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Issue Month Year Title Sub-title Author
408 Apr 2024 Croquet around the world Sevilla, Corfu, Fletcher Sharpe Invitational, IV Camino de Santiago Duncan Catterall
408 Apr 2024 Swiss Tournament Management   Andy Dibben
408 Apr 2024 Croquet makes it to the big screen in Mauritius   Duncan Catterall
408 Apr 2024 Dennis and Sisis Proud partners with Croquet England  
408 Apr 2024 Bisques, Breaks and Beyond   Roger Mills
408 Apr 2024 The (Unofficial) History of Croquet Part 6 Croquet and Mysticism David Graham
408 Apr 2024 Titan of the Thames The Life of Lord Desborough - book review Adrian Coles
408 Apr 2024 Croquet Player Quick Questions Rachel Gee Giles Pepperell
407 Feb 2024 The Funding Committee The First 3 Years John Reddish
407 Feb 2024 The (Unofficial) History of Croquet Part 5 Croqvet Omnibvs David Graham
407 Feb 2024 Most Improved Player Awards 2023 David Fuller, Gabrielle Higgins, Dom Aarvold, Liz Drury Chris Roberts
407 Feb 2024 Solomon Trophy 2023 USA won 14-7 in Sarasota, Florida Stephen Mulliner
407 Feb 2024 GC International Performance Development Squad 2022-23   Rick Lilley
407 Feb 2024 Charlton Horethorne Croquet Club   Jill Hanson
407 Feb 2024 Rachel Gee 2023 Coach of the Year Paul Francis
407 Feb 2024 Croquet Player Quick Questions Debbie Lines Giles Pepperell
407 Feb 2024 Newport CC Irrigation System Nov 2023 Matthew Hardy
406 Dec 2023 Sidmouth GC Team Challenge   Louise Smith
406 Dec 2023 The (Unofficial) History of Croquet Part 4 Croquet and Communism David Graham
406 Dec 2023 Jane Austen comes to Bath Croquet   Lynne Passfield
406 Dec 2023 Bury Croquet on Tour Malta Roy Spencer
406 Dec 2023 Frinton on Sea Croquet Women's Croquet Weekend 7-8th October 2023 Samantha Flaherty
406 Dec 2023 The Wine Cup Austria Annabel McDiarmid
406 Dec 2023 WCF Over 50s Golf Croquet World Championship Won by Ahmed El Mahdy Rick Lilley
406 Dec 2023 Life as a 2023 Newbie Representing England   David Cornes, Glynis Davies and Rick Lilley
406 Dec 2023 Euro Team Championships Won by England Sarah Hayes
406 Dec 2023 Enfield Croquet Club Funding    
406 Dec 2023 CA President's Progress 2023   Patricia Duke-Cox
406 Dec 2023 Guildford and Godalming Lawn Watering System    
406 Dec 2023 Cairo Open & England v Egypt Test Match   Chris Clarke
405 Oct 2023 WCF Women's Golf Croquet World Championship Won by Jamie Gumbrell Jenny Clarke
405 Oct 2023 Croquet and Life Some parallels Peter Honey
405 Oct 2023 The (Unofficial) History of Croquet Part 3 David Graham
405 Oct 2023 AC World Championship Won by Robert Fulford Chris Clarke
405 Oct 2023 The Overlap on Tour Live Pundits play croquet at Bury CC  
404 Aug 2023 Southwell Croquet Club Irrigation System    
404 Aug 2023 Parsons Green Croquet Club reopens   Duncan Catterall
403 Jun 2023 Project to purchase mower and storage Final Report Ealing Croquet Club
403 Jun 2023 Who Works in the CA Office and what do they do   CA
403 Jun 2023 Bowdon 150th Anniversary   Brian Storey
403 Jun 2023 The (Unofficial) History of Croquet Part 2 David Graham
403 Jun 2023 CA Women vs ... History of match v Division 2 Counties winners Annabel McDiarmid
403 Jun 2023 England win the Annual Test Match vs Spain 18-8 John-Paul Moberly
403 Jun 2023 Get Fit to Play!   Diana Wilson
403 Jun 2023 A better test of AC Skills Croquet Innovations Pete Trimmer
402 Apr 2023 Counties Facebook Pages   Marketing Committee
402 Apr 2023 Golf Croquet for Tournament Players by Ian Burridge Book Review Raouf Allim
402 Apr 2023 Aston Wade won the 2023 U21 GC World Championship   Chris Clarke
402 Apr 2023 Winter Croquet at Hamptworth   Ann Beard and Richard Jenkins
402 Apr 2023 Ipswich Croquet Club reinvented   Martin Brown
402 Apr 2023 Baltic Open 2022 Stephen Mulliner won Stephen Mulliner
402 Apr 2023 Opening Doors On Croquet Preston (Brighton), Rottingdean, Basingstoke, Budleigh Salterton, Purley Bury, Llanfairfechan, Boston Spa, St Agnes Paul Brown
402 Apr 2023 Soham Calorie Loss Croquet Soham winter indoor events Paul Hetherington
402 Apr 2023 Best In the West 2023 GC - Stuart M Smith, AC - Duncan Reeve Louise Smith
402 Apr 2023 What happens to croquet trophies The Sleaford Bowl Terrey Sparks
402 Apr 2023 All England Handicap Centenary   Chris Williams and Ian Bond
401 Feb 2023 Walter Jones Whitmore Part 2 John Reddish
401 Feb 2023 Bowser on Croquet Says he does not know of a more interesting game M Quad
401 Feb 2023 Listening to Croquet Players Survey of CA members Paul Brown
401 Feb 2023 MacRobertson Shield Report   Chris Clarke
401 Feb 2023 Photographic Competition Editors picks from 2022  
401 Feb 2023 3rd Women's World Championship Won by Debbie Lines Annabel McDiarmid
400 Dec 2022 Development of GC Rules GC 1936 Laws Ray Hall
400 Dec 2022 MacRobertson Shield We are the Champions  
400 Dec 2022 Opening Doors To Croquet Ealing Croquet Club Lindy Jordan
400 Dec 2022 Roehampton CC makes croquet history   Chris Williams
400 Dec 2022 Walter Jones Whitmore Part One John Reddish
400 Dec 2022 Croquet Cribs   Louise Smith
400 Dec 2022 National Schools and Junior Championships   Peter Death
399 Oct 2022 CA and Community Heartbeat Trust Defibrillator Scheme   Paul Brown
399 Oct 2022 CA Diplomas 2022   Quiller Barrett
399 Oct 2022 Eynsham have a new clubhouse   Tony Newport
399 Oct 2022 Women's European GC Championship Latvia Michelle Leonard
399 Oct 2022 Opening Doors On Croquet Competition Woodhall Spa Croquet Club  
399 Oct 2022 GC World Championship Matthew Essick (USA) won Stephen Mulliner
399 Oct 2022 National Inter Club Short Croquet Final Bury beat Nottingham 6-5 Richard Leach & David Brydon
399 Oct 2022 Opening Doors On Croquet Competition Sydenham Croquet Club Jane Sheridan
398 Aug 2022 CA Membership Card now available   Dave Kibble and Ian Lines
398 Aug 2022 New start for Northampton Moving to Roade Paul Chard
398 Aug 2022 Next Generation Development Offices Hope Bourton Paul Brown
398 Aug 2022 GC Test Match England v Spain Spain won 14-12 John-Paul Moberly
398 Aug 2022 Notice of AGM    
397 Jun 2022 All About Merit Awards Coaching Pages John Harris
397 Jun 2022 Thomas Mayne Reid (1818-1883) Final Part  
397 Jun 2022 Quiller Barrett announces retirement as President   Jonathan Isaacs
396 Apr 2022 Croquet is for everyone Nottingham woos Asian Communities Beatrice McGlen & Ferzana Shan
396 Apr 2022 Book Review Taming the triple - Roger Mills Dave Kibble
396 Apr 2022 CA's Tournament and Coaching Entry System   Dave Kibble
396 Apr 2022 Opening Doors On Croquet Competition   Paul Brown
396 Apr 2022 Thomas Mayne Reid (1818-1883) Part 2 of 3  
396 Apr 2022 Learning AC Exercises Andy Dibben
396 Apr 2022 GC Rules 6th Edition Interview with Stephen Mulliner Ian Shore
396 Apr 2022 Indoor Croquet at Rother Valley   Douglas Shand
396 Apr 2022 2022 MacRobertson Shield Preview and reminisces Stephen Mulliner
395 Feb 2022 Frinton on Sea Croquet Club   Martin Tinsley
395 Feb 2022 Lawn Speed Calculator   Duncan Hector
395 Feb 2022 Croquet Handicap Calculator   Brian Wainman
395 Feb 2022 Tournament Entry and Allocation Process Tournament Committee Samir Patel
395 Feb 2022 Selection Making yourself available for Selection Events Sam Murray and Lionel Tibble
395 Feb 2022 Llanidloes Croquet Club Renovation of croquet lawn Janet Crisp
395 Feb 2022 Ludlow Castle Croquet Club   John Aitken
395 Feb 2022 Academy Courses Chiltern, Southwick and Northern  
395 Feb 2022 Thomas Mayne Reid Part 1 of 3  
395 Feb 2022 Stony Stratford Croquet Club   Jackie Hikal
395 Feb 2022 The Spanish Boom GC in Spain Begona Elzaburu, Jose Alvarez-Sala
395 Feb 2022 Most Improved Player Awards 2021 Apps - Neil Bacon, Steel - Heather Bennett, Spiers - Jack Good & Aston Wade, Colman - Glynis Davies Frances Colman
395 Feb 2022 Most Improved Player Awards New Colman Trophy - Most improved GC woman player Chris Roberts
395 Feb 2022 Coach Of Year Interview - Lionel Tibble  
395 Feb 2022 CA Photo Competition Liz Farrow wins  
394 Dec 2021 Rother Valley 2021 New Membership Drive Douglas Shand
394 Dec 2021 CA Diplomas 2021 David Bell, Linda Gavigan, Peter Wallace, Nick Harris, David Brydon  
394 Dec 2021 Benefactors to the Association   Quiller Barrett
394 Dec 2021 CA Diplomas 2021 Andrew Wimshurst, Margaret Eccles, Roger Sutton, Nick Evans, Paul Rigge, Rob Edlin-White  
393 Nov 2021 Ben Rhydding reaches out to u3a   Stephanie Ferguson
393 Nov 2021 History - A Beddow Cup Replica   Ian Bond
393 Nov 2021 Coaching The International Development Squad - A Personal Account Raouf Allim
392 Sep 2021 Photographic Competition For 2022 Calendar Eugene Chang
392 Sep 2021 The Nene/Nene Challenge Peterborough v Northampton Paul Hetherington
392 Sep 2021 Eardisley New court helped by CA Grant Tony Johnston
392 Sep 2021 Funding Committee New Committee John Reddish
392 Sep 2021 New GC Selectors and Policy   Lionel Tibble
391 May 2021 Club Awards 2021 Millennium - Nottingham, Apps Heley - Crake Valley, Townsend - Sheffield, Winterborne Valley  
391 May 2021 Rework at Reigate Lawn updates John Bristow
391 May 2021 Short Croquet All you need to know John Harris
391 May 2021 Advantage GC Trial of Handicap game Stephen Mulliner, Roy Tillcock, Chris Roberts
390 Feb 2021 New Focus for Development Committee Greater involvement with the nine Federation Dev Officers. Paul Francis
390 Feb 2021 2020 CA Diplomas (Part 2)    
390 Feb 2021 CA Council (Dec & Jan) Report 2021 Budget. GC Merit Awards. Competitive Play Reviewing. Membership structure. etc Ian Vincent
390 Feb 2021 AC Laws 7th Edition. Mainly addressing clarifications. Critical strokes. Agreed by WCF and CA. Roger Staples
390 Feb 2021 Croquet North & Yorkshire Dennis Scarr elected to Council  
390 Feb 2021 Executive Board appointments Daniel Gott (Competitive Play) and Ron Carter (Safeguarding) Beatrice McGlen
390 Feb 2021 The Federations Columns (new feature) covering all nine.   various
390 Feb 2021 Council & Exec Board Chairmen's Report Lock-down legacy. Other over-winter activities (Legal structure. Child safeguarding) Jonathan Isaacs & Beatrice McGlen
390 Feb 2021 Coaching Pages Recent Qualifications. New GC Merit Award Scheme. Becoming a coach. Sarah Hayes
390 Feb 2021 Chiltern Coaching Academy (High Wycombe) Newly approved (Interview by Chris Roberts) Ian Shore
390 Feb 2021 Sharing Lawns with Bowls (Foxy Hoops) Trial at Dunston CC Ralph Timms
390 Feb 2021 CA Tournament Regs (changes for 2021) Laws 7th Edition. Charity events. U25 members priority. Ranking adjustments. Samir Patel
390 Feb 2021 CA Inter-Clubs - appeal for support List of the AC (5) and the GC (3) competitions Brian Havill. Jonathan Powe.
389 Dec 2020 CA Council and Executive Board - Reports   Jonathan Isaacs & Beatrice McGlen
389 Dec 2020 GC Inter-club Championship - Nottingham. Murphy Shield - East Dorset Ian Burridge. Keith Southern
389 Dec 2020 Club Handicappers Why? How Important. Duties. Frances Colman
389 Dec 2020 Charity One-ball 2020 (winner Michael Broadway) Raised £4000 for Macmillan Cancer Fund Kevin Carter
389 Dec 2020 GC Development Squad New Members 2021 Lionel Tibble
389 Dec 2020 WCF Hall of Fame inductees Jenny Clarke and Chris Hudson Stephen Mulliner
389 Dec 2020 CA Council - October (Zoom) Meeting inc Treasurer's report. Ian Vincent
389 Dec 2020 GC Selection & Team Events 2021 New 3rd Eight. International. Inter-counties. Grass roots. Jonathan Powe
389 Dec 2020 Marketing Column inc Marketing and Development toolkits for clubs. Work in progress with videos Eugene Chang
389 Dec 2020 Memories of William Ormerod (Part 3)   Pete Trimmer
389 Dec 2020 CA Development Grant for Nottingham CC Work completed on Phases 1 & 2 (ex-bowling lawns) John Davis
389 Dec 2020 (a) Chairman's Column;(b) Council (Zoom) Meeting Competitive Play WG, New Exec Board; Junior Task Force. Treasurer's Rept, Safeguarding Review Jonathan Isaacs & Beatrice McGlen. Ian Vincent
389 Dec 2020 AC National Seniors A Fisk, B Mills, C Hedge, D Martin, E Colman, HC Singles Mills, HC Dbls Killick & Thompson Julie Horsley
389 Dec 2020 AC Challenge & Gilbey Goblet - Paul Castell. Challenge Cups, A Eugene Chang, B Liz Farrow John Low
389 Dec 2020 2020 CA Diplomas (Part 1) Martin Beacon, Jean Cobbold, Howard Bowron, John Evans, John Guy, Christopher Hague  
389 Dec 2020 Leighton-Linslade How it all began. Irene Davis
389 Dec 2020 GC Series Tournaments for 2021 Championship. Opens. A, B,C Series Jonathan Powe & Chris Roberts
389 Dec 2020 Coaching Plans 2021 Southwick, High Wycombe, Northern (York). various
388 Oct 2020 GC English National Singles Championship (Hurlingham) Rachel Gee retained her title and the Ascot Cup Richard Bilton (runner-up)
