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General Press Release #2: Croquet - A Sport with That Competitive Edge

Croquet is a game where you use a long handled mallet to hit coloured balls through a series of hoops. There are two main forms: Association Croquet (AC) and Golf Croquet (GC), and each has its own demands and skills.

Association Croquet focuses on tactics and working out a long term strategy as well as special shots to win the day.

Golf Croquet also demands tactics and skill, but the ability to score a hoop or remove an opponent's ball from a long distance is high on the list.

Croquet players enjoy both codes for each has its own special skill set. However there is one thing in common - that Competitive Edge. If you watch any Croquet game, even one between friends, its clear that each player wants to win - the urge to win takes over. However, there is no atmosphere between players, just enjoyment in what can be an addictive game

The Croquet Association encourages the Competitive Edge by organising a series of Local, Regional, National and International Tournaments, some attracting top-class players, whilst others are oriented to beginners and improvers. Whatever your skill level, there will be a competition for you. Beginners and improvers can learn from watching and playing against better players, and the handicap system enables beginners to either beat better players - or give them the shock of their life!

UK Croquet leads the World - CA members are world champions and in the Top 10. The UK has croqueting talent - the list seems to be endless.

Croquet is a game for all ages. Many younger players are still at University and play to world standards. Croquet can also be found in schools and Universities - over 2,000 people take part in Oxford University's Cuppers croquet competition.

So, if you are looking for a challenge, whether it is a Club level, competing against other teams, or even UK or World Championships - Croquet is the game for you.

"To find details of your nearest Club just contact the CA on 01242 242318, or email me at caoffice#croquet.org.uk, or follow us at www.croquet.org.uk - come and try 'The Croquet Experience" said Liz Larsson (CA Manager)

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