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Standard Abbreviations and Styles

This page and the referenced links together define the styles and standard abbreviations used on this website and in The Croquet Gazette.

See also the articles on Reporting Results and News and Peeling Abbreviation, and the Jargon Dictionary. Note that peeling abbreviations are reported as lower case when part of a score +26tp and in upper case when referred to in text: He completed two TPs, a QnP and a TPO in the match, winning +26tp, +26tp, +5qnp, +13tpo.

Standard Abbreviations

Preferred Description / Preferred to
best-of-3, best-of-5 best-of-three, best of three, best of 5
i.e. ie
e.g. eg
vs. V v. vs (versus)
CA C.A. C A (Croquet Association)
Inter-Club, Inter-County, Inter-Counties, (Counties) Inter-Club or Inter-County Championship
Dr Mr Doctor, Mister (contraction) - no full stop
Prof. Professor (abbreviation)
PDF pdf P.D.F (file type)
14-point 14 point, fourteen point (type of croquet game)
Super-Advanced, SA Super Advanced
B-Level, C-Level B Level, C Class (tournament type)
A-Class Type of player


Headings are in Title Case (Like this Sentence)