388 Oct 2020 Executive Board report Beatrice McGlen is taking over from Roger Staples Staples & McGlen
388 Oct 2020 The Bernard Neal Awards for Exceptional Service to croquet Peter Death and John Grimshaw  
388 Oct 2020 CA Council Chairman's Report to AGM New governance structure. Covid-19 advice and help Jonathan Isaacs.
388 Oct 2020 The AC Eights Paddy Chapman, Samir Patel, Pete Trimmer, Ian Vincent, Phil Eardley  
388 Oct 2020 Most Improved Player 2019 awards GC Steve Leonard. AC Sophie McGlen and Callum Johnson.  
388 Oct 2020 GC Selectors 1st Eight (Ricki Savage Memorial Trophy) JP Moberly won, with Stephen Mulliner r/u  
388 Oct 2020 AGM (Zoom) 17 Oct inc reports from Chairman, Treasurer and Awards. President's closing address. Ian Vincent (Hon Sec)
388 Oct 2020 GC Inter-Counties (Southwick & Cheltenham) Division 1 Dorset. Division 2 Herts Jonathan Powe & Ivor Brand
388 Oct 2020 AC British Open Championship Paddy Chapman beat Harry Fisher 3-2 in KO. Mark Ormerod won the Plate. Samir Patel
388 Oct 2020 GC British Open Championship Mulliner won his 8th title, just beating Tobi Savage. JP Moberly won the Bowl. Stephen Mulliner
388 Oct 2020 Coaching Andy Smith (AC Grade 1). Wendy Wu (Club Coach), AC Bronze Merit (Clive Grimley). Break-building (Zoom) Sarah Hayes
388 Oct 2020 Marketing/Publishing Newsletter progress. 'Webinars' on YouTube. Paul Hetherington new Chair Eugene Chang
388 Oct 2020 National Juniors Weekend (Watford) Finals: AC Albie Willett. GC Aston Wade. Schools comp won by Farlingaye Eugene Chang
388 Oct 2020 GC Level Series A - Stuart M Smith. B - Jack Good. C - Duncan Catterall Chris Roberts & David Cornes
388 Oct 2020 AC South of England Champs (Compton) David Maugham beat Dominic Nunns. James Death won the Plate. Roger Wood
387 Aug 2020 Croquet in World War Two These Difficult Times John Harris
387 Aug 2020 Chairmen's Column Beatrice McGlen appointed new Chair of Executive Board Jonathan Isaacs (Council) & Roger Staples (Exec Board)
387 Aug 2020 CA Announcements Constitutional changes. Premium Membership discount simplified. Membership database (use of) Ian Vincent
387 Aug 2020 Appointments to CA Executive Board McGlen (Chair) + Alvey, Brown, Hetherington, King, Maugham, Staples Ian Vincent
387 Aug 2020 Croquet for All - even Young People (Part II) Held at Nottingham CC ; including Pirates and Racing Croquet Beatrice McGlen & Ian Draper
387 Aug 2020 GC English National Doubles Championship Budleigh (Aug). Winners - Stuart M Smith & Steve Leonard Jonathan Powe
387 Aug 2020 25 Hours of Croquet Sat - Sun 20/21 June for Dulwich CC and St Christopher's Hospice Guy Scurfield
387 Aug 2020 AC Championships Surrey (Fulford). Easterns (Burridge)  
387 Aug 2020 Ladies AC Sixes (August at Cheltenham) Winner - Sarah Hayes, R/U Alison Maugham  
387 Aug 2020 CA Development Grants Moreton-in-Marsh & Nottingham John Reddish
387 Aug 2020 William Ormerod Parkstone & Hurlingham. Long & distinguished career, Inc MacRob, Presidents, Mens, Open Dbles. Stephen Mulliner
387 Aug 2020 New CA Working Group re Revitalising Competitive Croquet Overall strategy. Revitalising AC. Strengthen GC David Openshaw
387 Aug 2020 GC Veterans' Festival (Southwick in July) Richard Brooks (Sussex CC)  
386 Jun 2020 Community Amateur Sports Clubs? Should your club register as a CASC? John Reddish
386 Jun 2020 Media Success for Croquet Press Successes owed to CA Marketing Team's work, inc Videos Eugene Chang
386 Jun 2020 Tournaments Updates (AC, World, GC)   McGlen, Mulliner, Roberts
386 Jun 2020 The MacRobertson Shield History and the man behind the MacRob David Openshaw
386 Jun 2020 Chairmen's Column (Council & Executive) New Working Groups; Exec structure; Covid taskforce; Zoom conferences Isaacs & Staples
386 Jun 2020 Croquet in the Community at Maldon Initiatives by Maldon CC Ann Redican
386 Jun 2020 What on top of our Reservoir? unusual location of Plymouth CC Klim Seabright
386 Jun 2020 CA Council Meetings (April, May) Website restructuring. Exec Board structure; Marketing. Ian Vincent
386 Jun 2020 New Home for your Club? Experience based around Northampton CC experiences Lionel Tibble
386 Jun 2020 The Coaching Pages Awards; Appointments; Zoom use; Grade 3 Award. High Wycombe. Sarah Hayes, Roger Mills
385 Apr 2020 CA Survey of Member Clubs Trends and Issues covered in detail (full report on CA website) Eugene Chang
385 Apr 2020 CA Grants Winterbourne Valley and Crake Valley Tim Dennis & David Cornes respectively
385 Apr 2020 Getting Shirty New Zealand revisited David Openshaw
385 Apr 2020 WCF AC World Championship (Melbourne) Bamford bt Essick 3-1, for his 5th World title Stephen Mulliner
385 Apr 2020 1870 - The Year that Croquet Came of Age Jaques. Walter Whitmore. Wimbledon HQ John Harris
385 Apr 2020 CA Council Spring Meeting Parts 1 & 2 Coronavirus Task Force. Website. Safeguading. Marketing. Publicity. Efficiency.Volunteering. Ian Vincent
385 Apr 2020 Website Updates - Tournament Entry System and Fixtures Calendar   Dave Kibble
385 Apr 2020 Coaching Pages inc Coach of Year (Ian Shore),IPD Squad (AC), Game Performance  
384 Feb 2020 CA Diplomas Services to Croquet various
384 Feb 2020 CA Council - Jan Meeting   Ian Vincent
384 Feb 2020 Chairmen's Columns Council & Executive Borads Isaacs & Staples
384 Feb 2020 Introduction to One-Ball Mainly aimed at GC players Kevin Carter
384 Feb 2020 Policing of Handicaps   Frances Colman
384 Feb 2020 WCF GC World Team Championship New Zealand Jan 2020. Won by NZ vs Egypt Stephen Mulliner
384 Feb 2020 Coaching Pages Merit Awards. In-game Performance Analysis in play and in coaching Sarah Hayes. Ian Shore. Andrew Cowing
384 Feb 2020 WCF AC Worlds Preview. Venue Melbourne, Feb 2020 Eugene chang
383 Dec 2019 News fom AC Tournaments Ctte including Short Croquet and 14-point variations Beatrice McGlen
383 Dec 2019 The Terrace CC (Boston Spa) New club looking for advice Ann Wickert
383 Dec 2019 "Be Bolde, Be Wyse" Interview with James Galpin Sarah Hayes
383 Dec 2019 Merits Award Scheme, plus 2019 achievers. Grade coaches need to have appropriate Merit Awards (gold, silver, bronze) Sarah Hayes
383 Dec 2019 Coaching Pages Croquet Academies: Southwick, Budleigh & York. Also High Wycombe Sarah Hayes
383 Dec 2019 Leicester CC CA Grant helps Leicester relocate David Bell
383 Dec 2019 GC IPDS Relections by a participant Steve Leonard
383 Dec 2019 Golf Croquet Competitions Inter-club (Nottingham). Murphy Shield (East Dorset). Veterans (John Bowcott) various
383 Dec 2019 2019 CA Diplomas (Services to Croquet) Part 1 for Part 2 see next issue  
383 Dec 2019 Beyond Expert Croquet Tactics Major new update of Wylie's book (with 14 expert contributors) Edited by Pete Trimmer
383 Dec 2019 Most Improved players 2019 AC Female - Sophie McGlen. AC Male - Callum Johnson. GC - Steve Leonard Frances Colman
383 Dec 2019 Chairmens' Columns Council (Jonathan Isaacs). Executive (Roger Staples) see above
383 Dec 2019 GC Series 2020 Championship, A, B, C Series. Dates & Venues Chris Roberts
382 Nov 2019 GC Eights & Federations Shield Musks Cup - S Mulliner; Kate Jones Mem - Stuart M Smith. GC Fed Shield - High Wycombe Frances Colman
382 Nov 2019 AC Eights Presidents (Riva), Chairman's (Lines), Spencer Ell (Hallam), Treasurer's (Cordingley) Various
382 Nov 2019 GC Series Competitions Ascot Cup (Rachel Gee). A-level (Stuart M Smith). B-level (Andrea Huxley). C-level (Izzy Pointz) Various
382 Nov 2019 New Council Election Results Profiles of the 12 representatives Ian Vincent
382 Nov 2019 Annual General Meeting Report by the Secretary Ian Vincent
382 Nov 2019 Executive Board's Column Profiles of the five members Roger Staples
382 Nov 2019 GB win The Solomon Trophy (Pinehurst Virginia). Doubles 5-3 to GB. Singles12 -9 also to GB Ian Burridge
382 Nov 2019 Challenge & Gilbey Block A - Kibble. B - Williamson. C- no entries. D- Wright. HC - Horsley Julie Horsley
382 Nov 2019 Selectors' Weekend (5th Eight) Won by Callum Johnson (9/9); R/U David Warhurst  
382 Nov 2019 AC Tournaments South England (Avery). Surrey (Maugham). All-England HC (Colin Davies). Students (van Loon; Plymouth; Oxford 1) various
382 Nov 2019 AC Inter-club (Surbiton). Mary Rose (Bowdon). Longman (Letchworth)   various
382 Nov 2019 GC Doubles (Hunstanton). GC Fed Shield Final (Nottingham) Doubles - Powe & Custance-Baker. Fed Shield - Wycombe Jonathan Powe. Alan Clark
382 Nov 2019 GC Home Internationals (Balgreen, Edinburgh) England 3, Ireland 1.5, Wales 1, Scotland 0.5 J-P Moberly
382 Nov 2019 CA Council Chairman's report   Jonathan Isaacs
381 Sep 2019 WCF Simon Carter GC World Championship Full account of all stages; ending with Ben Rothman (USA) prevailing over Mohammed Karem (Egypt) Stephen Mulliner
381 Sep 2019 Marketing Committee projects eg Social Media, communication, Eugene Chang
381 Sep 2019 Croquet Ireland beat CA 14-10 at Surbiton played mid-July Brian Havill
381 Sep 2019 Countryfile Live South & North Reports from Blenheim and from Castle Howard John Dawson
381 Sep 2019 GC World Championship (Southwick) Hosting the Event (what needed doing) Jonathan Isaacs
381 Sep 2019 The Peels (Nottingham, mid May) Men's Singles Mike Hedge. Women's Spencer-Smith. Mixed Doubles Vincent & Diana Plant Bob Thompson
381 Sep 2019 Live-streaming Croquet - progress & success see Eugene Chang
381 Sep 2019 AC British Opens(Surbiton) James Death wins, for first time (over Reg Bamford). ASD Doubles won by Death & Patel Samir Patel
381 Sep 2019 AC National Seniors (Budleigh, July) Block winners: Hathrell, Thompson, Draper, Dominguez, Colman. HC Singles Magee, Doubles Jolliff & Mills Julie Horsley
381 Sep 2019 GC Inter-Counties (Aug) Div 1 Somerset. Div 2 Sussex  
381 Sep 2019 Under-21 GC World Championship Played at Nottingham. Edmund Fordyce (NZ) beat James Galpin (England) Ian Burridge
381 Sep 2019 Letters on GC Wrong Ball Rule 10   many + Stephen Mulliner's replies
380 Jun 2019 Mens & Womens AC Championships Mens - James Death. Women's - Jenny Clarke Beatrice McGlen
380 Jun 2019 New Council Election and Update Ian Vincent
380 Jun 2019 New AC International Performance Director - Rich Waterman   Mark Suter
380 Jun 2019 AC Home Internationals England (1) scotland (2) Ireland (3) Wales (4) Samir Patel
380 Jun 2019 WCF Simon Carter GC Worlds Preview Stephen Mulliner
380 Jun 2019 AC Inter-Counties (Southwick & Compton) 1st Div Nottingham, 2nd Div Glamorgan Sue Mackay
380 Jun 2019 AC Westerns, East Midlands, Coles Championships (respectively) Ian Maugham; Mark Suter; Christian Carter Chris Roberts & Ian Vincent (East Midlands)
380 Jun 2019 Women's Coaching Day (Cheltenham) AC & GC   Sarah Hayes
380 Jun 2019 GC International Performance Development Group Explanation of what it is and what it does Lionel Tibble (Director)
380 Jun 2019 Golf Croquet Opens 2019 Bamford beat Moberly in final Chris Roberts
379 Apr 2019 GC Test Match vs Spain (Seville March) England win 13-8 after 3 days of singles and doubles J-P Moberly (Captain)
379 Apr 2019 Club Awards 2019 (Townsend, Apps-Heley and Millennium Awards) Tattenhall (Cheshire). St Agnes (Cornwall). Littlehampton (Sussex) Roger Staples et alia
379 Apr 2019 The Bedford Medal a.k.a. The 'Bronze Badge' (1940) Roger Bray, Chris Williams, Roger Wood
379 Apr 2019 Special General Meeting (30 March) and Council Meeting Full reports on both meetings at Hurlingham Ian Vincent
379 Apr 2019 Croquet Marketing Social media; live streaming; National Croquet Day; BBC CountryFile Live (Blenheim & Castle Howard) Eugene Chang
379 Apr 2019 GC Series Tournaments (Surbiton & Cheltenham in April) Fulford wins Championship. Stuart M Smith (Northampton) won A-level Don Beck. Kevin Ham
379 Apr 2019 GC 'Ball Crush' fault explained Reply to Tony Lee's letter (p10) Stephen Mulliner
379 Apr 2019 CA Grant for Ryde CC Renovated kitchen facilities helped by CA grant Vernon Gibbs
379 Apr 2019 Croquet in Ireland from 1850s to CAI 1985 Brief History & A Warm Welcome (from Carrickmines) Simon Williams & Sandy Greig
379 Apr 2019 Re-introducing Croquet to the Canary Islands From early (1900s) to present day, particularly in Tenerife Jose Jimenez
379 Apr 2019 Coaching Pages Coach Appointments & Awards. Tournaments for higher handicaps (AC and GC). Tips galore. Sarah Hayes
379 Apr 2019 Election of a new Council. Guides for Executive Board and for Council. Criteria, procedures & timetable. Voting. Ian Vincent
379 Apr 2019 GC 2019 Development Squad Weekend's activities at Wrest Park Lionel Tibble
378 Feb 2019 Recommended AC Tournaments South of England Week (Compton - Sept). Short Croquet (various venues, Finals in York). Hilary Smith. Beatrice McGlen
378 Feb 2019 January Council Meeting & Notice of Special General Meeting (30 March) plus background info about proposed amendments to Constitution  
378 Feb 2019 Tournament and Handicap Regs - changes for 2019 Bowdon Samir Patel; Frances Colman
378 Feb 2019 Performance Development Squads for 2019 AC England and Dev Squads. GC Elite and Dev Squads Alison Maugham. Lionel Tibble
378 Feb 2019 2018 CA Diplomas (Part 2)    
378 Feb 2019 Going for Growth 'Croquet Matters' and Managed Website Templates Dave Gunn
378 Feb 2019 Golf Croquet WCF World Champs Ranking and Membership places awarded to UK players (inc Under-21 Worlds) Lionel Tibble. Stephen Mulliner
378 Feb 2019 GC Series Tournaments 2019 Listings for Champ, A, B and C Level tournamnts 2019 Chris Roberts
378 Feb 2019 European Croquet Masters, both AC and GC Dates and Venues through 2019 John Swabey
378 Feb 2019 Nailsea - CA Grant aids Lawns Improvements Total Cost £25K (max CA grant £5K) John Wallace
378 Feb 2019 Marketing Committee involvements National Croquet Day; BBC CountryFile Live (2); CA website review etc Eugene Chang & Brian Wilson
378 Feb 2019 Croquet in Scotland (early days) Evidence dating around 1859-61 John Harris
378 Feb 2019 Downham and Basingstoke Club profiles Two Clubs celebrate for different reasons Jonathan Toye & Ian Harrison, respectively
378 Feb 2019 The Coaching Pages (a) Conditioned Games (b) Good Croquet in the Mind (Part 2) Sarah Hayes; Dave Kibble
378 Feb 2019 GC Federations Shield GC version of AC Secretary's Shield Frances Colman
377 Dec 2018 Golf Croquet Rules - 5th Edition A full overview of the latest edition Stephen Mulliner
377 Dec 2018 My Parkinson's Story An encouraging account of how competitive (GC) croquet has helped. Malcolm Ball
377 Dec 2018 Council Medals Awarded to Jeff Dawson and to Michael Hague  
377 Dec 2018 Most Improved player awards Spiers (GC) to Richard Bilton, Apps Bowl (male AC) to Chris Coull. Steel Bowl (female AC) to Sarah Melvin  
377 Dec 2018 David Maugham's Year In 2018 Dave won 7 of the 9 top UK Championships (making that 36 Regionals to date) Chris Clarke and Chris Williams
377 Dec 2018 AGM and Council October meetings   Ian Vincent
377 Dec 2018 Ask The Ref Taking a bisque almost as time is called  
377 Dec 2018 Coaching Courses in 2019 Details of future programmes at Southwick, York and Budleigh academies Sarah Hayes
377 Dec 2018 Coaching Pages Good Croquet is in the Mind (be Confident, be Calm and Think the right thoughts) Dave Kibble
377 Dec 2018 CA Grants to help Clubs Charlton, Cornwall and Canterbury all benefitted. various
377 Dec 2018 Australian 'bush' croquet Extreme Croquet down under Alison Sharpe
376 Nov 2018 GC National Series (4 levels) Tibble (A). Galpin (B). Leonard (C). Cording (Grass Roots) various
376 Nov 2018 CA team s win against Scottish and Irish CAs CA 17 SCA 7 (Middlesbrough) and CA 15 CAI 9 (Carrickmines)  
376 Nov 2018 Over-50s GC Worlds Hanan Rashad first female winner (Cairo) Stephen Mulliner
376 Nov 2018 CA grant helps solve High Wycombe's flooding problem CA contributed £4K of the £9K needed Richard Peperell
376 Nov 2018 The Alison Jones column What do croquet players do when not playing? Lunch boxes. SA tour anyone? Alison Jones
376 Nov 2018 AC Eights (1) Presidents (Fulford). Chairman's (Sam Murray). Spencer Ell (Kibble) various
376 Nov 2018 AC Eights (2) Treasurer's (Davis & Polhill). Selector's (Lamb) various
376 Nov 2018 South of England Championship (Compton) Mark Avery beat Maugham. Carter won the Swiss.  
376 Nov 2018 GC Eights (Ramsgate and Canterbury) First Eight (Musk Cup) - Tobi Savage. Second Eight (Kate Jones mem) - Pete Dowd Tobi Savage and Chris Roberts
376 Nov 2018 National GC Doubles (Hurlingham) Jonathan Powe & Dave Nicholson victorious Jonathan Powe
376 Nov 2018 AC Competition / Tournament All-England (Thomas Halliday) at Wrest Park. AC Students (Daniel Gott) at Oxford John Bevington; Kirandeep Saini
376 Nov 2018 AC Inter-Club Competitions Surbiton (Inter-club); High Wycombe (Mary Rose); Tyneside (Longman); Sheffield (Sec Shld); Penrith (Short Croquet) various
376 Nov 2018 GC Inter-Club Competitions Nottingham (Inter-Club); Hamptworth (Murphy Shield) Ian Burridge; Ian Vincent
376 Nov 2018 GC All-England Handicap Simon Carter won with Roger L'Anson 2nd David Boxall
376 Nov 2018 Coaching pages The Full Roll. Playing in slow or wet conditions. Coaching Qualifications. Sarah Hayes
376 Nov 2018 Croquet during World War 1 Croquet's contribution (especially for convalescents) inc several photos John Harris
376 Nov 2018 The GC National Championship (Ascot Cup) Richard Bilton won at Southwick; Will Gee runner-up Stephen Mulliner
376 Nov 2018 Going for Growth initiatives Website Template. "Croquet Matters". Ealing CC. Workshop offer. Dave Gunn
375 Sep 2018 The AC Open Championship Full report from Quarter-finals to Final (David Maugham beat Jamie Burch). Doubles final uncompleted. Andrew Gregory
375 Sep 2018 News from Committees inc Governance, Coaching, Marketing, Membership database several
375 Sep 2018 Player Development AC Improvers and GC mentored match weekend Alison Jones (AC); Roger Goldring (GC)
375 Sep 2018 Croquet at BBC Countryfile Live Blenheim Palace (August) John Dawson
375 Sep 2018 CA Grant news Bowdon and Plymouth David Walters & Linda Lang
375 Sep 2018 NextGen Tournament (Cheltenham in July) 14 participants; hi-lo doubles. AC and GC coaching from A-class players. Eugene Chang
375 Sep 2018 GC Open Championship (Southwick, June) Bamford wins his 11th Opens Stephen Mulliner
375 Sep 2018 GC Home Internationals (Surbiton, July) England win again John-Paul Moberly
375 Sep 2018 GC National Seniors (Budleigh) (A) Tim Jolliff, (B) Bob Thompson, (C) John Dawson Julie Horsley
375 Sep 2018 Croquet Innovations (Part 2) "Peel & Peg" Stephen Mulliner
375 Sep 2018 A West Country Tour Visiting Hamptworth, East Dorset, Sidmouth, Budleigh and Cornwall clubs Bernard Pendry
375 Sep 2018 Coaching: corner 1 cannon   Sarah Hayes
375 Sep 2018 Croquet Balls (colours) A history from the 1850s Ian Bond & Roger Bray
374 Jul 2018 Croquet Matters Report from the NDO, inc Facebook and Club Website Dave Gunn (National Development Officer)
374 Jul 2018 Charity One-Ball Raised more than £5K, with 37 Heats and 497 participants. Final winner Margaret Murray (Kington Langley) Kevin Carter
374 Jul 2018 CA Membership Database Uploading news and data privacy update  
374 Jul 2018 Alison Jones the new AC International Performance Director AC Development squad (12) announced Alison Jones
374 Jul 2018 National Croquet Day 2018 Reports & Feedback about Sunday 13 May Brian Wilson
374 Jul 2018 CA Membership Categories Standard, Supporter and Premium Ian Vincent
374 Jul 2018 The Alison Jones Column The Fun of Croquet and the new AC IPD forward plan Alison Jones
374 Jul 2018 AC Inter-Counties Championship (Southwick) Surrey regain title (Div 1) with Dorset heading Div 2 Sue Mackay
374 Jul 2018 Coaching Pages Top Tips for newcomers. Coach appointments. Top Tips for GC (Jenny & Chris Clarke) Sarah Hayes
374 Jul 2018 Croquet Innovations Tournament Gathering at Palm Beach USA, including description of Peel Croquet Stephen Mulliner
374 Jul 2018 Exhibition at Wimbledon AELT & Croquet Club   Elizabeth Williams
374 Jul 2018 GC Championships Students @ Roehampton. European @ Budleigh (winner Rachel Rowe) Jonathan Simpson and Stephen Mulliner
373 Apr 2018 Survey Findings - what now?   Brian Wilson
373 Apr 2018 March Council Meeting Report (also farewells to Liz Larsson, CA Manager and to Marian Hemsted (Examiner of Accounts) Ian Vincent
373 Apr 2018 New Membership Implementation Programme Importing of data from clubs Jeff Dawson
373 Apr 2018 Survey of Croquet Players Comparing 2017 and 2002 in terms of demographics and recruitment Kevin Carter
373 Apr 2018 AC Worlds (February in Wellington NZ) Winner Paddy Chapman, Runner-up Reg Bamford Stephen Mulliner
373 Apr 2018 Going for Growth Marketing, Communications, Club Support. Croquet Matters (on website) Dave Gunn (NDO)
373 Apr 2018 Coaching Pages Coach of Year(Roger Mills). Lifetime Award(Ian Plummer). Coaching Reminders. Roger Staples and Sarah Hayes
373 Apr 2018 GDPR update Update to the Dec 2017 Data Protection article Ian Vincent
373 Apr 2018 News for Young Players Young Persons Sponsorship. U21 players in GC tournaments. Next Generation (AC and GC) tournaments Roger Staples. Tim King. Eugene Chang
372 Feb 2018 WCF AC World Championship Preview of this event 3-11 Feb, Wellington, New Zealand Rob Fulford
372 Feb 2018 Membership Database Progress Report Ian Vincent
372 Feb 2018 BEM for Eileen Magee (Cheltenham)   Klim Seabright
372 Feb 2018 Going for Growth - Working Parties Club Support - Marketing - Player retention - Communication - Resources Dave Gunn
372 Feb 2018 News from CA Committees   Ian Vincent
372 Feb 2018 National Croquet Day - Sunday 13 May Ideas and help Brian Wilson
372 Feb 2018 The Very Local GC League Fortnightly fixtures (involving 4 teams) over a 3 month period Martin French
372 Feb 2018 Getting Shirty - again incl. views on Super-Advanced format (for and against) David Openshaw
372 Feb 2018 GC Series Tournaments 2018 Schedule    
372 Feb 2018 Coaching Pages Question Time; watching top players; GC Development Squads; Fed Coaching Officers Sarah Hayes
