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General Press Release #3: We Invite the Public to Come and Try 'the Croquet Experience'

  • Croquet: a sport with that competitive edge
  • Croquet: a game of skill that anyone can play
  • Croquet: try something new!

For your 'Croquet Experience' contact your local club taking a sense of fun and a pair of flat shoes (e.g. trainers).

Have your own 'Croquet Experience' on National Croquet Day (Sunday 5 June).

National Croquet Day celebrates this interesting and addictive game that is increasing in popularity.

In a game of Croquet you hit a ball through a series of hoops with a long mallet. It needs skill and tactics rather than brute strength, so men and women, young and old, play on equal terms using an effective handicapping system that allows beginners to give much better players the scare of their lives.

Association Croquet (AC) and Golf Croquet (GC) are the main codes, each with its own demands and skills and much in common, especially that competitive edge! AC includes a variety of shots and break-building tactics to encourage scoring multiple hoops in a turn, whilst GC interactively contests each hoop, often with spectacular hoop shots and distant ball clearances. The UK has a friendly and vibrant Croquet scene with several world champions and world top-10 players.

Croquet is enjoyable and rewarding at all skill levels from beginner to advanced, and can be played to a high standard even by those not as agile as they were!

Croquet clubs host local and national tournaments from April through October, with international competitions held regularly. It has been known for complete beginners to represent their country within three years of picking up the game!

How to get involved
Clubs offer beginners' courses at very low cost, and equipment is provided.

All you need is an interest in trying something new, and flat shoes (e.g. trainers).

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