns ASAP and letting them have fun, rather than spend too long demonstrating or explaining rules. Definitely don't teach them to play AC or GC!

See Fun Games on a Croquet Lawn for some suggestions on short quick games to run during public taster sessions, including printable downloads.

Sharing Your Success

  • Clubs active on social media are encouraged to use the hashtag #bhfcroquetweek and #team60 when posting about their events.
  • The CA are active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the username @croquetengland. We will repost and share as much as can - so do tag us!
  • We would love to hear how your NCW event went, and encourage you to submit a short piece for the Gazette/CA website.
  • We will circulate a post-event survey to gather information about attendance and lessons learnt.

BHF Extra Information


Archive material from 2020 NCW (if useful)

NCW 2020 poster