372 Feb 2018 Achieving Peak GC Croquet Performance Describes changes in technical and mental approaches Tim King
372 Feb 2018 Dyffryn to Close After 30 years at Dyffryn House, the club will need to find new home Jay Dyer
371 Dec 2017 Coaching Pages Programmes for 2018 at Southwest and Northern Academies. Coaching appointments & Awards.  
371 Dec 2017 Data Protection (GDPR) An Update for Clubs Ian Vincent
371 Dec 2017 2107 CA Diplomas 15 Diploma citations (at Council in Oct)  
371 Dec 2017 A Bad Season 'What Happened to my Croquet?' Alison Jones
371 Dec 2017 Jaques, croquet and the missing exhibit   Roger Bray
371 Dec 2017 Golf Croquet International Performance Development Squad (GC IPDS) Elite; Development and Coaching 'Pods' Lionel Tibble
371 Dec 2017 GC Inter-Club Championship Ashby win championship for 4th time; Watford win Murphy Shield; Barnicoat is All-England GC HC champ Tim King; Jeff Johnson; Roger Loram
371 Dec 2017 AC Inter-Club Champs Surbiton (IC); Watford (Mary Rose); Pendle (Longman); Sheffield (Sec Shld). All England (Phil Nuttall)  
371 Dec 2017 European Masters England won Country Master; AC Jose Riva; GC Stephen Mulliner  
371 Dec 2017 Inter-Federation AC/GC match Croquet North vs Yorkshire (who won 21-7)   Ted Flexman
371 Dec 2017 CA Development Grant - Auckland following relocation to Chilton Miner's Rec Ground Eugene Brady
370 Oct 2017 GC Series Tournaments A-level (Stephen Custance-Baker). B-level (Paul Durkin) Chris Roberts
370 Oct 2017 Survey of Croquet Players 2017 A 4-page insert, available for ALL players to complete (alternative to on-line method)  
370 Oct 2017 Martin French awarded the Council Medal    
370 Oct 2017 CA Club Awards Apps-Heley to Bath and Wrest Park. Millennium to Sussex CCC. Townsend to Cheam CC CA
370 Oct 2017 AGM 2017 & Council Meeting   Ian Vincent
370 Oct 2017 Most Improved Players (2016) Paul Gunn (GC Spiers Trophy). Andy Myers (AC Apps Mem Bowl). Louise Bradforth (AC Steel Mem Bowl) CA
370 Oct 2017 'Going for Growth' - where best to make a difference and how best to do that Federations Conference update by the NDO Dave Gunn
370 Oct 2017 Inaugural GC Home Internationals (Carrickmines, Dublin) 1st England, 2nd Ireland, 3rd Wales, 4th Scotland J-P Moberly
370 Oct 2017 Coaching 2018 Programme details for both AC and for GC at The Croquet Academy (Southwick) Jonathan Isaacs
370 Oct 2017 The AC Selectors 'Eights' President's (Jose Riva); Chairman's (Mark Suter); Spencer-Ell (Rob Wilkinson); Treasurer's (Omied Hallam) various
370 Oct 2017 Selectors' and Southern Championship Jonathan Lamb won Selectors at Sidmouth. Jamie Burch won Southerns (Compton) Richard Wood and anon
370 Oct 2017 Golf Croquet - Ascot Cup and Selectors' Eights J-P Moberly National Singles champ. Musk's Cup- Ian Burridge (1st Eight). Kate Jones - Tim King (2nd Eight) Stephen Mulliner & Chris Roberts
370 Oct 2017 GC English National Doubles (Hamptworth in Sept) Lionel Tibble & Jayne Stevens Ivor Brand
370 Oct 2017 Challenge & Gilbey (Budleigh) - Class Winners 2017 (A) Dave Mundy, (B) Dave Gunn, (C) Colin Walls, (D) Quiller Barrett Julie Horsley
369 Sep 2017 GC British Opens (Surbiton) Reg Bamford beat J-P Moberly. Bamford & Mulliner won the Doubles Rachel Rowe
369 Sep 2017 Nottingham Week Robin Hood HC (Forman). A-class (John Davis). B-class (Finnigan). C-class (Bates). D-class (Lansdale) Peter Death
369 Sep 2017 The GC Series of Tournaments English National Qualifier Series. The A-level Series. The B-level series. London Masters  
369 Sep 2017 AC Regional Championships Northern (David Maugham); Eastern (Fulford); East Midlands (Ian Lines); Surrey (Stephen Mulliner) Ian Lines, Ian Vincent
369 Sep 2017 WCF World AC Teams - lower tiers Winners: Tier 2.1 Wales; Tier 2.2 Canada & Sweden tied; Tier 2.3 Germany Ray Hall
369 Sep 2017 European AC Championship (Stavstorp, Sweden) Won by Jose Riva, among 16 competitors from 8 countries. Stephen Mulliner
369 Sep 2017 AC National Seniors (at Budleigh) Record entry (41) from 5 countries inc UK. Shorney wins Quiller Cup (Singles); Wimshurst & Blackwell the Doubles Julie Horsley
369 Sep 2017 AC Varsity Match (Hurlingham) Cambridge beat Oxford 7-2 Simon Hathrell
369 Sep 2017 CA Grant helps at Canterbury (and the inaugural One-Ball) £5K grant helps in obtaining a new clubhouse. Rutger returns - to beat Mulliner at 1-ball. Frank Hughes
369 Sep 2017 Student AC Championship (at Oxford UCC) Craig Winfield (Cambridge) beat Mark van Loon (Oxford). Doubles won by Nathan & van Loon (Oxford) Joshua Bull
369 Sep 2017 150th AC Open Championship (Hurlingham) Won by Reg Bamford; Robert Fulford (Ayres Cup). Doubles winners James Death & Samir Patel Samir Patel
369 Sep 2017 Croquet at BBC CountryFile Live Held at Blenheim Palace gardens over 4 days in August on specially laid out croquet lawn, John Dawson
369 Sep 2017 CA Grants help club's development projects (1) St Agnes (Cornwall) lawns & equiment. (2) Ipswich (relocation within Fynn Valley Golf Club) (1) Ivan Corbett. (2) Martin French
369 Sep 2017 Golf Croquet Counties (Southwick) Leicestershire ended top of the table (12 counties competed) Bill Arliss
368 Jun 2017 Getting Shirty (cont) Remembering Teddy Prentis David Openshaw
368 Jun 2017 'Going for Growth' Remit and Objectives of new National Development Officer Dave Gunn
368 Jun 2017 National Croquet Day - feedback from clubs Keswick CC in particular (Ian Hall) Brian Wilson
368 Jun 2017 The MacRobertson Shield 2017 - Mission Hills, Southern California Australia win, ending an 82 year wait. Stephen Mulliner
368 Jun 2017 The Big Mac Croquet's Family Feast (from a spectator's view) Alison Jones
368 Jun 2017 Charity One-Ball Fund-raising tops £30,000 for Parkinsons UK. Richard Jones (Kington Langley) won final at Surbiton Kevin Carter
368 Jun 2017 The European Golf Croquet Championship (Spain) Cadiz and Seville hosted between them 32 players from 11 countries) Winner was Alvarez-Sala (r/u Mulliner) Stephen Mulliner
368 Jun 2017 Student's GC Championship The (first such) event was hosted by Sheffield Univ CC. Winner John-Paul Moberly (also Doubles with Richard Bilton) Chris Roberts
368 Jun 2017 The GC Tournament Series (progress to date) English National Singles. A-level Series. B-level Series Chris Roberts
368 Jun 2017 The Peel HC Memorials (Nottingham in May) Mixed Doubles: Hallam & Staley. Women's Singles: Sophie McGlen. Men's Singles: Andrew Beaumont Bob Thompson
368 Jun 2017 The AC Inter-Counties - Southwick & Compton, May 2017 Nottingham retained their trophy. 2nd Division won by Glamorgan. Sue Mackay
368 Jun 2017 The Coaching Column An Alternative Way of Coaching. "The 4-ball Break Master Mindset." Roger Mills
368 Jun 2017 Home Internationals, June (Southport) England win the Frank Cooper trophy (then Ireland, Wales, Scotland) Samir Patel
367 Apr 2017 Coaching Pages Grades for GC Coaches. North London now an AC Coaching Pod. New GC Coaching Pods set up various
367 Apr 2017 Council Meeting - March Summary report Ian Vincent
367 Apr 2017 CA Club Awards Townsend - Cheam. Apps-Heley - Bath & Wrest Park. Millennium - Sussex Roger Staples
367 Apr 2017 England to host GC Worlds in 2019 Seeking suitable venues and Director  
367 Apr 2017 Seeding Trial for GC Opens 2017 Opens to trial Modified Grade-based Seeding for KO Rachel Rowe
367 Apr 2017 Getting Shirty at the Mac Particularly in 1993 winning all tests and the final vs NZ. Very strong team. David Openshaw
367 Apr 2017 WCF GC World Championships 2017 *Melbourne) Reg Bamford beat Ahmed Nasr in Final. Duncan Dixon (NZ) beat J-P Moberly in Shield. Stephen Mulliner
367 Apr 2017 Club Development Projects Ludlow Castle. Bude. Guildford & Godalming (clubhouse) various
367 Apr 2017 Mark Avery is class act in South Africa. Western Cape Croquet Association tournament in February Tony Whateley
367 Apr 2017 National Croquet Day - A Case Study from 2016 Successful recruiting device, using Open Days throughout the winter months (Oct - Mar) Martin French
367 Apr 2017 The Mac at Mission Hills, California (Apr/May) Pre-view Stephen Mulliner
366 Feb 2017 WCF GC World Championship Preview of event at Cairnlea, Victoria, Australia 25 Feb - 5 Mar Stephen Mulliner
366 Feb 2017 Council January Meeting Report, plus Committees Round-up Ian Vincent
366 Feb 2017 Tournament Regulations - changes for 2017 Fixtures Book; on-line entries; alternative AC Doubles HC System discontinued; clothing; practice before start  
366 Feb 2017 International Performance Squads named Association: GB. International Performance (IPDS). Golf: GC Elite. GC IPDS Ian Burridge & Lionel Tibble
366 Feb 2017 Hopgood eyes up first Mac The 2017 World AC Team Championship (in USA) will include James Hopgood Alison Jones
366 Feb 2017 The Northern Croquet Academy (York) Newly formed, starting this year. Outline programme of courses (AC and or GC) John Harris
366 Feb 2017 CA Diploma Awards made in 2016    
366 Feb 2017 Isaac Spratt Failure or Founder? Supplying croquet equipment & rules in the mid 19th century (fore-runner of John Jaques) Roger Bray
366 Feb 2017 Women's Croquet - plans for 2017 Group Coaching. CA Women's Representative team (6). Mens & Womens. Womens Sixes (Barlow & Longman) Beatrice McGlen
366 Feb 2017 WCF World AC Teams Championships Tiers 2.1, 2.2, and 3 At Sussex CC 17-22 July (Preview) Ray Hall
365 Dec 2016 GC Inter-club Competitions GC Inter-club (Surbiton). GC Murphy Shield (Leighton Linslade)  
365 Dec 2016 AGM 2016 Report by Hon Secretary Ian Vincent
365 Dec 2016 Oct Council Meeting Summary of Council (October) Brian Shorney
365 Dec 2016 Handicap Committee announcements Changes and Decisions, AC and GC Strat Liddiard
365 Dec 2016 GC International Performance Development Group Inauguration of this GCIPDG for 2017 Lionel Tibble
365 Dec 2016 Most Improved Player awards Alison Jones (AC), Jonathan Powe (AC), Peter Dowd (GC)  
365 Dec 2016 CA Council Medal Robert Fulford Quiller Barrett
365 Dec 2016 Croquet Abroad Articles on croquet in Bela Romeo (Portugal) and in Corfu (Greece) Martin French; Chris Roberts
365 Dec 2016 The AC Inter-Club Competitions 2016 Surbiton (Inter-club), Wrest Park (Mary Rose), Enfield (Longman Cup), Hunstanton (Secretary's Shield)  
365 Dec 2016 Coaching & Training Courses 2017 The Croquet Academy and The South West Croquet Academy both give course details for 2017  
365 Dec 2016 Coaching Awards Ian Burridge (Coach of Year). Keith Aiton (Lifetime Coaching Award) Dave Kibble
365 Dec 2016 National Competition Finals AC All-England (Tony Elliott). GC B-level (Paul Gunn) Peter Wilson; Brian Shorney
