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General Press Release #1: 'Croquet - A Game Anyone Can Play'

National Croquet Day (Sunday 5th June 2016) will celebrate this interesting and often addictive game - one that is increasing in popularity. Croquet Clubs will be inviting people to come and find out more and to try 'The Croquet Experience'.

Croquet is a game where, using a long handled mallet, you hit a ball through a series of hoops. It's a game of skill and tactics - not brute strength. Croquet is played by people of all ages - men and women complete on equal terms - the handicap system enables beginners to match better players, often giving them the fright of their life!!

Croquet is played by young and old alike - look to the world ranked under 25 players - look to schools and Universities - let's not forget that Croquet can be played to a very high standard by people who are not as agile as they used to be!

It's easy to start Croquet, Clubs offer beginners'' courses - usually a series of five sessions for a small fee. Croquet is one of the easiest sports to start for, as a beginner, all equipment is provided.

Croquet Clubs are welcoming places and many offer other social activities - so why not contact the Croquet Association on 01242 242318, email caoffice#croquet.org.uk, or visit the web site at www.croquet.org.uk to find details of your local Club so you can try 'The Croquet Experience' - but take care; it can be addictive!

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