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CA Statement of Intent on Safeguarding

The Croquet Association acknowledges its responsibility for the welfare of all the people and organisations engaged in promoting the success of our sport through its stated goal of having More People playing More Croquet in More Places.

We will achieve this by welcoming into our sport any who wish to benefit from playing croquet, by respecting the rights and dignity of all participants and by considering the individual needs of all in support of their personal welfare and wellbeing.

We share responsibility for the welfare and wellbeing of all in our croquet community, which includes safeguarding adults at risk of experiencing abuse or neglect, as well as children.

As safeguarding is everyone's responsibility, it depends on us all becoming increasingly aware of the circumstances that can cause harm to the wellbeing of the children and adults at risk involved in our sport.

At all levels of croquet, our registered Safeguarding Officers work to provide a "safe space" in which to enjoy our sport by following best practice in safeguarding, through mitigating the risk of abuse.

Every Club Safeguarding Officer has a key role in recognising, recording and responding to concerns raised about possible abuse. Supported by the Academy, Federation and National Safeguarding Officers, their concerns may then, when appropriate, be reported to police, other statutory authorities and support services.


The CA has the following Safeguarding policies:


The National Safeguarding Officer.