365 Dec 2016 Inter-County Championships How (both) Inter-Counties are organised Bill Arliss
365 Dec 2016 Letters (included) 3-day GC events? AC coaching tip. Ideas for AC Intro. Bears at RAU.  
364 Oct 2016 Yorkshire Open GC Mulliner bt Carr in final Bill Arliss
364 Oct 2016 Coaching Column Coaching Committee's action plans. Solo practice routines (shooting/clearing and 2 use of balls on boundary) Dave Kibble
364 Oct 2016 Ask the Ref (GC) Off-side rule situations Martin French
364 Oct 2016 Reversing decline of AC Appeal for ideas that promote AC better for new starters Dave Kibble
364 Oct 2016 AC Eights President's (Maugham), Chairman's (Lines & Carter), Spencer Ell (Myers), Treasurer's (Powe) various
364 Oct 2016 AC Championships & Tournaments North England (Hopgood), South England (Hopgood), Selectors' (Hallam), Challenge & Gilbey (Murray, Farrow, Dunk, Barrett) various
364 Oct 2016 GC Championships & Series Tournaments National Singles (Burridge), Doubles (Moberly & Savage), Selectors' Eights (Moberly; Widdison), A-level (Widdison)  
364 Oct 2016 More CA GC Competitions All-England HC (Noble), Grass Roots (Searle), Inter-Counties (Middlesex) various
363 Sep 2016 Challenge Yourself ... Experiences gained at Men's & Women's (Budleigh) and at British Opens (Cheltenham) Alison Girdlestone
363 Sep 2016 CA Grants Colchester CC and Beckford CC both improve their facilities  
363 Sep 2016 GC Opens and Championships Open Singles (Mulliner); Doubles (Bamford & Mulliner); Ashby (French); Nottingham (Burridge); Lancashire (Widdison) Chris Roberts
363 Sep 2016 AC Championships Opens (Rothman; Chapman & Maugham). Men's & Women's (Maugham, Bradford). Coles (Bamford) Chris Roberts (2), Dave Kibble (1)
363 Sep 2016 Hammer and Jump Shots Discussion of what's legal, and what's not, in hampered shots Martin French
363 Sep 2016 Coaching - Extra Turns in GC How to use extra turns effectively Dave Kibble
363 Sep 2016 Membership Changes (progress report) On-line database, membership categories, Gazette and Fixtures book (paper or not), etc Jeff Dawson
363 Sep 2016 More CA Tournaments (AC) Women's Sixes; Barlow (Hayes), Longman (Farrow). Seniors at Southwick; South of England (Mike Town) various
363 Sep 2016 National Croquet Day Outstanding success: case studies High Wycombe and Swindon  
362 Jul 2016 Golf Croquet Europeans Y Riva Espana (Jose Riva wins) Chris Roberts
362 Jul 2016 CA Grants help clubs Bransgore, Lym Valley, Worthing - all benefited from improved facilities Various
362 Jul 2016 The Peels (Nottingham) Hallam (Ladies) and Ostler (Men's) Bob Thompson
362 Jul 2016 WCF GC Team Championship (NZ win) Report on Tier 1 at Surbiton Chris Roberts
362 Jul 2016 The AC Counties Championship Notts win Div 1 and Yorkshire win Div 2 Sue Mackay
362 Jul 2016 Stephen Mulliner new AC World Champion Stephen shares his own thoughts Stephen Mulliner
362 Jul 2016 Coaching News Development Squads. Playing hampered shots (GC). New coaches. Ian Burridge. Martin French. Dave Kibble
362 Jul 2016 The Patron's Lunch The CA's long patronage Roger & Joyce Goldring
362 Jul 2016 AC World Championship at Palm Beach   Chris Clarke (Manager)
361 Apr 2016 March Council meeting report   Ian Vincent
361 Apr 2016 Coaching Awards Coach of Year - Ian Burridge. Lifetime Coaching award - Keith Aiton Dave Kibble
361 Apr 2016 AC Super-Advanced Common Tactics and scenarios David Maugham
361 Apr 2016 Coaching III South West Croquet Academy Official Opening (29 Feb)
361 Apr 2016 Coaching II Building Confidence Stuart Cotterill
361 Apr 2016 Coaching I Coaching Committee vision & plans Dave Kibble
361 Apr 2016 WCF GC World Team Champs England Team selection Martin French
361 Apr 2016 WCF GC World Team Championship Tournament Preview (Surbiton, Bath, Camerton & Peasedown, Guildford) Stephen Mulliner
361 Apr 2016 National Croquet Day 5 June CA Marketing Team support measures Brian Wilson
361 Apr 2016 Southern Cape (SA) AC & GC Championships Multi-event (Week 1 AC, Week 2, GC). Chris Roberts
360 Feb 2016 New membership structure Progress report Jeff Dawson
360 Feb 2016 CA January Council Meeting Summary report Ian Vincent
360 Feb 2016 Golf Croquet Handicap System Details of the 'New System' Stratt Liddiard
360 Feb 2016 Colour Vision Deficiency Helping Players with CVD Martin French
359 Dec 2015 GC Grass Roots and Centre Stage Milford (Grass Roots) and Newport (last Centre Stage) Terrey Sparks
359 Dec 2015 2016 Coaching Courses (AC and GC) Details shown for Sussex (Southwick) and South West ( (Budleigh) Academies  
359 Dec 2015 AC Round-up All-England HC (Lambton). Inter-clubs (Woking, Surbiton, Reigate). SS Oxford various
359 Dec 2015 AC Super-Advanced Part 1 Demystifying the expert-player's game Ian Burridge
359 Dec 2015 Addressing problems of the Colour Blind What could be done to help Colour Vision Deficiency with balls and clips Martin French
359 Dec 2015 Billy the Kid Research authenticating an 1880s photograph  
359 Dec 2015 CA Diploma and award recipients 2015 Presented after AGM at Hurlingham  
359 Dec 2015 CA Grant Aid Case histories for Bury and for Penrith David Barrett & Howard Bowron
359 Dec 2015 GC Inter-Club Tournaments Successes for Ashby and Nottingham Tim King & Chris Roberts
359 Dec 2015 Getting Shirty Just how many shirts does DKO need (42) David Openshaw
359 Dec 2015 History of the Beddow Cup CA Archivist relates the 'lost and found' story Chris Williams
359 Dec 2015 Home Internationals England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, in that order  
359 Dec 2015 The Inner Game of Croquet Two models for positive thinking Peter Honey
359 Dec 2015 GC A-level Series plus B-level Details of venues for Ascot Cup (ENSC), A-level (open) and B-level(HC 3-8) Richard Hoskyns & Chris Roberts
359 Dec 2015 Croquet on BBC1 Question of Sport Filmed at OUCC, with Martin Keown Jordan Waters
358 Oct 2015 Southern and Northern AC Championships David Maugham won both tournaments (31 wins record for regionals) Roger Wood
358 Oct 2015 Ask the Ref Timed games. AC Advanced lift shot  
358 Oct 2015 CA AGM Report also the President's closing remarks Ian Vincent & Quiller Barrett
358 Oct 2015 CA Council Meeting summary report also presentation of Council Medal to Ian Vincent Ian Vincent
358 Oct 2015 Country House croquet reports from Kedleston (Derby) and Ham House (London) Lawrence Whittaker & David Cook
358 Oct 2015 GC Counties & All-England GC Leicester win Counties. Watford's Alan Clarke (all-England) Bill Arliss & Chris Roberts
358 Oct 2015 GC Round-up (August - September) Guilford; Surbiton; Sussex; Edgbaston; Cheltenham; Phyllis Ct; Nottingham various
358 Oct 2015 National AC Championships (Eights) President's (Chapman); Chairman's (Hopgood); Ell ( Panther); (Treasurer's (Murray) various
358 Oct 2015 Schools & Juniors championship (Oxford) Farlingaye High School; Eden Rogers Marcus Evans
358 Oct 2015 Yorkshire GC Open El Abieri wins at Ripon (qualifier for National finals)  
358 Oct 2015 AC Round-up (Aug - Sep) many events (incl. Challenge & Gilbey) various
358 Oct 2015 National GC Championships Singles (Tobi Savage); Ian Shore (B-level); Mulliner (1st Eight); Joel Taylor (2nd 6) various
357 Aug 2015 Club News Dogmersfield; Camerton & Peasedown; Lymington; Lodsworth various
357 Aug 2015 Veterans and Seniors Vets won by Simon Hathrell; Seniors by David Wise (Aus) Elaine Marsh & Julie Horsley
357 Aug 2015 AC Round-up Covering many events held in May, June and July various
357 Aug 2015 British GC Open Bamford beat Dodge by 2 to 1 in final at Southwick Chris Roberts
357 Aug 2015 European GC Championship Stephen Mulliner regains title at Budleigh Mulliner
357 Aug 2015 Northampton visit Corfu 12 Northampton players visited in May for 6 days fun in the sun Lionel Tibble
357 Aug 2015 Other Senior GC tournaments Ramsgate, Ashby, Cheltenham and Nottingham various
357 Aug 2015 Other UK Championships Maugham/McDiarmid Mens'/Womens'; Easterns (Burridge), East Mids (Maugham)  
357 Aug 2015 Treasurer's Report 2014 Accounts also followed by details of the 2016 Subscription rates Peter Death
357 Aug 2015 Women's AC World Championship (Nottingham) Won by Miranda Chapman over Gabrielle Higgins in final (3-2) David Brydon
357 Aug 2015 British AC Opens at Surbiton Fulford sets new record with 11th win (Chapman runner-up) Nick Parish
356 Jun 2015 AC Round-up Covers many events in April and May, inc charity One-ball various
356 Jun 2015 Senior GC Tournaments Lancs Open; Surbiton; Sidmouth; East Anglian various
356 Jun 2015 AC Championships Western (Fulford); Coles (Bamford); Peels; Hurlingham May w/e; Budleigh various
356 Jun 2015 Implementing the membership changes The process and time-line explained Jeff Dawson
356 Jun 2015 Nailsea Lawns involving laser level surveying work and advice Mike Tracy & Duncan Hector
356 Jun 2015 The AC Inter-counties Surrey win Div 1 and Lancashire Div 2 Sue Mackay
356 Jun 2015 The Rankings system Dynamic Grade explained for AC (Index for GC) Chris Williams
356 Jun 2015 Tournament regulations GC Sequence Umpires. Applicability of Super-advanced AC Martin French & Samir Patel
356 Jun 2015 WCF Women's World Championships Preview of the event at Nottingham in June Ian Burridge & Chris Clarke
356 Jun 2015 Solomon Trophy GB retain trophy at Pinehurst CC (USA) by 15-6 Samir Patel
355 Apr 2015 East Anglian Fed trial new GC HC system Over 8000 GC game results analysed by expert panel. To be trialled in EAF Strat Liddiard
355 Apr 2015 CA Club Awards 2015 High Wycombe (Townsend); Swindon, Camerton (Apps); Budleigh (Millennium) Jonathan Isaacs
355 Apr 2015 Changes on AC and GC fronts Improvements, tightening up cards. 14-point AC. AC Doubles calculation approved Strat Liddiard
355 Apr 2015 World GC Opens and U-21 Championship GC World (in Egypt) - El Mahdi. U-21 (in NZ) Freeth Pierre Beaudry & Harry Dodge
355 Apr 2015 Coaching Page 2 Lifetime Award to Peter Dyke. Coach of the Year to Janet Hoptroff Roger Staples
355 Apr 2015 New light on early GC rules Starting with Croquet Golf (1896), then Rules (c1902) Ray Hall
355 Apr 2015 News from Home & Abroad European Masters; Avery in SA; Denny on Drivetime; Oakham School various
355 Apr 2015 One Man Went to Mow ..the downside of major renovations at Cheltenham prior to Opens in 2014 David Magee
355 Apr 2015 Special General Meeting Report All Club members, Clubs and Federations vote to become members of the CA Ian Vincent
355 Apr 2015 The Theory of Everything The making of the film about Stephen and Jane Hawking (and some croquet) Alain Giraud
355 Apr 2015 Ask the Ref a new column to answer readers' questions Graham from London'
355 Apr 2015 Coaching Page 1 inc Learning from recently improved players Bob Thompson
354 Feb 2015 News from Home and Abroad inc Belgian indoors, 3 more Nott'm lawns, Corfu, Hamptworth, Wells  
354 Feb 2015 January Council Meeting, etc as well as a summary of Committee activities Ian Vincent
354 Feb 2015 International 'Pathway Squads' Elite & GB squads, Development squad and Junior squad Ian Burridge
354 Feb 2015 GC Wrong-Ball Law and how to apply it Martin French
354 Feb 2015 English Players take on The World Preview of the GC World Championship in New Zealand Tim King
354 Feb 2015 CA Membership The case for change Jeff Dawson
354 Feb 2015 CA Diploma Awards Ten 'Local Heroes' various
354 Feb 2015 CA Bursary Scheme a personal appreciation Harry Dodge
354 Feb 2015 Maggie Cowman's Story played international cricket - later had a lung transplant. Discovered GC croquet, Maggie Cowman
353 Dec 2014 Coaching Corner Interview with Jenny Clarke (how to recover 'form') Roger Staples
353 Dec 2014 Window on the WCF News from the World Federation Stephen Mulliner
353 Dec 2014 CA Membership - The Case For Change Recap of why the CA is making these proposals Jeff Dawson
353 Dec 2014 Focus on the East Anglian Croquet Fed Ipswich beat Northampton (level) and Hunstanton beat Maldon (9HC) Terrey Sparks
353 Dec 2014 GC Inter-club championships Dulwich top dogs (again) and Durham win Murphy Shield John Bowcott & Roger Carpenter
353 Dec 2014 GC National B-level final (Hamptworth) Richard Raby wins over Les Heard John Bowcott
353 Dec 2014 GC Women's Worlds Judith Hanekom defeats Jenny Clarke in Cairo Tim King
353 Dec 2014 John Solomon (1931 - 2014) An account of Solomon's croquet achievements Stephen Mulliner
353 Dec 2014 South of England Week (Eastbourne) Details of winners of the 7 competitions Roger Wood
353 Dec 2014 AGM and Council meeting (+ Diplomas) Chair -Tim King to replace Jeff Dawson; Treasurer - Peter Death follows Roger Bray Ian Vincent
352 Oct 2014 Challenge & Gilbey (Sussex CC) August A. Nigel Polhill; B. Peter Siddall; C. Roger Mills; D. Frances Colman Julie Horsley
352 Oct 2014 Two 'wrong ball' queries in GC The key to understanding the rule… Martin French
352 Oct 2014 The Eights Presidents (Burch); Chairman's (Dawson); Spencer-Ell (Holmes); TT (Berthouze) various
352 Oct 2014 Proposed Changes to CA Subscriptions An explanation of why and what changes are proposed in phase 1 of the plan Jeff Dawson
352 Oct 2014 Happy Days - club news High Wycombe; Bishop Monkton; Mid Suffolk various
352 Oct 2014 Grant for Nailsea Lawns All about grass Mike Tracy
352 Oct 2014 GC Selectors' Sixes 1st Six - Fulford. 2nd Six - Ormerod Tim King
352 Oct 2014 Cairo's Gezirah Club A view of croquet Egyptian style Fred Marsh
352 Oct 2014 All-England - AC (Colchester) and GC (Pendle) Graham Good won both events! Robert Upton & Chris Roberts
352 Oct 2014 AC Tournament round-up covering August - September. Champ of Surrey - Samir Patel various
352 Oct 2014 AC Championships North; East; South. Selectors (Mike Town) various
352 Oct 2014 English GC Singles & Super Doubles (Ryde) Ascot Cup (Mulliner). Beaudry & Dodge; Cheyne brothers all doubles winners Mulliner & King
352 Oct 2014 GC Inter-counties Middlesex win Bill Arliss
351 Aug 2014 Senior GC Tournaments Results from six events  
351 Aug 2014 2013 Accounts of the CA   Roger Bray
351 Aug 2014 AC Tournament round-up Details for June and July events various
351 Aug 2014 CA's International Performance Director Ian Burridge shares his plan Ian Burridge
351 Aug 2014 GC British Open Bamford denies Mulliner five in a row Rachel Rowe
351 Aug 2014 GC Euro Champs Rachel Rowe triumphs over Jonatan Anderson of Sweden  
351 Aug 2014 Home Internationals England win at Surbiton  
351 Aug 2014 Schools & Juniors (Nailsea) Oakham dominate Marcus Evans
351 Aug 2014 Seniors & Veterans Seniors (Hathrell); Vets (Cliff Jones); GC Seniors (Morrow) various
351 Aug 2014 AC British Open Fulford wins for record-equalling 10th time Paddy Chapman
351 Aug 2014 Men's & Women's James Death and Gabrielle Higgins on song  
351 Aug 2014 1914 Croquet gives way to War Look back at 100 years ago Chris Roberts
350 Jun 2014 Elite Hoop? CA's search for a more challenging hoop Martin French
350 Jun 2014 Club News Swindon (£40K funding) and Lodsworth's opening Mary Bedells & Alistair Proctor
350 Jun 2014 AC World Team champs Ireland win Tier 2.1; Spain win Tier 2.2; Austria won Tier 3 Stephen Mulliner
350 Jun 2014 AC Tournament round-up Details for April & May events various
350 Jun 2014 AC Inter-counties Glamorgan win Div 1 and Middlesex win Div 2 Sue Mackay
350 Jun 2014 AC Championships Coles (Bamford); Westerns (Burch); Peels (Morrow) various
350 Jun 2014 Senior GC Tournaments Lancs, Sidmouth, Surbiton, East Anglian, The Wiltshire various
349 Apr 2014 Going Green with the New GC Rules highlights of the changes Martin French
349 Apr 2014 Sport Relief 24-hour croquet Pendle & Craven's epic doubles match (Mar 21st) netting 464 points and £800+ Roger Schofield & Garry Wilson
349 Apr 2014 Atkins Quadway Hoop Challenging new hoops that break away from traditional design Paddy Chapman
349 Apr 2014 GC Handicap System Changes for 2014 Bill Arliss
349 Apr 2014 Crazy Croquet Players A view from Saneville USA Ivanna Leave
349 Apr 2014 CA Clubs Conferences Summary from 3 regional meetings Jeff Dawson
349 Apr 2014 Brits Abroad - South Africa The 2014 Western Province AC & GC Championships Carole Jackson
349 Apr 2014 As well as croquet, Ice Skate The career of Diana Stevens, figure skater, coach and judge Richard Stevens
349 Apr 2014 Three Historic Tournaments Why not enter the Peels, Challenge & Gilbey or South of England week? Chris Roberts
348 Feb 2014 New Zealand win The MacRoberston Shield The hosts won with 3 tests, England 2, Australia 1, USA 0  
348 Feb 2014 How wide is a croquet ball? analysis, including double targets Nick Parish
348 Feb 2014 Corfu or the Algarve Escape to the Sun Chris Roberts & Martin French
348 Feb 2014 CA Fees - The Case for Change the time has come Jeff Dawson
348 Feb 2014 Bright, Competitive, but not Athletic The problem with Top Player recruitment Martin French
348 Feb 2014 News from Great Bedwyn, Cheam, Little Gaddesdon inc co-existence with bowls at Cheam various
348 Feb 2014 News from Liverpool, Cheltenham, Kenilworth inc hospitality events at Kenilworth various
347 Dec 2013 AGM of the CA (October) including CA Award winners (Steel, Apps, Spiers). Council Medals (Arliss & Bray) Ian Vincent
347 Dec 2013 Club Awards Nottingham (Millennium); Fylde & West Worthing (Apps); Rother Valley (Townsend)  
347 Dec 2013 Indoor Croquet at Soham Description of equipment; AC format and handicapping Duncan Hector
347 Dec 2013 Ripon Spa 20th Anniversary History and profile of club at Ripon Spa Hotel Maggie Cowman
347 Dec 2013 CA Diploma Awards Citations (and photo) for the 14 recipients  
347 Dec 2013 GC Inter-club and B-level winners Ryan Cabble stars for Dulwich. Ian Norris first B-level champion Simon Carter; Chris Roberts
347 Dec 2013 The Day I Went to Pendle Visiting Pendle & Craven for tow entertaining days croquet Jonathan Toye
347 Dec 2013 Peeling Rover Ten ways in which it can go horribly wrong William Ormerod
347 Dec 2013 Coaching Column Reminders about - Coach of Year, CA Shop books, 2014 courses, one-ball. Roger Staples
347 Dec 2013 Dennis Shaw at 91 Founder of Ramsgate Club (1983) Trevor Longman
347 Dec 2013 GC Rules How GC rules are made and a new edition? Martin French
347 Dec 2013 MacRobertson Shield 2014 Preview of next 4-way contest (NZ January). Teams. Ian Burridge
347 Dec 2013 AC Inter-Clubs Championships Colchester (IC); Nottingham (MR); Woking (Longman); Nottingham (SS)  
347 Dec 2013 News from Clubs and Schools West Buckland; Wells Palace; Chelmsford; Bishop Monkton (drainage)  
347 Dec 2013 South of England Championship Won by Jamie Birch. Jack Wicks won Plate Roger Wood
347 Dec 2013 The Mac - The Pressure Reflections on the dramatic final day in Aug 2010 at Nottingham vs NZ Keith Aiton
347 Dec 2013 The Mac - The Rich History History from 1925 to the present day John Prince
347 Dec 2013 International Development Squad Why has it been formed, who's on it and how's it doing. Ian Burridge
346 Nov 2013 East Midlands - hot-bed for GC growth inc C-level GC, Veterans' and mixed-ability Doubles (Nott'm, Ashby, Woodhall) Eileen Buxton
346 Nov 2013 Hoop & Ball Measurement Simple device designed to measure both hoop width and ball diameter John Alabaster
346 Nov 2013 GB vs CAI GB see off CAI challenge (Aug in Cheltenham) by 10-2 Marcus Evans
346 Nov 2013 Have Your Say! CA Chairman Jeff Dawson promotes upcoming Club Conferences Jeff Dawson
346 Nov 2013 Two out of three for CA teams Lost to Swiss CA (7-11); beat Scots 15-12; beat Irish 17-7  
346 Nov 2013 Taking a Break from GC Describes and enthuses about the transition from GC to AC Nick Mounfield
346 Nov 2013 Saving Norwich Council cuts result in move to 'redundant' bowls green. Also joint use of 2nd lawn Peter Scott
346 Nov 2013 The Eights President's at Ryde (Samir Patel). Chairman's at Parkstone (Pete Trimmer)  
346 Nov 2013 The Eights Spencer Ell (Gabrielle Higgins), Treasurer's (Matt Holmes), Selectors (Paul Smith)  
346 Nov 2013 Super-Advanced Rules SA explained by Vincent and commented upon by Beard Ian Vincent & Kevin Beard
346 Nov 2013 AC Tournament Round-up covering July, August and September club events  
346 Nov 2013 Top Golf Croquet Ascot Cup (Will Gee); Musk's Cup (Harry Dodge); Yorkshire Open (Jacob Carr) Vitty, King
346 Nov 2013 Coaching Corner Indoor croquet, Laws revision. Encouraging positive approach when coaching Roger Staples; Mo Boys
