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National Croquet Day (NCD) - A National Drive to Help Your Club

Welcome to 2018 National Croquet Day on 13th May

Last Year was Another Highly Successful NCD

  • First of all, so many thanks for a successful National Croquet Day in 2017
  • The feedback was so positive, that we are bringing the date forward.
  • So here it is - this year's National Croquet Day will be Sunday 13th May

This Year we will be encouraging people to "Try Croquet'

  • The CA Marketing Team have produced eye catching A4 posters and A5 leaflets

Posters and Leaflets

  • Posters and leaflets have been designed to suit the needs of all clubs - croquet as a competitive sport - a game everyone can play - players in whites and non-whites
  • This year we know that many clubs will be looking to attract more 'younger' players - so we have included pictures of our 'future champions'
  • There is a range of excellent A4 posters and A5 leaflets to support your club in the run up to NCD each with a space to add in your club's contact details
  • One A4 poster highlights the 'Competitive' element of croquet whilst the other celebrates the 'Social' aspect of our sport
  • There will also be an A5 leaflet celebrating all aspects of croquet that can be used as a handout to attract more people to your club
  • Download the 'Social Croquet' Poster
  • Download the 'Sport Croquet' Poster
  • Download the Leaflet

The Main Theme for 2018 is 'Try Croquet'

  • Other clubs have found that previous NCD's have been an excellent opportunity to encourage more of their members to take part in club activities, evidenced by the increase in competitive play
  • The CA Marketing Team can advise on, and will provide, press releases to support your activities - Contact Brian Wilson 07970 922867 ncd#croquet.org.uk (Other info will be future emails from BW/Team and ideas comments from clubs)

Some Ideas to Get You Started

  • An Open Day including a "Fun Day", encourage the public to test their skills by hitting a ball at a target e.g. the centre post
  • AC players commented that they will use versions of "the short game"
  • A Competition Day - invite other sports clubs and other organisations to a "Challenge Day". After a brief coaching session, matches between these Clubs will be organised (with one or more of your croquet players on each team to guide on play and to "even up the odds")!
  • Invite local organisations e.g. local Council, University of the 3rd Age, etc., to try Croquet for themselves - they invariably bring in their families, etc.
  • Involving your local council can reap benefits in the future !!
  • Involve your local press - why not invite them to come and try croquet - but have a good story e.g. 50 years at the same site.
  • Involve Local/National Charities - why not hold a raffle, or make a collection in aid of the Charity, especially one with a good Press interest, or one that could involve a "celebrity". This all makes good Press and Media copy 'Upper Dixall Croquet Club supports Help the Heroes, etc.'

Let's not forget to offer refreshments, or even food - not only does it being in money to your Club, it will show that Croquet Clubs are welcoming places

More Help From the CA and the Marketing Team

  • Whatever you have in mind, the CA's Marketing Team is here to support you with talking over your ideas, writing copy for your local press, poster, leaflets, etc.
  • Please keep us up to date with your NCD plans. Just contact Brian Wilson on 07970 922867 - 01225 708540 - email ncd#croquet.org.uk
  • You can keep up to date with NCD on the CA web site - go to croquet.org.uk/ncd.
  • You can also contact the CA office.

Here's to another successful National Croquet Day!


The CA Office will supply these as A4 size posters and A5 handbills to clubs on request. Each is also available here for download. You are free to print them - just add your club details in the white space (electronically or by hand).

Brian Wilson 15 January 2018


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