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Association Croquet Coaching

pictureTop player Robert Fulford's mallet wear pattern shows great consistency

Your local club probably offers coaching for beginners, and possibly beyond into intermediate play.

See also Practice Routines for AC Beginners and Croquet Skills Tests

The CA runs a number of courses:

  • Improver Course
  • Bronze Course
  • Silver Course
  • Silver Gilt Course
  • Gold Course

The Regional Bronze or Improvers Courses concentrate on setting up and maintaining breaks, and positive use of bisques. The National Silver Course and the Silver-Gilt (Introduction to Advanced Play) Course both concentrate on the kind of break management and tactics that naturally lead the player to win the Silver Badge. The National Gold Course is designed to prepare players to achieve the Triple Peel and therefore obtain the Gold Badge. It suggests tactics for the standard triple and the delayed triple, and covers the attacking leaves after the first ball has reached four-back, in order to make the lift shot as difficult as possible for the opponent. A workshop covering the Sextuple Peel was run in August 2004 - going into the mechanics of the usual break required, the leaves required to set up the situation, and the difficulties that may follow if things do not go exactly to plan. Several of the participants have since obtained their Platinum Badge. The workshop will be run again when there is sufficient demand.

Special Opportunity for Juniors

CA Junior Members can access the wide-ranging CA Mentoring Scheme to benefit from the experience of leading players.

The CA Bursary Scheme supports aspiring international players to go to the right tournaments, etc.

Coaching Pods

Coaching Pods provide a focus for A and B class players to get together locally and improve their game in a relaxed environment.

Development Squad for Players with International Potential

Improving players with the potential to reach an international standard may be interested in the International Player Development Squad.

Clubs should nominate their fast-improving players with real potential by the end of November each year, and Apps Bowl, Steel Bowl and Spiers Trophy nominees are considered automatically. Nominations should be sent to the Chairman of AC Selectors.

Becoming a Coach

The CA runs Coach Training Courses (CTC) and has a qualification system for those wishing to become coaches. Please refer to the fixtures book section Becoming a Coach. Key to the qualification scheme is our network of Examining Coaches.


The CA provides a number of performance merit awards, which recognise the achievement of certain standards:

  • Merit Award Scheme - Awards recognising improvement in play and encouraging enterprising play
  • Most Improved Player - Most improved AC man, AC woman, and GC player
  • CA Silver Medals - Awarded the first time a player reaches an advanced stage of a sizeable first-class level event.

The recipients of the various awards can be seen on the relevant history page: CA Merit Awards, Most Improved Players, Silver Medal.

Each year the CA recognises one coach who has, in the opinion of the coaching committee, provided outstanding service to croquet. This award is called 'Coach of the Year'. Please pass nominations to the chairman of the CA Coaching Committee. Previous winners can be seen in the history section Coach of the Year.

Coaching Resources

Association Croquet Coaching Courses in the Fixtures Book

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Listing start date: 01 Jan

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Date Venue Event Type Key - what the symbols mean Comments Key Alloc. Close Draw
24-25 Mar Wycombe AC Referees Course - 24 and 25 Mar 2018 with Exam 7 Apr. View details Open CRA     13 Mar  
31 Mar-1 Apr Northern Academy Individual guidance from Cliff Jones. View details Open CO     16 Mar  
4-5 Apr SWCA CTC - Coaches Training Course for Club Coaches (AC & GC) View details Open CTC 2wd   28 Mar  
5-6 Apr SWCA Coaches Training Course for Grade 1 Coaches (AC & GC) View details Open CQC 2wd   28 Mar  
7-8 Apr Northern Academy Become a Qualified Coach View details Open CTC     26 Mar  
11-12 Apr The Academy AC Introduction & Development Course in Advanced Play View details Open CA H:6–14 2wd      
14 Apr Northern Academy Back to Basics. View details Open CO     02 Apr  
14-15 Apr The Academy Perfecting Your AC Stroke and Break Play View details Open CA H:5–12      
16-18 Apr SWCA AC Laws & Referees Course View details Open CRA 3wd 01 Mar    
18 Apr The Academy Positive Mental Approach to Croquet View details Open CO 1wd      
21 Apr Northern Academy Mind Games. View details Open CO     09 Apr  
21-23 Apr The Academy AC Laws & Referees' Qualification Course View details Open CRA 1wd      
22 Apr Northern Academy Openings and leaves View details Open CA     09 Apr  
25 Apr SWCA AC for Improvers - the Easy Way View details Open CA H:18–24 1wd   18 Apr  
25 Apr The Academy AC Beginners' Course View details Open CA 1wd      
25-26 Apr The Academy AC Development Course in Handicap Play View details Open CA H:12–18 2wd      
26 Apr SWCA Mastering 4 and 3 Ball Breaks View details Open CA H:9–16 1wd   20 Apr  
26-27 Apr The Academy AC Improvers' Course View details Open CA H:18+ 2wd      
28 Apr Northern Academy How to make twelve hoops in one go. View details Open CA     16 Apr  
29 Apr Northern Academy It's not all about breaks. View details Open CA     16 Apr  
5-6 May Northern Academy Towards the Triple Peel. View details Open CA     23 Apr  
9-10 May The Academy Coach Qualification Course (CQC) View details Open CQC 2wd      
12 May Northern Academy Handicapping workshop View details Open CO     30 Apr  
14 May SWCA Mastering 4 and 3 Ball Breaks View details Open CA H:9–16 1wd   20 Apr  
20 May SWCA AC for Improvers - the Easy Way View details Open CA H:18–24   18 Apr  
22 May Wycombe AC - High Handicapper Course (ACHHC) View details Open CA H:16–24 1wd 08 May 15 May  
23 May SWCA Short Croquet - the Special Skills to Succeed View details Open CA H:16- 1wd   16 May  
13-14 Jun The Academy AC Beginners' and AC Improvers' Follow-Up Course View details Open CA H:18+ 2wd      

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