346 Nov 2013 Lawn Care Dealing with 'thatch' and moss. Turf-care services. Duncan Hector
346 Nov 2013 The Maths of Matches Fairness in using either best-of-three or five games at top level events Kevin Carter
346 Nov 2013 GC Tournament Round-up Counties; All-England HC; Centre Stage; Grass Roots  
345 Sep 2013 How CA Spends Your Money Detailed breakdown of expenditure and looking to the future Jeff Dawson
345 Sep 2013 GC Tournaments Wiltshire Open (Dickson); Chelt'm (Tibble); Ramsgate; Nottingham; Ashby; Ryde  
345 Sep 2013 Solomon Trophy GB retains Solomon Trophy at Hunstanton (August) Samir Patel
345 Sep 2013 CA Development Grants (how they are helping clubs) Plymouth; Kenilworth; Swindon  
345 Sep 2013 AC World Championships (London clubs) August Won by Robert Fletcher (Aus), r/u Paddy Chapman. Pete Trimmer
345 Sep 2013 Schools report Eton College scene (at Phyllis Court). Nottingham Boys and Girls HS.  
345 Sep 2013 Publicity What we can do to raise profile of croquet Quiller Barrett
345 Sep 2013 Mulliner wins GC Open Champ SNM beat Reg Bamford 7-3, 7-5 at Budleigh in June Tim King
345 Sep 2013 AC Tournaments (inc Bamford's 10th Open Success) Cumbria; Sussex Counties; Veterans; East Mids (Fulford); Men's & Women's  
345 Sep 2013 99th Inter-Counties at Southwick Notts win Div 1; Suffolk win Div 2 Sue Mackay
345 Sep 2013 You are the Ref (GC or AC) In Doubles both partners play their balls simultaneously Arliss & Vincent
345 Sep 2013 Oxford Croquet Oxford University beat Cambridge 9-0. Not so in 1963 Charles Townshend
344 Jun 2013 Cuppers' at Oxford University Lessons to be learnt where 2000 students take part Will Gee
344 Jun 2013 Charity One-ball Competition £3400 raised for Prostate Cancer charity Kevin Carter
344 Jun 2013 WCF Golf Croquet World Championship (Cairo) Bamford wins in dramatic style to become double world champion Martin French
344 Jun 2013 Schools Round-up Pappleworth Prep, Nottingham High, Oakham, Magdalen College school Frances Colman & Chris Roberts
344 Jun 2013 Tournament Reports Hunstanton, Peels, Sidmouth, welsh GC, Surbiton GC Open, Women's GC (Ripon)  
344 Jun 2013 Focus on Hamptworth From the start (Richard Stevens) to tournaments (Richard Jenkins)  
344 Jun 2013 The Trial GC Wrong-ball Law Reply to letters Bill Arliss
344 Jun 2013 Coaching Corner Croquet Gymkhana Anna Giraud
344 Jun 2013 Stellar work at Star College Croquet for those with learning difficulties and brain injuries Richard Brand
343 Apr 2013 What has the CA ever done for us? Ten areas where the CA has helped with grants Quiller Barrett
343 Apr 2013 Editorial Chris Roberts takes over as editor from Gail Curry Chris Roberts
343 Apr 2013 WCF GC World Championship (Cairo Apr 2013) Preview (Stephen Mulliner). Cheyne Gang  
343 Apr 2013 Croquet goes to School Activities and Initiatives around the country to involve Young Players Chris Roberts, Rachel Rowe
343 Apr 2013 Laws -you are the Referee IV Jump-shot hitting Clip Ian Vincent & Bill Arliss
343 Apr 2013 Taking Croquet to India Dave Underhill and Klim Seabright at CFI Coaching Camp & Championship Klim Seabright
343 Apr 2013 A Mind-set for Croquet (Part 2) Further advice around positive thinking James Hopgood
343 Apr 2013 Club Awards Rother Valley, Fylde & West Worthing, Nottingham Peter Death
342 Feb 2013 A Mind-set for Croquet (Part 1) Sports Psychology techniques James Hopgood
342 Feb 2013 GC World Team Champs (Johannesburg Nov 2012) won by Egypt, with New Zealand runners-up Stephen Mulliner
342 Feb 2013 Shock, Horror, Probe Tips for Tournament Reporting Chris Roberts
342 Feb 2013 Awards 2012 Apps, Steel, Spiers trophies. Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum (merit awards) Brian Shorney
342 Feb 2013 One-Ball Tactics The Ten Commandments David Mooney
342 Feb 2013 Laws -you are the Referee IV Striking Fault on the Back-swing Ian Vincent & Bill Arliss
342 Feb 2013 Club News Shrewsbury, Ember, Bela Romao (Portugal), Belsay (website)  
342 Feb 2013 In Conversation with Chris Williams   Gail Curry
342 Feb 2013 Improving your Croquet Photography   Chris Roberts
341 Dec 2012 CA National Events All England AC HC (C Martin, 1); All England GC HC (Tobi Savage) John Deeth; Frances Colman
341 Dec 2012 National Club Finals (AC) Longman (Roehampton, 1); Mary Rose (Hurlingham, 1); Inter-club (Cheltenham) George Noble
341 Dec 2012 Club News - Phyllis Court 'Olympic' Croquet; Eton College finals; B-level GC (won by Raymond Wood) Chris Roberts
341 Dec 2012 Association Croquet 'Eights' Selectors', Nottingham (Matt Holmes) Richard Huxley
341 Dec 2012 Association Croquet 'Eights' Spencer Ell, Southport (Dave Kibble, 1); Treasurer's, Hunstanton (Craig Oakley) Dave Kibble
341 Dec 2012 Association Croquet 'Eights' President's, Colchester (Rob Fulford, 1); Chairman's, Ramsgate (Nick Mounfield) Richard Smith
341 Dec 2012 Croquet Academy 2013 Programme Outline of 11 courses planned at Southwick in 2013 Jonathan Isaacs
341 Dec 2012 Women's World AC Championship (Melbourne) Jenny Clarke (NZ) bt Alison Sharpe (Aus). Analyses UK women's competitiveness. Beatrice McGlen & Ailsa Lines
341 Dec 2012 Report of Council Hurlingham 20/10.Including Awards & Diplomas. Ian Vincent
341 Dec 2012 AGM Minutes AGM at Hurlingham 20 October Ian Vincent
341 Dec 2012 CA National Events GC Centre Stage (Philip Wood); GC Grass Roots (Tony Newport) Geoff Johnson
340 Oct 2012 Tournament Round-up (July) Ashby GC Open; Nailsea B-class; Colchester; Pendle; Wrest Park A various
340 Oct 2012 GC Tactics (extract) Some uses of (remaining) extra turns ETs Michael Hague
340 Oct 2012 Laws -you are the Referee III AC Forestalling. GC Half-way Law. Ian Vincent & Bill Arliss
340 Oct 2012 Club News Cheltenham; Southport; Nottingham; Fromus; Ipswich Part 2 various
340 Oct 2012 Tournament Round-up (May-June) Newport; Roehampton; Colchester; Crake Valley; Watford; Letchworth various
340 Oct 2012 Golf Croquet Inter-Counties Sussex County 15-16 Sept. 1-2-3 Kent - Oxon - Leics Bill Arliss
340 Oct 2012 CA Events Challenge & Gilbey (Budleigh, 1); GB vs Ireland (Carrickmines, 1); CA vs SCA (M'bro) various
340 Oct 2012 CA Events Veteran's (Sussex, 1); CA vs Swiss; Seniors' (Budleigh) various
340 Oct 2012 Coaching Corner Adjusting the Peg. Playing wrong ball (start of game) Roger Staples
339 Aug 2012 Tournament Round-up (May) Letchworth HC. Wrest Park HC. Pendle B-level. East Anglian GC. IOW Champs various
339 Aug 2012 Club News West Worthing. West Buckland. Malta. Cheam. Ripon Spa. Littlehampton. various
339 Aug 2012 New Federation Golf Croquet Events The Southern Challenge (Sussex). East Midlands C-class Tournament Bill Arliss & Eileen Buxton
339 Aug 2012 The Colours of Croquet Balls Technical recommendations based on the Natural Colour System NCS Lawrence Whittaker
339 Aug 2012 Open Championships (Cheltenham July) Reg Bamford beat Rob Fulford to win the Opens James Hopgood
339 Aug 2012 2012 Inter-Counties Nottinghamshire Div 1 and Berkshire & Oxfordshire Div 2 Elizabeth Larsson
339 Aug 2012 Tournament Round-up (May) Hunstanton. Budleigh Week. Winchester 1-Ball. Tunbridge Wells (GC) various
339 Aug 2012 Coaching Corner Will Gee's Tips for Beginners Roger Staples
339 Aug 2012 Grounds Advice Controlling Moss Duncan Hector
339 Aug 2012 Points of View Croket and snooquer Pete Trimmer
339 Aug 2012 Laws -you are the Referee II GC: Halfway Law. AC: Wiring Lifts Ian Vincent & Bill Arliss
338 Jun 2012 Tournament Round-up Cheltenham (Coles); Bowdon. various
338 Jun 2012 Inside Council Development Grants; International Funds; CA Reserves Jeff Dawson
338 Jun 2012 The 13th WCF AC World Championship (Adelaide) Reg Bamford retains title (Rob Fletcher r/u); Mark Avery (plate) James Hopgood
338 Jun 2012 Window on The World Croquet Federation Mar-Apr events: preparations for Worlds; Inaugural Women's Worlds (Oct) Martin French
338 Jun 2012 Club News Southchurch Park; Jarrow u3a; Oxford U Cuppers various
338 Jun 2012 Coaching Corner Etiquette when double-banked. Faults (Law 28) Roger Staples
338 Jun 2012 Golf Croquet Skills Shot selection and execution Dave Kibble
338 Jun 2012 The Croquet Academy The first five years Jonathan Isaacs
338 Jun 2012 Laws -you are the Referee I What happens after a striking fault in (a) AC and (b) GC Ian Vincent & Bill Arliss
338 Jun 2012 2012 Survey of Croquet Players Report Ominous trends... Kevin Carter
338 Jun 2012 The 2011 Accounts The Treasurer's Report Roger Bray
338 Jun 2012 Tournament Round-up Surbiton; Pendle; Colchester; Parsons Green, Sidmouth; Middlesbrough various
337 Apr 2012 WCF World Championships (Apr-May) Adelaide Preview of the Worlds Chris Clarke
337 Apr 2012 Club News Ipswich (new home). Bear of Rodborough. Cornwall. Worthing. various
337 Apr 2012 Window on The World Croquet Federation Jan - Feb events Martin French
337 Apr 2012 Points of View Comparative Skills (eg comparing croquet with other games) Pete Trimmer
337 Apr 2012 Reflections on Croquet in Wonderland (Part 2) - Laurence Latham
337 Apr 2012 Lawn Advice Creation and Maintenance of two fine lawns at Letchworth Duncan Hector
337 Apr 2012 News from Coaching Committee Frances Low (Coach of the Year) and Ian Lines (Lifetime Award) Roger Staples
336 Feb 2012 Lawn Renovation at Cheltenham Bent or Rye - what the Fescue are you talking about? David Magee
336 Feb 2012 Reflections on Croquet in Wonderland (Part 1) - Laurence Latham
336 Feb 2012 Club News Bowdon Centenary. Catenay (France) various
336 Feb 2012 In conversation with Rachel Rowe Rachel became World GC champion in 2011 Tim King
335 Dec 2011 AGM Minutes Held at Hurlingham 15 October Ian Vincent
335 Dec 2011 The Spencer Ell (Ryde, Sept) Winner Martin Murray, r/u Graham Gale and Duncan Hector Dave Kibble
335 Dec 2011 Chairman's Salver (Surbiton Sept) Winner James Hopgood; runners-up Mark Avery, Jeff Dawson, Samir Patel James Hopgood
335 Dec 2011 In Conversation with ... Andrew Hope and Martin Murray - Part 2 Eileen Magee
335 Dec 2011 4th Women's World GC Championship (NZ) Won by Rachel Rowe, with Jenny Clarke runner-up (at Maunganui) Freda Vitty
335 Dec 2011 Awards & Citations, presented at AGM Council Medal to George Noble. Coach of Year to Michael Lester (Budleigh)  
334 Oct 2011 2nd U21 Golf Croquet World Championship Won by Moustafa Nezar, r/u Pauline Salib Ian Burridge
334 Oct 2011 President's Cup, Nottingham Sept Won by Rob Fulford (Burch and Maugham equal runners-up) Ian Vincent
334 Oct 2011 In Conversation with ... Andrew Hope and Martin Murray - Part 1 Eileen Magee
334 Oct 2011 Croquet in Austria (Wolkersdorf) Austrian Open alternates between Salzburg and Wolkersdorf Robert Moss
334 Oct 2011 Club News Northampton at 25. Ripon GC 24hr. Ipswich fund-raising. Ivychurch profile various
334 Oct 2011 2011 Bestinvest WCF GC World Championship Mark McInerney bt Ahmed Nasr in final at Hurlingham Stephen Mulliner
334 Oct 2011 Tournament Round-up Parkswig; NW Fed Champs; Compton; Ramsgate; Southport various
333 Aug 2011 Tournament Round-up Pendle B; Colchester HC; Bowdon A; Tyneside HC various
333 Aug 2011 Introduction of Croquet to England Maybe not from Ireland after all - perhaps the Channel Islands? A Jersey Sleuth
333 Aug 2011 Club News Kenilworth (Midlands GC); Swindon (Fforde Ffiesta); Edgbaston (RIP Ash)  
333 Aug 2011 Home Internationals (Heaton Park) England (3), Ireland (2), Scotland (1), Wales (0) Ian Lines
333 Aug 2011 Inter-Counties (Southwick & Compton) Somerset won the 97th Inter-Counties with 100% record Sue Mackay
333 Aug 2011 The Vera McWeeney Trophy CA England vs CA Ireland, played at Fylde, retained by England Paul Rigge
333 Aug 2011 The Open Championships (Surbiton) Reg Bamford beat Rob Fulford for the Singles. Reg & Rutger won Doubles Samir Patel
333 Aug 2011 Tournament Round-up Hunstanton GC Inter-counties; Hamptworth A; Bristol B various
333 Aug 2011 Solomon Trophy (Hamptworth) USA 11 beat GB 6 to retain the trophy Phil Cordingley
332 Jun 2011 The CA Accounts Year ended Dec 2010 Roger Bray
332 Jun 2011 Growth and Recruitment in the CA Summary and comments on initial survey; competitivity; AC and GC Kevin Carter
332 Jun 2011 GC Coaching - Extra Turns Tactics in using ETs in GC Michael Hague
332 Jun 2011 Tournament Round-up Cheltenham, Bowdon, Letchworth, Winchester 1-ball, Colchester, Budleigh various
332 Jun 2011 Cheque replacement What this will mean for the CA Liz Larsson
332 Jun 2011 Who is Sylvia? Memorable lady characters encountered (mainly at Cheltenham) Paul Hands
331 Apr 2011 Speed Golf croquet Speed GC tried at Cheltenham (10 mins/pair), run by Kevin Ham Klim Seabright
331 Apr 2011 Tips for Coaches (4) Overload training: straight rushing (race track) David Mooney
331 Apr 2011 Club News Nottingham, Stony Stratford, Ramsgate, Fylde various
331 Apr 2011 GC Coaching - tactics Taking position Robert Fulford
331 Apr 2011 Who is George Mills? Author of 'King Willow' Plus his sisters Agnes & Violet, part of a famous croquet era (1940s-70s) Sam Williams
331 Apr 2011 Tournament Regulations Revisions for 2011. Types of Ref and duties. Appeals Ian Vincent
331 Apr 2011 Mallets and Maintenance Design, materials, facings, handles/grips Alan Pidcock
331 Apr 2011 Indoor Croquet at Soham Speed 14-point AC doubles described Duncan Hector
331 Apr 2011 GB no more in the MacRobertson Shield England, rather than GB, will now contest the Mac Ian Lines
330 Feb 2011 View from the Bar (Notts List) GC with Egyptian balls? Adv HC croquet. Quotes from William Ormerod... Nick Parish
330 Feb 2011 Budleigh Salterton lawn improvements   Charles Townshend
330 Feb 2011 Surbiton Irrigation System Description of major works (by Rainmaker) helped by CA grant George Noble
330 Feb 2011 Club News Northampton, Beverley, Dulwich (and 'Croquet East') various
330 Feb 2011 Golf Croquet Laws, Handicapping and Refereeing Summary of changes and rulings in preparation for 2011 season Bill Arliss
330 Feb 2011 In Conversation with Dennis Moorcraft Includes reminiscences of many famous croquet 'characters' at Cheltenham Eileen Magee
330 Feb 2011 Roehampton Club at 110 History, recovery, rebuilding and hosting the MacRob Peter Siddall
329 Dec 2010 Treasurer's Tankard Ryde (joint winners Graham Gale & Richard Griffiths) Cliff Jones
329 Dec 2010 Selectors' Weekend Southport (winner Lee Hartley, r/u Alan Mayne) David Mooney
329 Dec 2010 Centre Stage National Final Golf Croquet Final (Letchworth) - winner Roger Wood, r/u Chris Roberts Gill Brent
329 Dec 2010 Tournament Round-up East Dorset 50+; Challenge & Gilbey; Letchworth A; Ramsgate B;  
329 Dec 2010 Spencer Ell Sidmouth (winner Jonathan Hills, r/u Campbell Morrison) Dave Kibble
329 Dec 2010 Chairman's Salver Hunstanton (winner Jamie Burch; r/u Chris Williams) James Hopgood
329 Dec 2010 President's Cup Hurlingham (winner Rob Fulford, r/u Ed Duckworth) Stephen Mulliner
329 Dec 2010 AGM Minutes includes Coach of Year, Council Medals and CA Diplomas Ian Vincent
329 Dec 2010 View from the Bar (Notts List) Seeding after initial Blocks; 'duplicate croquet') Nick Parish
328 Oct 2010 WCF World Team Championship Tier 3 (Southwick) - won by Czech Republic  
328 Oct 2010 Club News Bury CC - renovation of Lawns at Coronation Park Margaret Anderton
328 Oct 2010 Points of View - GC Referees (again) Response to Michael Hague (letter in June) Bill Arliss
328 Oct 2010 MacRobertson Shield 2010 Bowdon and Heaton Park Tests James Hawkins
328 Oct 2010 MacRobertson Shield 2010 Captains' Overview - GB Keith Aiton
328 Oct 2010 MacRobertson Shield 2010 Captains' Overview - USA Jeff Soo
328 Oct 2010 MacRobertson Shield 2010 Captains' Overview - NZ ; Summary of Results Aaron Westerby
328 Oct 2010 WCF World Team Championship Tier 2, Division 2 (won by Scotland) Martin Murray
328 Oct 2010 View from the Bar (Notts List) Biggest Upsets; Cheap croquet; Super-Advanced Rules Nick Parish
328 Oct 2010 The Jiminy Wicket Story Garden Croquet that helps dementia sufferers and their families James Creasey
328 Oct 2010 Tournament Round-up Colchester HC; Woking GC; Sidmouth; Crake Valley A; Hamptworth B various
328 Oct 2010 Tournament Round-up Bristol B; Hunstanton 50+; Pendle A; Compton; Nottingham Week; London GC various
328 Oct 2010 Tournament Round-up Sussex AS Doubles; Colchester 50+; Hamptworth HC various
328 Oct 2010 WCF World Team Championship Tier 2, Division 1 (won by Wales) Ian Burridge
327 Aug 2010 AGM - Notice of Meeting Oct Agenda; proposed changes to Constitution; ballot paper Ian Vincent
327 Aug 2010 Tournament Round-up Bath; Student Champs (Ox); Tyneside various
327 Aug 2010 Tournament Round-up Bowdon; Hunstanton; Ramsgate; Middlesbrough; Bristol; Surbiton; Pendle; Southport various
327 Aug 2010 Club News East Dorset (John Lonsdale). Rother Valley (Bill Arliss) various
327 Aug 2010 2010 Inter-Counties Somerset Div 1, Dorset Div 2 Sue Mackay
327 Aug 2010 Tips for Coaches 3 Basic Rushing David Mooney
327 Aug 2010 Coaching Rule 12 Give a boundary ball a friend David Appleton
327 Aug 2010 Complete Croquet A Guide to Skills, Tactics and Strategy (James Hawkins), reviewed David Appleton
327 Aug 2010 View from the Bar (Notts List) Rules and etiquette after Ref called. Rush lines Nick Parish
327 Aug 2010 Men's & Women's (Budleigh) James Death (Men's); Gabrielle Higgins (Women's) Patricia Duke-Cox
327 Aug 2010 The Opens (Cheltenham) Singles - Reg Bamford. Keith Aiton - Plate. Doubles unfinished Andrew Gregory
326 Jun 2010 MacRobertson Shield 2010 Information Dates & Venues; Teams; Past facts  
326 Jun 2010 Tournament News Peel Memorials Southport; Parson's Green 1-ball various
326 Jun 2010 Tournament News Woking B; West Sussex GC Littlehampton; Winchester 1-ball various
