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GC Coach Levels - Working Paper

We have "GC Coach" and want the equivalent of AC Grade 2/3 to identify the more senior coaches. The "problem" was expressed as "B-Class players improve to a standard where they play in level play tournaments and suddenly find themselves at sea".

Proposal: the distinguishing feature is that the coach would have a deeper understanding of, and ability to teach, tactics in senior-level play; ideally also a greater capability to improve a student's physical technique. We could base this on playing experience, though not necessarily success.

A Senior Golf Croquet Coach (black badge) is appointed by the Coaching Committee taking the following criteria into account:

  • Is a qualified Golf Croquet Coach
  • Feedback on their coaching style is good
  • Over three playing seasons have played at least three per season of the Ascot Cup qualifiers, the Open Championship or World Championship, or who is in the UK top 30 ranked players.

Discussion to be continued - ideas sought.


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