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International Croquet Associations

These sites have been selected for their interest to CA Members and the CA cannot be held responsible for their content. Additions and corrections should be sent to

  Association email address Website
WCF World Croquet Federation

FEC European Croquet Federation

ACA Australia Croquet Association

ACF Austrian Croquet Federation

AEC Spanish Croquet Association

AIC Association Italy Croquet

ASC Association Swiss Croquet

CAI Croquet Association of Ireland

CC Croquet Canada

CFA Croquet Foundation of America

CFB Croquet Federation of Belgium

CNSW Croquet New South Wales

CNZ Croquet New Zealand

ACMK Czech-Moravian Croquet Association

ECA Egyptian Croquet Association



Deutscher Krocket Bund
(German Croquet Association)


Federazione Italiana Sport Croquet
(Italian Croquet Association)

IOMCA Isle of Man Croquet Association

JCC Jersey Croquet Club


USA National Croquet Center, Florida


Norges Croquet Forbund
(The Croquet Association of Norway)

SCA Scottish Croquet Association

SACA South African Croquet Association

USCA United States Croquet Association

WCA Welsh Croquet Association

Site Archives

The Site Archives are copies of significant related-sites (World Championships and MacRobertson Shields).