326 Jun 2010 Tournament News Surbiton; Cheltenham; Pendle; Southwick; Lancashire GC; Southport A various
326 Jun 2010 CA and safeguarding vulnerable groups Child Protection Officer (CPO) role Jean Hargreaves
326 Jun 2010 View from the Bar (Notts List) International intrigue (AC Women's Worlds; Chris Clarke and WCF) Nick Parish
326 Jun 2010 Tips for Coaches 2 Striking & Stalking David Mooney
326 Jun 2010 Complete Croquet Process involved in writing the book James Hawkins
326 Jun 2010 Points of View - GC Referees Advice on preparation for qualification Michael Hague
325 Apr 2010 View from the Bar (Notts List) Discussions around World team Championships (viz 'parts of UK') Nick Parish
325 Apr 2010 Golf Croquet Laws How and why the detailed GC Laws are drafted Bill Arliss
325 Apr 2010 Mentoring and Bursary Schemes Information on both these new CA schemes Lawrence Whittaker; Tim King
325 Apr 2010 Ashby's 3rd Lawn at Moira Miners Details of the procedure, from CASC through Grants to completion Mike Haytack
325 Apr 2010 Our Sporting Life First of 100 National Sporting Life Exhibitions opens in Henley  
325 Apr 2010 CA Accounts for 2009 Comments on the Accounts, I & E, Balance Sheet and Notes Roger Bray
325 Apr 2010 News from Swanage Club Established in 2005 at Swanage Cricket Club, now 85 members (GC) Roy Smith
324 Feb 2010 Club Websites Short overview of some of the better websites Charles Waterfield
324 Feb 2010 Coaching: Round-up from the Croquet Academy The Academy completes second year. New Courses for 1010 Jonathan Isaacs
324 Feb 2010 Tips for Coaches 1 Basics of coaching and of straight rushing (or clearing in GC) David Mooney
324 Feb 2010 Equipment - hoop clamp Modified Oakley Woods (Rodoni) clamp for inserting hoops Martin French & Martin Leach
324 Feb 2010 Grant-awarding Bodies Guidance to clubs from Development Committee Pat Kennett
324 Feb 2010 Points of View Concerning the application of bisques in Golf Croquet Bill Arliss
324 Feb 2010 Croquet for the Disabled Crocks' GC Championship at Sudbury CC Sept 2009 Paul Strover
324 Feb 2010 Solomon Trophy 2009 GB vs USA at Mission Hills CA (10-9 to USA) Ian Burridge
324 Feb 2010 Women's World Golf Croquet Championships Victoria Croquet Centre, Cairnlea, Australia (winner Alix Verge (AUS)) Geraldine Trivett
324 Feb 2010 Golf Croquet in Corfu 1st Open Greek GC Championship Michael Hague
324 Feb 2010 Council Meeting Report on meeting 23 January at Hurlingham Ian Vincent
324 Feb 2010 MacRobertson Shield Background information and details of 2010 Event Colin Irwin
323 Dec 2009 British Opens at Hurlingham, July 2009 Singles - Beijderwellen. Doubles - Burridge & Kirby Marcus Evans
323 Dec 2009 Merit Awards 2009 Bronze (11), Silver (7), Gold (1) awards  
323 Dec 2009 Development News Lawn improvement works carried out at Sussex, Sidmouth, Woking various
323 Dec 2009 Awards & Diplomas Steel, Apps, Coaching and CA Diplomas presented at AGM  
323 Dec 2009 New President's Intro Quiller Barrett taking over from Bernard Neal  
323 Dec 2009 AGM Minutes Minutes of the CA AGM Hurlingham 17 October Ian Vincent
323 Dec 2009 Diary of a CA Committee Chairman Activities on behalf of Development Committee Pat Kennett
323 Dec 2009 Points of View Handicapping in Golf Croquet Zoe Hawkins
322 Oct 2009 Chairman's Salver (2nd Eight) Colchester. Winner Tony Le Moignan, R/U Ian Lines Jeff Dawson
322 Oct 2009 Points of View Differences between AC and GC Tournament Championships Bill Arliss
322 Oct 2009 Puzzle Croquet Is Puzzle Croquet a Solution for Coaching and Marketing? Lowen Clarke
322 Oct 2009 President's Cup (1st Eight) East Dorset. Winner Rob Fulford, R/U Stephen Mulliner Jonathan Kirby
322 Oct 2009 Spencer Ell Cup (3rd Eight) Southport. Winner Martin Murray, R/U Dave Mundy Tony Thomas
322 Oct 2009 Treasurer's Tankard (4th Eight) Budleigh Salterton. Winner Dave Kibble, R/U James Hopgood Ian Vincent
322 Oct 2009 Reports & Results Middlesbrough 1-ball; Norwich HC; Fylde Mexico Trophy; Rodborough GC Dbls various
322 Oct 2009 Reports & Results Compton Summer Tmt; Wrest Park A; Pendle midweek; Ramsgate HC various
322 Oct 2009 Reports & Results GC Inter-Counties; Seniors; Tunbridge Wells Super B; Colchester Midweek various
322 Oct 2009 Reports & Results Compton Open; Southport B; Wrest Park A various
322 Oct 2009 Merit Awards 2009 Latest recipients (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum)  
322 Oct 2009 Selectors' Weekend Surbiton. 1st Brian Fisk, 2nd Kevin Carter, 3rd Gabrielle Higgins Kevin Carter
322 Oct 2009 Eights Statistics from the CA's Archivist Chris Williams
321 Aug 2009 Croquet takes to the High Seas Launch tournament on the Celebrity Equinox cruise liner's lawn Jonathan Isaacs
321 Aug 2009 AGM Notice Hurlingham Sat 17th Oct 2009  
321 Aug 2009 Election Addresses; Ballot Paper Quiller Barrett, David Openshaw; two Constitutional Changes  
321 Aug 2009 Coaching (from The Mallet) The Art of the Take-off Michael Heap
321 Aug 2009 Reports & Results Men's & Women's; Inter-Counties; Nailsea; Ramsgate; Tyneside; Ryde various
321 Aug 2009 Around the Clubs Parkstone; Leighton-Linslade; Kenilworth; Littlehampton various
320 Jun 2009 WCF World Championships May 9-17 NCC, Palm Beach, Florida Gail Curry
320 Jun 2009 Tournaments Budleigh, Colchester, Peels, Kenilworth, Compton, Woking, Middlesbrough, Pendle various
320 Jun 2009 Coaching Winning, not Losing Part 2 (1966) Colin Irwin
320 Jun 2009 Talking Croquet Part 3 Interview with Prof Alan Pidcock Gail Curry
320 Jun 2009 2008 Accounts Comments on the Accounts Roger Bray
320 Jun 2009 Laws New Edition of ORLC  
320 Jun 2009 Recruitment Secret Weapon Helped Treble Club's Membership Richard Field
319 Apr 2009 Coaching Breakbuilder for Middle bisquers Keith Aiton
319 Apr 2009 Coaching Helpful Hints (from Issue 239 1995) Don Gaunt
319 Apr 2009 Tournaments Cheltenham, Jersey, Lancashire GC, Astroturf 09, Surbiton  
319 Apr 2009 Arlif Pool An Alternative History of Croquet's Origins Klim Seabright
319 Apr 2009 The Lighter Side of Croquet The Croquet Diary of an Improving Player Anon of Bedfordshire
319 Apr 2009 Council Report 28 March   Ian Vincent
319 Apr 2009 Angmering C C Located at Ham Manor Golf Club, Sussex David Vallis
319 Apr 2009 Llanfairfechan & North Wales C C New Clubhouse project Jack Pattenden
319 Apr 2009 Coaching Winning, not Losing Part 1 (1966) Colin Irwin
318 Feb 2009 Golf Croquet Review 2008   Bill Arliss
318 Feb 2009 Merit Awards 2008 Pt Au Ag and Bronze winners 2008 John Handy
318 Feb 2009 Tyneside Silver Jubilee Jubilee Bash at Lord Mayor's pad Alison Heyward-Hill
318 Feb 2009 Centenary of Carrickmines tournament   Simon Watkins
318 Feb 2009 The Croquet Academy News from Southwick Jonathan Isaacs
318 Feb 2009 Report of Council Meeting at Hurlingham 24 Jan 2009 Ian Vincent
318 Feb 2009 Super-Advanced Play Laws Revisions for 3-lift variant Ian Vincent
318 Feb 2009 Recruitment To encourage or not discourage Marketing Committee
318 Feb 2009 Talking Croquet Part 2 Croquet Art and Memorabilia (interview with Tremaine Arkley) David Appleton
317 Dec 2008 Golf Croquet 2nd Eight Tunbridge Wells (Aug); won by Nick Butler Freda Vitty
317 Dec 2008 CA Selection Event Results - Eights President's, Chairman's, Spencer Ell, Treasurer's various
317 Dec 2008 Laws Committee Tournament Regs (Extra turns and Bisques) Ian Vincent
317 Dec 2008 Talking Croquet Part 1 Interview with Tremaine Arkley David Appleton
317 Dec 2008 AGM Minutes inc Diplomas, Council Award (Trotman), Coaching, Secretary's Shield Ian Vincent
317 Dec 2008 New Chairman - Patricia Duke-Cox Interview with P D-K by Gail Curry Gail Curry
316 Oct 2008 Ball Marking Guide to Good Practice Ian Vincent
316 Oct 2008 New Books by John Riches & Wayne Davies Openings. Endgames Carolyn Ribone
316 Oct 2008 Tournament and Events (GC & AC) Round-up inc Egypt vs ROW, Musk Cup, Challenge & Gilbey, Easterns, et alia various
316 Oct 2008 CA Photo Library Guidance for contributors Samir Patel
316 Oct 2008 John Prescott A Favour Returned Michael Evans
316 Oct 2008 Publicity - What Success? Tyneside Croquet Club publicity drive Alan Thwaite
315 Aug 2008 Solomon Trophy GB beat USA 21-6 at Heaton Park July Liz Larsson & Ian Lines
315 Aug 2008 Coaching for Handicap Play Constructive bisque-taking Bernard Neal
315 Aug 2008 Tournament news Six Lawns (Hants); CA bt Swiss CA (Cheltenham) various
315 Aug 2008 Senior's Championship Southwick 14-19 July (winners; Don Gaunt, Jonathan Isaacs) Ian Vincent
315 Aug 2008 British Open Golf Croquet Championship (Delves cup) Nottingham 12-15 June (Reg Bamford) Stephen Mulliner
315 Aug 2008 Veteran's Championship Budleigh (winner Martin Granger Brown, r/u Don Gaunt) Hamish Hall
315 Aug 2008 British Open Championship Cheltenham 6-13 July (winner Rob Fulford, r/u Samir Patel)  
315 Aug 2008 Peary House, Tyneside Croquet for the Enabled David Turner
315 Aug 2008 Points of View Stop the 'Burridge Swiss' for block play? Pete Trimmer
315 Aug 2008 AGM Notice Ballot Paper and Election addresses of Council candidates Ian Vincent
315 Aug 2008 Croquet in Corfu Something a little different - croquet holiday and Greek Open Michael Hague
314 Jun 2008 Tournament news Winchester and Middlesbrough 1-balls, Jubilee Southport various
314 Jun 2008 Tournament news Cheltenham, NW Millennium, Lancashire GC, Pendle GC various
314 Jun 2008 Mexico Trophy Inaugural Southport vs Fylde contest (1886 Lifeboat disaster) Tony Thomas
314 Jun 2008 The 2008 Inter-Counties Zummerset wins Sue Mackay
314 Jun 2008 The Fun, the Feel, the Fell, the Photo Interview with Leo Nikora Bob Alman
314 Jun 2008 Croquet World online photo contest Launch of 3rd contest Bob Alman
314 Jun 2008 CA Accounts for 2007 Comments on the Accounts Roger Bray
314 Jun 2008 Tournament news Peels, Ramsgate A, Budleigh, East Dorset, Newcastle GC, Bowdon A various
313 Apr 2008 WCF World Golf Croquet Championships GC Worlds Cape Town March 2008 (winner Ahmed Nasr) Tim King
313 Apr 2008 Council Report Meeting held on 29 March Ian Vincent
313 Apr 2008 The Laws (AC) Double-taps and implications of high-speed photography Ian Vincent
313 Apr 2008 People in Croquet My Life in Croquet (so far) Liz Larsson
313 Apr 2008 Pendle & Craven Tournament A snowy scene; poem celebrating young Jacob Carr's win Alice Fleck
313 Apr 2008 Winter's Silver Lining How the Scottish CA came by some old trophies David Appleton
312 Feb 2008 Some Croquet Recollections   John Solomon
312 Feb 2008 Croquet Academy England's first Croquet Academy launched at Southwick CA Coaching Committee
312 Feb 2008 High-speed filming of Croquet shots   Jeff Dawson
312 Feb 2008 Laws of AC ILC amendments to Edition 6 Laws for start of 2008 season Ian Vincent
312 Feb 2008 CA Merit Awards 2007 Platinum, Gold, Silver & Bronze Award winners Bruce Rannie
312 Feb 2008 Dogmersfield CC A Short History Roger Barnacle
312 Feb 2008 Swiss Event Management Take the headache out of .... (simple Excel program) Peter Fry
312 Feb 2008 Barlow ceases croquet ball production The story from beginning to end Reg Bamford
312 Feb 2008 Coaching Notes V The Triple peel Keith Aiton
312 Feb 2008 2008 WCF World Championship NZ 2-10th Feb (United Christchurch) winner Chris Clarke Samir Patel
312 Feb 2008 Publicity for croquet   Jeff Dawson
312 Feb 2008 WCF Laws of Golf Croquet Details and explanations for changes in latest 2008 edition Bill Arliss
311 Dec 2007 The 2nd WCF World Golf Croquet Championship Imam El Farnsawi beat fellow Egyptian Marwa Moustafa Evan Newell
311 Dec 2007 All-England Handicap Final Winner: Barry Gould; R/U Robert Wilkinson Mike Porter
311 Dec 2007 Golf Croquet Inter-club Final Blewbury beat Ashby John Spiers
311 Dec 2007 Secretary's Shield Kington Langley beat Hamptworth John Grimshaw
311 Dec 2007 Mary Rose Pendle & Craven beat Surbiton John Bevington
311 Dec 2007 Treasurer's Tankard (4th Eight) Winner: Louise Bradforth; R/U Dave Trimmer Dave Trimmer
311 Dec 2007 Longman Cup Fylde beat Dyffryn  
311 Dec 2007 Inter-Counties Championship Firm Base for Determining Player Eligibility Bill Arliss
311 Dec 2007 New Venture at Rother Valley Short Croquet Challenge Peter Cole
311 Dec 2007 President's Cup (1st Eight) Winner: James Death; R/U Mulliner Rob Fulford
311 Dec 2007 CA Inter-club Final Bristol beat Bowdon Martin Murray
311 Dec 2007 Spencer Ell (3rd Eight) Winner: Ben Ashwell; R/Us Guest & Williams Chris Williams
311 Dec 2007 Coaching Notes IV Leaves Keith Aiton
311 Dec 2007 Coaching Awards Don Mears (AC) and Jennett Blake (GC)  
311 Dec 2007 CA Diplomas Members of Tyneside, Tunbridge Wells, Cheltenham, Southwick  
311 Dec 2007 Minutes 2007 AGM Hurlingham 13th October Klim Seabright
311 Dec 2007 Chairman's Salver (2nd Eight) Winner: Tony LeMoignan; R/U Evans  
310 Oct 2007 Coaching Notes III Openings Keith Aiton
310 Oct 2007 Accounts 2006 Comments on 2006 figures Roger Bray
310 Oct 2007 Northern Championship (Bowdon, Aug) Reg Bamford wins; Rutger second Andrew Winn
310 Oct 2007 Championship of Ireland Stephen Mulliner wins; Chris Patmore runner-up Stephen Mulliner
310 Oct 2007 Lawn Speeds Comparison of 35yard distance shots on various lawns Samir Patel
310 Oct 2007 The Musk Cup (GC) Ian Lines wins Tim King
310 Oct 2007 Coaching The Sweep Shot John Riches
310 Oct 2007 All-weather Practice? Equipment innovation for use in the back garden Alan Pidcock
310 Oct 2007 National GC Doubles (Surbiton, Aug) Ivor Brand & Richard Thompson win; Beck & Mooney 2nd Tim King
310 Oct 2007 Alan Oldham Memorial (GC Veterans) Won by Derek Old over Dick Strover Bill Arliss
310 Oct 2007 Cheltenham July Tournament Too much water and No water! Penny Crowe
310 Oct 2007 Mixed Doubles Championship (Surbiton, Aug) Jenny Williams & Chris Clarke win Jenny Williams
310 Oct 2007 Extreme conditions (British weather) Eccleshall and Tyneside tell of their woes John Jeffrey & Derek Trotman
309 Jun 2007 Inter-Counties Championship May 26-29 Hat-trick of wins for Nottinghamshire Sue Mackay
309 Jun 2007 Survey of Croquet Players Summary Report (and comparisons with 2002 Survey) Kevin Carter
309 Jun 2007 Tournament Round-up Southport A; Hunstanton 50+; Veterans; Ramgate GC various
309 Jun 2007 CA vs CA Ireland (Juniors) Report from County Wicklow Patricia Duke-Cox
309 Jun 2007 Coaching Notes II Break Play Keith Aiton
309 Jun 2007 Championship of Surrey Chris Clarke won (triples in all games played) Samir Patel
309 Jun 2007 National Student Championship (Oxford) Marcus Evans (Singles); Oxford (team); GC Enda Coyle (Dublin) Eugene Chang
309 Jun 2007 Egyptian GC coaching Ripon Spa Hotel Freda Vitty
309 Jun 2007 Beddow Cup Cup found, bought and returned to CA (now Inter-club trophy) Patricia Duke-Cox
308 Apr 2007 Tournament Round-up Surbiton Easter A & Apr HC; NW Fed A Heaton Park  
308 Apr 2007 Croquet Victoria Croquet Centre clubhouse finished in Australia George Latham
308 Apr 2007 Handicap Coaching 5 'Major Surgery' - break management James Hawkins
308 Apr 2007 Some recollections - 2 John Solomon John Solomon
308 Apr 2007 Coaching Notes I Technique and A-class players Keith Aiton
308 Apr 2007 Croquet goes to the races Promotion of croquet at Cheltenham Races Klim Seabright
308 Apr 2007 Coaching for HCs 1.5-5 How to reduce your HC to 2 David Openshaw
308 Apr 2007 The Liverpool Project - 3   James Hawkins
308 Apr 2007 Cober Hill Bury CC visit Cober Justin Brightmore
308 Apr 2007 Middlesbrough CC moves New venue at restored Albert Park Charles Waterfield
307 Feb 2007 Some recollections - 1 John Solomon John Solomon
307 Feb 2007 Eynsham Club Moving to a new ground (opened by David Cameron) Jennet Blake
307 Feb 2007 Fowey Croquet Club Club Profile & Croquet Song Rosemary Bradshaw
307 Feb 2007 New Mallet? Interview with David Barrett Gail Curry
307 Feb 2007 Reminiscent Roquets The changing face of Golf Croquet Bob Prichard
307 Feb 2007 Golf Croquet Review Review of 2006 and looking forward to 2007 Bill Arliss
307 Feb 2007 Swanage Croquet How it all began Roy Smith
307 Feb 2007 Croquet Winter Blues How to avoid them (at Bowdon) Francois Garcia
306 Dec 2006 Minutes of CA AGM Hurlingham Club 14 Oct 2006  
306 Dec 2006 MacRobertson Shield 2006 (Victoria, Australia) Summary Report of GB's wins over NZ, Aus and USA James Hawkins
306 Dec 2006 CA Merit Awards 2006 Pt, Au, Ag and Bronze awards Bruce Rannie
306 Dec 2006 CA Interclub Event Finals (Surbiton, Sep 30/Oct 1) I/C Surbiton, M/R Woking, Lgmn Pendle & Craven David Mooney
306 Dec 2006 Showcase Croquet at Royal Tunbridge Wells part of Sport 2006 multi-sport event for South East Jon Diamond
306 Dec 2006 President's Cup (October, Jersey) Rob Fulford takes sixth title Marcus Evans
306 Dec 2006 Secretary's Shield (Nottingham 26 Sept) Blewbury bt Beverley 4-3 Ian Vincent
306 Dec 2006 CA Diploma Winners 2006    
306 Dec 2006 Croquet at Brideshead? Charity Tournament at Castle Howard in August Charles Waterfield
305 Oct 2006 The Chocolate Croquet Connection Sir Macpherson Robertson or 'MacRobertson' Carter Moody
305 Oct 2006 Report from Council to the AGM   Ian Vincent
305 Oct 2006 Tournament Roundup Aug/Sep Events various
305 Oct 2006 Garden Croquet at Acton Scott Church Stretton club's temporary home Peter Dorke
305 Oct 2006 Selection Events The Musk Cup (Golf Croquet); Compton Chris Sheen
305 Oct 2006 Selection Events Selectors' Weekend (Sidmouth) David Mooney
305 Oct 2006 Selection Events Treasurer's Tankard (Surbiton) George Noble
305 Oct 2006 Selection Events Spencer Ell (Nailsea) Phil Cordingley
305 Oct 2006 Selection Events Chairman's Salver (Hunstanton) Ian Burridge
305 Oct 2006 Late arrivals at the Croquet Ball Apologies to I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue Sally Green
