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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Garden Croquet Rules

Q: I have always understood that there were restrictions on pegging out another ball - in particular that your own ball must be for the peg before this is allowed. The garden croquet rules do not mention this - is it still the case?

A: The restriction you mention is a part of Association Croquet, on which the Garden Croquet rules are based. However, the garden rules simplify the rules of Association Croquet in several respects, and this is one of them. Hence there are no restrictions on pegging out a ball under these rules, it is only necessary for the peg to be the next point in order for the ball you wish to peg-out. This is an important tactic, (as it may leave your opponent with only one ball to your two) and it means that it is generally not wise to make the last hoop unless your partner ball has also progressed well around the course.

Golf Croquet Rules

Q: What should we do after a whole series of balls played out of turn? The rules under 'garden croquet' do not say.

A: The rules presented under 'garden croquet' are an abbreviated version of the full rules, for ease of understanding. If you need to resolve issues not covered by this section, then look at the full set of rules.