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Bristol Croquet Club

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Bristol Croquet Club

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   South West Federation

Cedar Park
Stoke Bishop

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Chris Frew
0117 962 5281
(M) 07585 558138

Established in 1897, Bristol Croquet Club maintains an excellent reputation as a leading club. We are home to several national and international players as well as lots of members who love just playing at the club. It has grown from very small beginnings and has a membership of around 110. We are a very friendly and welcoming club.

We enjoy three full-size courts, one of which is usually laid out as two half-size courts. The clubhouse has a clubroom, changing rooms, toilets and kitchen, with supplies of soft drinks and snacks available for purchase. There is some car parking space within the grounds and plenty of adjacent on-street parking.

The main playing season runs from late March until late September, though our lawns are open year-round. Annual membership fees cover unlimited use of the courts, which must be pre-booked. There are plenty of opportunities to play competitively within the club, regionally, nationally and internationally! Information for Visitors.

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27-28 Apr Bristol The Latham Cup (AC) View detailsenter onlineview entriesLunch Available - book on entry H H:20- 02 Mar 14 Apr  
29-30 Jun Bristol The Barbara Evans Trophy B-Level Weekend (AC) View detailsenter onlineview entriesLunch Available - book on entry A H:0+ 28 Apr 23 Jun  
27-28 Jul Bristol John McCullough Challenge Trophy (AC) View detailsenter onlineview entriesLunch Available - book on entry A 01 Jun 21 Jul  

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