305 Oct 2006 Extracts from A Bibliographer's Casebook The Crowther-Smith Cartoons Saga David Drazin
304 Aug 2006 AC Coaching: Handicap Level, Part 4 Disaster Recovery James Hawkins
304 Aug 2006 Notification of AGM October 14th at Hurlingham  
304 Aug 2006 Prescott: Croquet's Greatest Friend? As viewed by Marketing Liz Larsson
304 Aug 2006 Tournament Roundup June-July Events, including below:  
304 Aug 2006 2006 British Open Championship Cheltenham, July (Fulford; Clarke & Fulford) Jenny Williams
304 Aug 2006 Italian Open GC Championship (Busto Arsizio, VA) Tim King and Jane Shorten John Spiers
304 Aug 2006 Scottish Open Meadows, Edinburgh (Openshaw) Chris Dent
304 Aug 2006 The Liverpool Project Part 2 also on croquetworld. com James Hawkins
303 Jun 2006 CA Accounts year end 2005 Detailed Accounts and commentary for 2005 Roger Bray
303 Jun 2006 AC Coaching: Handicap Level, Part 3 Mid-break Tactics James Hawkins
303 Jun 2006 Club Focus: Wrest Park   John Bevington
303 Jun 2006 Tournament Roundup May-June events  
303 Jun 2006 Laws Quiz on Law 3   Barry Keen
303 Jun 2006 The Liverpool Project Part 1 Opportunity at Clarke Gardens, South Liverpool James Hawkins
302 Apr 2006 Legacies and the CA   Jeff Dawson
302 Apr 2006 Danish Croquet Overview of the wide-spread playing of dansk krocket Tore Gulbrandsen
302 Apr 2006 Marketing Croquet Marketing Committee activities Liz Larsson
302 Apr 2006 Reminiscent Roquets Extract from "Getting Better"; July 1954 Gazette reprint WRD Wiggins
302 Apr 2006 WCF 7th World Golf Croquet Championship Hawkes Bay, NZ; March 2006 Tim King
302 Apr 2006 New Members Welcome Recruiting & Coaching at Compton Carter Moody
302 Apr 2006 AC Coaching: Handicap Level, Part 2 The Modern Break James Hawkins
301 Feb 2006 AC Coaching: Handicap Level, Part 1 Playing a Tidy Break James Hawkins
301 Feb 2006 Croquet in Norway History of croquetin Norway Tore Gulbrandsen
301 Feb 2006 Laws Quiz Part 1 Law 1 Barry Keen
301 Feb 2006 CA Committee Objectives    
301 Feb 2006 Doubles Play Thoughts on psychology Keith Aiton
301 Feb 2006 The Clips of Death A Short Story Dorothy Rush
301 Feb 2006 An Inclusive Sport Croquet for the disabled player Jonathan Toye
301 Feb 2006 Golf Croquet Review of 2005 Bill Arliss
301 Feb 2006 Development Review Development Committee report on 2005 Patricia Duke-Cox
301 Feb 2006 Women's Golf Croquet World Championship Cairo Nov 2005 Chris Daniels
300 Dec 2005 Club Focus Taunton Deane & The Lottery grant John de Winton
300 Dec 2005 Choosing a Mallet Advice culled from OxfordCroquet. com Ian Plummer
300 Dec 2005 The Selection Events 2005 President's, Chairman's, Spencer Ell, Treasurer's, Selectors' various
300 Dec 2005 Talking Croquet Interview with Brian Storey (WCF Secretary-General) Bob Alman
299 Oct 2005 Golf Croquet Tactics Review of book by Michael Hague James Hawkins
299 Oct 2005 Croquet in the USA Impressions from Texas, Mass, West Coast, etc Vic Forrington
299 Oct 2005 South of England Championship Eastbourne Sept 2005 (Ed Duckworth won) Roger Wood
299 Oct 2005 British Opens 2005 Hurlingham, July (won by David Maugham) Chris Clarke
299 Oct 2005 Crake Valley - where's that? Bob Vaughan Memorial Trophy Mark Miller
299 Oct 2005 Club Focus on Woking A Century of Croquet at Woking Michael Hague
299 Oct 2005 Report of Council to AGM 2005 AGM Ian Vincent
298 Aug 2005 WCF World Championship Full Report & Results Jonathan Kirby
298 Aug 2005 How to Shoot Croquet Players Tips on photographing croquet action Deborah Latham
298 Aug 2005 Club Focus Phyllis Court Sue Gill
298 Aug 2005 Neither Swallows nor Amazons Visit to Western Province in South Africa Eileen Magee
297 Jun 2005 World Championships, August, Cheltenham Who will win and why? Gail Curry
297 Jun 2005 How to leave a Legacy to croquet CA Marketing Committee Jeff Dawson
296 Apr 2005 Killing Two Birds with One Stone Tips on Recruitment and Fundraising Michael Hague
296 Apr 2005 Development Awards (Townsend, Apps, Millennium) Ashby, Bowdon, Cheltenham  
296 Apr 2005 The Renaissance of Pendle Rescue of a premier Northern Club James Hawkins
296 Apr 2005 Croquet the American Way Report from Florida Jon Diamond
296 Apr 2005 Brass-faced Mallets Report on alleged ball damage Keen & Neal
296 Apr 2005 Farewell Editorial Three and a half years and 27 Issues... James Hawkins
296 Apr 2005 The Lost Game of Roque America's extinct national game James Hawkins
295 Feb 2005 Knowledge, belief and doubt Advice for the complete game Pete Trimmer
295 Feb 2005 10-point Handicap Singles Useful starter game for beginners Michael Hague
295 Feb 2005 Tournament Digest 2004 pull-out supplement  
295 Feb 2005 The Game of "Mail" Strange version of croquet in rural France Roy Wallis
295 Feb 2005 After the Storm Future for Florida's National Croquet Center Bob Alman
295 Feb 2005 And the Best Film is... Pick of the best croquet-in-the-movies James Hawkins
294 Dec 2004 Electronic Scoreboards . . . time to cast aside the clip? Chris Hudson
294 Dec 2004 Tribute to John Solomon President's address at 2004 AGM Bernard Neal
294 Dec 2004 Croquet Bibliography (David Drazin) Review of 2nd Edition David Appleton
294 Dec 2004 All on the Toss of a Coin Any advantage in playing at home? Don Gugan
294 Dec 2004 AC Tactics for High-bisquers. No 8 Part 2 Four-ball Break with bisques (re-use balls) Michael Hague
294 Dec 2004 Gazette & Website Survey Results of the 2004 Survey Charles Waterfield
293 Oct 2004 Beating Better Players by the 2003 Men's champion Pete Trimmer
293 Oct 2004 AC Tactics for High-bisquers. No 8. Part 1 Four-ball Break with bisques Michael Hague
293 Oct 2004 Bogchester Chronicles Bad-tempered Croquet Punch (1936)
293 Oct 2004 Impossible Hoops theoretical calculations Don Gugan
292 Aug 2004 England vs Turkey Croquet in remote rural Turkey Geoffrey Cuttle
292 Aug 2004 Croquet in Advertising examples of early American posters and cards James Hawkins
292 Aug 2004 AC Tactics for High-bisquers. No 7 Accuracy Michael Hague
292 Aug 2004 Taming the Media   James Hawkins
291 Jun 2004 Le Croquet: Tissot's masterpiece   James Hawkins
291 Jun 2004 Art of Gamesmanship   Stephen Potter
291 Jun 2004 Chester Croquet Club   Janet Davies
291 Jun 2004 AC Tactics for High-bisquers. No 6 Using straight shots Michael Hague
290 Apr 2004 Like snooker, but more rain The case for Indoor Croquet Michael Wilson
290 Apr 2004 The Gazette and croquet's development   James Hawkins
290 Apr 2004 One Hundred Years of the Croquet Gazette   David Drazin
290 Apr 2004 AC Tactics for High-bisquers. No 5 Exploiting the rush Michael Hague
290 Apr 2004 Golf Croquet rules   Bill Arliss
289 Feb 2004 A Canadian Experience using American Rules Tony Backhouse
289 Feb 2004 Publicity Review Sept 2002 - Feb 2004 Pat Francis
289 Feb 2004 Kevin Brereton's Coaching Videos   Michael Hague
289 Feb 2004 New Platinum Award for Sextuple peel   Bruce Rannie
289 Feb 2004 MacRobertson Shield 2003    
289 Feb 2004 Tournament Digest 2003    
289 Feb 2004 AC Tactics for High-bisquers. No 4 Line of Rush Michael Hague
288 Nov 2003 AC Tactics for High-bisquers. No 3 Foresight Michael Hague
288 Nov 2003 Handicap Golf Croquet   Bill Arliss
288 Nov 2003 The Croquet Bibliophile rare croquet books David Drazin
288 Nov 2003 Croquet Postcards (Edwardian)   James Hawkins
287 Sep 2003 The Gardens of Hanbury   Donald Miller
287 Sep 2003 AC Tactics for High-bisquers. No 2 4-ball break Michael Hague
287 Sep 2003 South Africa: Croquet's next superpower?   James Hawkins
287 Sep 2003 The Dream of Wood Jorelle's croquet equipment in France Roy Wallis
287 Sep 2003 Croquet in Chew Magna (1912)   Lawrence Whittaker
287 Sep 2003 The Open Championships   Martin Murray
286 Jul 2003 Editorial policy on Tournament Reports   Deborah Latham
286 Jul 2003 Inter-Counties Championship   Sue Mackay
286 Jul 2003 AC Tactics for High-bisquers. No 1 Aunt Emma Michael Hague
286 Jul 2003 Editorial policy on Tournament Reports (reply)   James Hawkins
285 May 2003 Equipment Trolleys   Mike Lambert
285 May 2003 Golf Croquet Coaching (CA Courses)   James Hawkins
285 May 2003 Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASC) Tunbridge Wells experience Mike Belcham
285 May 2003 How to Improve Advice on practising Davis Openshaw
285 May 2003 Croquet Paradise in Manchester Heaton Park James Hawkins
285 May 2003 Croquet Holiday in Florida English Tournament Kevin Carter
284 Mar 2003 Image & Elitism in Croquet   Michael Wilson
284 Mar 2003 Mallets, Morons, Mayhem Extreme Croquet in the USA James Hawkins
284 Mar 2003 Code of Practice for Setting Hoops   Bill Arliss
284 Mar 2003 Sonoma Cutrer The demise of the World Singles venue Garth Eliasson
284 Mar 2003 The Perfect Game   G K Chesterton
284 Mar 2003 Tournament Digest 2002    
283 Jan 2003 Croquet at War history from 1860 up to the two World Wars David Drazin
283 Jan 2003 Defence of the Automatic Handicapping System   Michael Blackwell
283 Jan 2003 Leeds Castle, Kent (Medway CC)   Jeremy Hackett
283 Jan 2003 Golf Croquet Review 2002   Bill Arliss
283 Jan 2003 Inter-Counties championships plans Association in May; Golf in August  
283 Jan 2003 Bi-polar Croquet and the AHS (need for reform?)   Geoffrey Cuttle
283 Jan 2003 Ninth WCF World Championship (New Zealand)    
282 Nov 2002 North of the Border Future for Scottish Croquet  
282 Nov 2002 Child Protection Policy CA Code of Practice Bob Whitaker
282 Nov 2002 Thinking to Win The Psychology of Croquet Keith Aiton
281 Sep 2002 American Croquet's New Home USA's National Croquet Center in Florida Bob Alman
281 Sep 2002 Wild Wednesday Club days at Bowdon James Hawkins
281 Sep 2002 Bi-polar Croquet Handicap System and B-class players? David Mooney
281 Sep 2002 Shouting from the Rooftops Public Relations for the CA Pat Francis
280 Jul 2002 2002 Inter-Counties Essex victory Sue Mackay
280 Jul 2002 Croquet on TV Formats of the game to help recruitment James Hawkins
280 Jul 2002 What Next in Croquet? Professional approach to top flight croquet Michael Wilson
280 Jul 2002 Break Builder 8 SCA Bulletin Quiz (Vols 35, 36) David Appleton
280 Jul 2002 Men's & Women's Championships Bamford sets new standards. Jenny Williams wins  
280 Jul 2002 Ramsgate Golf Croquet International Reg Bamford beat Rob Fulford Reg Bamford
280 Jul 2002 Basic Skills 2 Hoop Running James Hawkins
279 May 2002 Croquet and Disability Wheelchairs or Visual impairment James Hawkins
279 May 2002 Basic Skills 2 Cultivating a straight swing (use of cardboard tube) James Hawkins
279 May 2002 Break-builder 7 Use of 1 bisque; use of simple safe shots Don Gaunt
279 May 2002 Coaches Training Courses First Golf Croquet Coach Training courses Bruce Rannie
279 May 2002 Healthy, wealthy and Wise Survey of Croquet Players Kevin Carter
279 May 2002 Chris Hudson, WCF Secreatry General, retires Hudson's 15 year tenure; Bowdon; CA Development John Jeffrey
279 May 2002 Early Tournaments What was available in the 1880s (Whitmore; Peel) Chris Williams
279 May 2002 Hoop-setting CA Tournament Committee policy Derek Trotman
278 Mar 2002 Break-builder 6 Use of bisques Keith Aiton
278 Mar 2002 Croquet Sales (CA Agent) Jeff Dawson takes over from David Collins  
278 Mar 2002 WCF Golf Croquet World Championship Florida diary 8-17th Feb (Khaled Younis wins) Bob Alman
278 Mar 2002 World Underwater Croquet Championships Domenica Jan 2002  
278 Mar 2002 Applying to Sport England Lottery Fund Budleigh Salterton's experience in 2001 Roger Bowen
278 Mar 2002 Notice to Quit History of croquet in Pendle John Beech
277 Jan 2002 Tournament Committee report Chairman's report for 2001 Derek Trotman
277 Jan 2002 2001 Rankings how the rankings work (grade and index) Chris Williams
277 Jan 2002 Gateball Croquet's missing link? Asia's new team game James Hawkins
277 Jan 2002 Break-builder 5 Use of bisques Keith Aiton
277 Jan 2002 Of Hoops, Balls and Regulations Are hoop setters meeting CA Laws' requiremants? Don Gugan
277 Jan 2002 Golf Croquet Review 2001 Chairman's report for 2001 Bill Arliss
277 Jan 2002 CA Merit Awards Performance awards (bronze, silver, gold) Cbruce Rannie
277 Jan 2002 Ball Testing Size, weight, milling, roundness, bias Alan Pidcock
276 Nov 2001 National Lottery Awards Blewbury Club cracks the Lottery process Jolyon Kay
276 Nov 2001 Break-builder 4 Use of bisques Keith Aiton
276 Nov 2001 Invitation Events Introducing The Treasurer's Tankard  
275 Sep 2001 Golf Croquet The beautiful game?  
275 Sep 2001 WCF World Croquet Championship Bamford bt Fulford 3-2 in final (2 sxp + 1 qp) Richard Hilditch
275 Sep 2001 Wherever Next? The next world champion? Beyond the sextuple peel  
275 Sep 2001 Talking Croquet Interview with Bob Alman (NCC, Florida) Neil Williams
275 Sep 2001 Sports Injuries for Croquet Players No 6 Warming Up Bob Burnett
275 Sep 2001 The Winning Machine Bamford's Swing Trainer (Hobbs)  
274 Jul 2001 Editorial Gail Curry steps down as editor after 6 years Gail Curry
274 Jul 2001 Break-builder 3 Use of bisques John McCullough
274 Jul 2001 That Snobs' Game Class, education, challenge (Primary School) Ian Beecroft
273 May 2001 Break-builder 2 Use of bisques John McCullough
273 May 2001 Journal of a Travelling Croquet Player South Africa, Australia, NZ (with help from the Internet) Peter McDermott
273 May 2001 Talking Croquet No 10 Interview with Gail Curry, player and Gazette Editor Neil Williams
273 May 2001 Coaches Training Courses CQC Surbiton April Michael Hague
273 May 2001 Croquet Balls Current supply problems Alan Pidcock
273 May 2001 Protection from the Sun   Pidcock & Whittaker
273 May 2001 Sports Injuries for Croquet Players No 5 Joints Bob Burnett
273 May 2001 The Southwick Centenary History of croquet at Sussex CC from 1900 Brian Teague
272 Mar 2001 How much is a new member worth? Detailed study (typical 4-lawn 60 member club) Kevin Carter
272 Mar 2001 Players' Guide to new Laws Sixth Edition published Ian Vincent
272 Mar 2001 Advice to all New Tournament Players   Strong & Knapps
272 Mar 2001 Swings & Roundabouts Part II Awareness, concentration (Inner Game) Neil Williams
272 Mar 2001 Break-builder 1 Use of bisques John McCullough
272 Mar 2001 Talking Croquet No 9 Lionel Wharrad Quiller Barrett
271 Jan 2001 4th World Golf Croquet Championship Cairo October 2000 Chris Hudson
271 Jan 2001 Swings & Roundabouts Part I Mallet technique Neil Williams
271 Jan 2001 Balls and New Hoops includes Omega hoops Alan Pidcock
271 Jan 2001 President's address at AGM Plea for support for 14-point game John Solomon
271 Jan 2001 Sports Injuries for Croquet Players No 4 Muscle Injuries Bob Burnett
271 Jan 2001 Golf Croquet review Rules, handicapping, refereeing, etc Bill Arliss
270 Nov 2000 Talking Croquet 8 Interview with 'Dorothy Rush' Peter Dorke
270 Nov 2000 Coaching 2000 Positive use of Bisques. The Jump Shot Rannie/Plummer
270 Nov 2000 Tournament Round-up June - August various
269 Sep 2000 The Open Championships Hurlingham (July); Mulliner wins Richard Hilditch
269 Sep 2000 Men's & Women's Championships Cheltenham (June); Reg Bamford & Louise Bradforth David Magee
269 Sep 2000 Florida's National Croquet Center Marketing the sport USA-style Bob Alman
269 Sep 2000 Coaching 2000 Hoop approaches for beginners Andrew Bennett
269 Sep 2000 Talking Croquet 7 Part 1 Betty Prichard & History of Croquet Neil Williams
269 Sep 2000 Sports Injuries for Croquet Players No 3 Lower-back Pain Bob Burnett
269 Sep 2000 Talking Croquet 7 Part 2 Liz Neal & Barbara Meacham (Development) Neil Williams
268 Jul 2000 Woodhall Spa Club History   Patricia Duke-Cox
