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High Wycombe Croquet Club

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High Wycombe Croquet Club

Abbreviated to 'High Wycombe' in listings
   Southern Federation

Hazlemere Recreation Ground
Amersham Road
HP15 7QW

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Nigel Clogg
01494 431988

Our club was set up in 1982 and we celebrate our 40th anniverary in June 2022. We moved to our current location in 2014, where we have 2 laser-levelled lawns with Plummer speeds between 9 (slowest) in the winter with a 5.5mm cut, and Plummer 12 (fastest) in the summer with a 3.5mm cut. We enjoy a small clubhouse with power and mains water, and toilet facilities.

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20-21 Jul Phyllis Court High Wycombe AC C-Level (7+) Advanced Tournament View detailsenter and pay onlineview entriesLunch Available - book on entry A H:7+ 2wd 27 Mar 18 Jul  

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