268 Jul 2000 Coaching 2000 Auction Croquet' Bruce Rannie
268 Jul 2000 The World Croquet Federation Talk on WCF Aims & Objectives Tony Hall
267 May 2000 Talking Croquet 6 David Openshaw Neil Williams
267 May 2000 What is an Aunt Emma type player? references to Aunt Emma in many crqouet books Rob Edlin-White
267 May 2000 Woodhall Spa Youth Initiative   Patricia Duke-Cox
267 May 2000 Coaching 2000 Beginners croquet and other games John Bevington
267 May 2000 MacRobertson Shield 2000 11-10 decider vs New Zealand (Maugham win) David Openshaw
266 Mar 2000 Sports Injuries for Croquet Players No 2 Frozen Shoulder Bob Burnett
266 Mar 2000 Coaching 2000 Merit Awards scheme (12 years old) Bruce Rannie
266 Mar 2000 Talking Croquet 5 William Ormerod Gail Curry
266 Mar 2000 MacRobertson Shield 2000 Detailed account of matches Stephen Mulliner
265 Jan 2000 Croquet: A Bibliography Specialist books & pamphlets to 1997 David Drazin
265 Jan 2000 Coaching 2000 Gold, Silver. Federation courses Bruce Rannie
265 Jan 2000 Sports Injuries for Croquet Players No 1 Tennis Elbow Bob Burnett
265 Jan 2000 New Laws Proposals for new Edition Ian Vincent
264 Nov 1999 Tips for Lawn-keepers Controlling Wormcasts John Beech
263 Sep 1999 Honouring Mr Whitmore Chastleton House, Oxon Neil Williams
263 Sep 1999 Talking Croquet 4 Rob Fulford Neil Williams
262 Jul 1999 Men's & Women's Championships Reg Bamford; Beatrice McGlen David Magee
262 Jul 1999 Talking Croquet 3 Nigel Aspinall Neil Williams
262 Jul 1999 What is a Mallet? Variations - legal and otherwise Eric Solomon
262 Jul 1999 Points of Law Lifts Bill Lamb
262 Jul 1999 Taking Croquet to the People Promotional Tips Bill Arliss
262 Jul 1999 Inter-Counties June Surrey win Sue Mackay
261 May 1999 Points of Law Basis of the Laws Bill Lamb
261 May 1999 Talking Croquet 2 Bernard Neal Neil Williams
261 May 1999 Bury St Edmunds The first Artificial full-sized court Brian Lewis
261 May 1999 The Handicap Setting Test Update & reminder Bill Lamb
261 May 1999 Golf Croquet in the new Millennium New Rules Bill Arliss
260 Mar 1999 Winter Croquet at Innsworth Speed Croquet in East Anglia (large carpet) Colin Hemming
260 Mar 1999 Indoor Croquet at Southwick mini carpet experience Ken Mason
260 Mar 1999 Lewis Carroll: A Tangled Tale Castle Croquet (1867) David Drazin
260 Mar 1999 Indoor Speed Croquet Gloucester event Eileen Magee
260 Mar 1999 Talking Croquet 1 John Solomon Neil Williams
259 Jan 1999 New Refereeing Examinations Assistant Referees & full qualifications Bill Lamb
259 Jan 1999 WCF 3rd World Golf Croquet Championship Leamington Spa (Oct). Younis bt Mehas Quiller Barrett
259 Jan 1999 Equipment developments Lawn speed. Laser levelling. Mallet/ball speeds Alan Pidcock
259 Jan 1999 Mallets for Golf Croquet appraisal of Egyptian mallets Alan Pidcock
259 Jan 1999 Croquet on the Web Mainly introducing the Nottingham List Dave Kibble
259 Jan 1999 Club Focus on Kenilworth progress since 1989 Doug Taylor
258 Nov 1998 Excerpts from a Bibliographer's Casebook VII The Hayes Connection David Drazin
258 Nov 1998 President's Cup Robert Fulford won Stephen Mulliner
258 Nov 1998 The Case of Mr Jones Whitmore The Croquet Pioneer Neil Williams
257 Sep 1998 Solomon Trophy - GB v USA GB won 14-7 Christine Irwin
256 Jul 1998 Inter Counties Won by Avon (Div 1), Nottingham (Div 2) Sue Mackay
255 May 1998 The Croquet Association and the game of Croquet What does the CA do Tony Fathers
255 May 1998 A game for All Ages Eddie Hunt Australia at 90 Peter Tavender and Owen Edwards
255 May 1998 Schools/Youth Croquet Where do we go from here? Peter Dyke
255 May 1998 Classic Coaching Tips Thinking Handicap Tactics - part 2 Pete Trimmer
255 May 1998 Handicap Guidelines 1998   Bill Lamb
255 May 1998 Club Focus Budleigh Salterton  
255 May 1998 CA Planning Group Looking to the Future Future Plans CA's Planning Group
254 Mar 1998 Overseas Development Luxembourg's first club is born John Davis
254 Mar 1998 Classic Coaching Tips Thinking Handicap Tactics - part 1 Pete Trimmer
254 Mar 1998 Publicising Croquet Centenary Outreach in the Lake District Neil Williams
253 Jan 1998 The Solomon Lecture at Bristol Croquet - How was it for you. John Solomon
253 Jan 1998 Classic Coaching Tips Self Coaching Notes Part 2 Jeff Dawson
253 Jan 1998 Alternative Games One Ball Croquet Part 2 Kevin Carter
253 Jan 1998 Croquet Association Centenary Committee Round-Up Report Stephen Badger
252 Nov 1997 Selection Events 1997 President's (Comish), Chairman's (Gaunt), Spencer Ell (Duckworth), Barlow (Curry), Longman (Vaissiere), Selectors (Magee)  
252 Nov 1997 Alternative Games Outline of One-Ball Kevin Carter
252 Nov 1997 107th Open Championship Report Keith Aiton & Richard Hilditch
252 Nov 1997 Classic Coaching Tips Self Coaching Notes Part 1 Jeff Dawson
251 Sep 1997 Extracts from a Bibliographer's Casebook VI Croquet Chinese Style David Drazin
251 Sep 1997 Classic Coaching Tips Helpful Hints No. 10 Court Etiquette (2) Don Gaunt
250 Jul 1997 Opening of Bath's new courts   Gill and Mike Cope
250 Jul 1997 Centenary Inter County Championships Div 1 - Avon; Div 2 - Northampton Graham Fowler
250 Jul 1997 A Salute to the Gazette The 250th Issue David Drazin
250 Jul 1997 Croquet Around The World Winter in Florida Derek and Gwen Stoaling
250 Jul 1997 The Centenary Exhibition at Wimbledon With Mallets Aforethought Bob Porter
250 Jul 1997 New Guiness Record for Croquet Leven and Crake Valleys Bob Vaughan
250 Jul 1997 Classic Coaching Tips Helpful Hints No. 9 Court Etiquette (1) Don Gaunt
249 May 1997 Croquet Around The World Clubbing it up in New Zealand Liz Taylor-Webb
249 May 1997 Golf Croquet Issue Number 3 Syd Jones
249 May 1997 Publicity Briefing The Last Word on Publicity Hamish Hall
249 May 1997 Injury Questionnaire Results How's your wrist? Part 2 David Appleton
249 May 1997 Technical Matters Crushes & Rushes Stan Hall (Aus)
249 May 1997 Solomon Trophy - USA v GB Thousand Oaks, California GB won 16-4 Bob Alman
248 Mar 1997 Classic Coaching Tips Helpful Hints No. 7 Laws Definitions Don Gaunt
248 Mar 1997 Injury Questionnaire Results How's your wrist? Part 1 David Appleton
247 Jan 1997 Centenary Update Calendar 1997 Stephen Badger
247 Jan 1997 Extracts from a Bibliographer's Casebook V Of the rise and fall of the House of Ayres David Drazin
247 Jan 1997 Classic Coaching Tips Helpful Hints No. 6 Law 32 part 3 Don Gaunt
246 Nov 1996 The Kent Cup Story of a new competition Rodney Parkins
246 Nov 1996 The Birth of the Croquet Association   Alan Oldham
246 Nov 1996 Classic Coaching Tips Helpful Hints No. 5 Law 32 part 2 Don Gaunt
246 Nov 1996 How the MacRobertson Shield was won Days 7 to 18 Richard Hilditch & Brian Storey
245 Sep 1996 The 106th Open Championships Report Chris Williams
245 Sep 1996 Club Focus Tyneside  
245 Sep 1996 Winning, Not Losing Part 2 - cutting down errors Colin Irwin
245 Sep 1996 Extracts from a Bibliographer's Casebook IV Of Needles and Haystacks David Drazin
245 Sep 1996 Managed American Blocks Determining the order of play Alan Locket
245 Sep 1996 Classic Coaching Tips Helpful Hints No. 4 Law 32 part 1 Don Gaunt
244 Jul 1996 Classic Coaching Tips Helpful Hints No. 4 After The Hoop Don Gaunt
244 Jul 1996 Club Focus Southport & Birkdale CC  
244 Jul 1996 Glossary of Croquet Terms S to Y Ian Plummer
244 Jul 1996 Tournament Review MacRobertson Shield First Tests Brian Storey
244 Jul 1996 Winning, Not Losing Part 1 - cut down errors Colin Irwin
244 Jul 1996 Extracts from a Bibliographer's Casebook III The Case of the Errant Earl David Drazin
244 Jul 1996 Past v Present GB 1996 v GB 1982 Chris Clarke
243 May 1996 How's Your Pythagoras Or Lawn Marking Made Simple Arthur Addis
243 May 1996 Handicaps for High-Bisquers Setting an Initial Handicap Bill Lamb
243 May 1996 The Lost Art Of Hoop Setting   Martin French
243 May 1996 Book Reviews Lighter Side of Serious Croquet (David Appleton), Croquet and Other Ball Sports and Seeing the Science in Croquet (Peter Rudg Roger Wood
243 May 1996 The 1996 Club Conference Report Derek Trotman
243 May 1996 Classic Coaching Tips Bisecting the Angle - the Myth is Exploded John Solomon
243 May 1996 Glossary of Croquet Terms H to S Ian Plummer
243 May 1996 The Burley Experiment The "Good Samaritan" Route to Popularising Croquet James Mays
243 May 1996 Club Focus Ipswich CC  
242 Mar 1996 Extracts from a Bibliographer's Casebook II Serendipity Strikes Again David Drazin
242 Mar 1996 Glossary of Croquet Terms A to F Ian Plummer
242 Mar 1996 Classic Coaching Tips Helpful Hints No. 3 Approaching your hoop Don Gaunt
242 Mar 1996 How's Your Wrist Survey David Appleton
242 Mar 1996 Club Focus Crake Valley  
241 Jan 1996 Extracts from a Bibliographer's Casebook I A new twist to an old tale David Drazin
241 Jan 1996 Club Focus Llanfairfechan  
240 Nov 1995 CA Council and Its Committees - Part 2 Handicap, Coaching, Laws, Executive, Chairman, National Development Officer  
240 Nov 1995 Club Focus Bristol CC  
240 Nov 1995 Classic Coaching Tips Helpful Hints No. 2 Using your ratios Don Gaunt
240 Nov 1995 Tournament Review Vol 1 No 1  
240 Nov 1995 Selection Events 1995 Pres (Clarke), Chairman's (Goacher), Spencer Ell (Hallam), Barlow (Curry), Bill Lamb, Andrew Gregory, Ian Vincent, Deborah Latham
239 Sep 1995 GB v South Africa At Bowdon GB 7 RSA 5 Brian Bamford (SA)
239 Sep 1995 CA Council and Its Committees - Part 1 Finance & GP, Editorial, Development, Publicity, International, Selection  
239 Sep 1995 Solomon Trophy - GB v USA At Nottingham GB 18 USA 0 Bill Lamb
239 Sep 1995 Classic Coaching Tips Helpful Hints No. 1 Know your ratios Don Gaunt
238 Jul 1995 Classic Coaching Tips Separating the Opponents John Solomon
236 Dec 1994 The Gamblers Guide To Croquet   Richard Leaf
236 Dec 1994 Variations in Handicap Play Proposals for debate Geoffrey Cuttle
235 Oct 1994 A Grim Poms Progress Chapter 20 - 23 Antipodes, Hong Kong Don Gaunt
234 Aug 1994 A Grim Poms Progress Chapter 16 - 19 Antipodes Don Gaunt
233 Jun 1994 A Grim Poms Progress Chapter 10 - 15 Antipodes Don Gaunt
233 Jun 1994 Around and About Memories of Maurice Reckitt SS (Jim) Townsend
233 Jun 1994 Talking Golf Croquet Part 2: The Tactics Chris Hudson
232 Apr 1994 Full Bisque Handicaps Statistical Analysis Chris Irwin
232 Apr 1994 A Grim Poms Progress Chapter 1 - 9 Antipodes Don Gaunt
232 Apr 1994 Around and About Old Men Remember SS (Jim) Townsend
231 Feb 1994 Comment Crown Croquet and Other Reforms Keith Wylie
231 Feb 1994 TV Croquet Small lawn croquet Eric Solomon
230 Dec 1993 Legal Queries Part3 Odd & Ambiguous Wordings Simon Williams
230 Dec 1993 Wharrad Turns System for time limited games Mike Llewellyn-Williams and Dab and Roger Wheeler
229 Oct 1993 Grading Systems 2 The CGS in detail Stephen Mulliner
229 Oct 1993 Legal Queries Part 2 Adventures of Pegged Out Balls Simon Williams
229 Oct 1993 Bias In Croquet Balls   Dick Le Maitre
228 Aug 1993 Championship Croquet Glossary Chris Clarke
228 Aug 1993 Basis of Grading Systems   Stephen Mulliner
228 Aug 1993 Advanced Handicap Play   Bill Lamb
228 Aug 1993 How to finish a break   Humphrey Hicks
228 Aug 1993 Talking Golf Croquet Part 1: The Strokes Chris Hudson
228 Aug 1993 Legal Queries Part 1 - Which Ball was I playing with Simon Williams
228 Aug 1993 30 years of Croquet   Peter Hallett
227 Jun 1993 1993 MacRobertston Shield Captains report David Openshaw
227 Jun 1993 Balls Official low-down on ball types Tim Haste
227 Jun 1993 Advance Handicap Croquet An appeal for an interesting variation of the game Lionel Wharrad
227 Jun 1993 Intermediate Coaching Notes Section 10. Tactics against better players Ian Plummer
226 Apr 1993 MacRobertson Shield Preview   Chris Clarke
226 Apr 1993 Automatic Handicap System General Guidelines for 1993 Bill Lamb
225 Feb 1993 Which Way Now The Way Ahead - A Progress Report Stephen Mulliner
225 Feb 1993 Intermediate Coaching Notes 9.8 Repair, 9.9 Defense Ian Plummer
224 Dec 1992 Coaching Comments Using Your Bisques Ian Plummer
224 Dec 1992 Expert Tactics   Robert Fulford
223 Oct 1992 Winning With Rush Part 14: When all else fails Dorothy Rush
223 Oct 1992 Coaching Comments More special shots Ian Plummer
223 Oct 1992 Ladies Events No Thank You Debbie Cornelius
223 Oct 1992 The Way Ahead A proposed subscription policy for the CA Stephen Mulliner
222 Jul 1992 Teach Yourself Croquet by Don Gaunt Book Review Peter Dorke
222 Jul 1992 Time to stand up and be counted   John Walters
222 Jul 1992 Coaching Comments Truth behind TPO's Charles Townsend
222 Jul 1992 Coaching Comments The Comfort Zone Bill Lamb
222 Jul 1992 Is This Progress A different perspective Martin French
221 May 1992 Coaching Comments Good technique Bill Lamb
221 May 1992 Giardini National Croquet Day   Chris Hudson
221 May 1992 Managing The Egyptian - For More Serious Events Chris Irwin
221 May 1992 Coaching Comments Winning with TPOs Robert Fulford
221 May 1992 Timed Games New System for shortening games Lionel Wharrad
220 Mar 1992 Expert Croquet Tactics 2 by Keith Wylie Book Review Chris Clarke
220 Mar 1992 Automatic Handicap System General Guidelines for 1992 Bill Lamb
220 Mar 1992 Egyptology strictly for fun Guide to Paul Hands' Egyptian Kevin Carter
219 Jan 1992 Croquet and Sports Psychology   Graham Jones (Loughborough University)
219 Jan 1992 Coaches Corner Intermediate Coaching Section 8 Special Shots Ian Plummer
218 Nov 1991 ATCO British Open Croquet Championships Report Youth Dominates Chris Clarke
218 Nov 1991 Intermediate Coaching Notes Section 6. Leaves & Ball Position. 7 Getting Balls into play Ian Plummer
218 Nov 1991 WCF World Championship John Walters wins Stephen Mulliner
217 Sep 1991 Intermediate Coaching Notes 5 (cont) Openings; 6 Leaves and Ball Position Ian Plummer
217 Sep 1991 History of the Lawn Mower Feature ATCO Ltd
216 Jul 1991 Intermediate Coaching Notes 4 Start of Game; 5 Openings Ian Plummer
216 Jul 1991 Early Days Croquet Etiquette in 1906 Allen Parker
216 Jul 1991 I Dream of Genie Short Story David Coates
216 Jul 1991 Intrepid Explorers Part 3 - America Debbie Cornelius & Annabel McDiarmid
215 May 1991 Early Days Nerves - from 1907 Allen Parker
215 May 1991 Croquet, Mr Bond? A Short Story Dorothy Rush
215 May 1991 Intermediate Coaching Notes 2 The Three Ball Break; 3 Changing Pivot Ian Plummer
215 May 1991 1991 Handicap Guidelines New Handicap System Bill Lamb
214 Mar 1991 Coaches Corner Intermediate Coaching Notes Ian Plummer
214 Mar 1991 Early Days Handicapping in 1905 Allen Parker
214 Mar 1991 Club News Bristol - Lawns Extended and Renovated Hamish Hall
214 Mar 1991 Coaches Corner Intermediate Coaching Section 1. The Four-Ball Break Ian Plummer
214 Mar 1991 Recruitment and Publicity What is the best time for the campaign? Lionel Wharrad
214 Mar 1991 East Midlands Federation 1990 - A Year of Change and Mixed Fortunes for East Midlands Clubs Gary Norman
213 Jan 1991 Official Business AGM Minutes 1990  
213 Jan 1991 Recruitment and Publicity Why a recruitment campaign is needed Lionel Wharrad
213 Jan 1991 Reflections An English Tournament Through Australian Eyes Kit Miles - President Australian CA
213 Jan 1991 Short Story Game and Match Eve Dalby
213 Jan 1991 Coaches Corner Intermediate Coaching Notes - Glossary Ian Plummer
213 Jan 1991 Early Days Conduct of Bystanders - from 1906 Allen Parker
213 Jan 1991 Handicaps The New Handicap System Martin French
213 Jan 1991 Intrepid Explorers Part 2 Australia Debbie Cornelius & Annabel McDiarmid
213 Jan 1991 Croquet Jargon   Keith Aiton
212 Nov 1990 Equipment With Mallets Aforethought or A Balanced View of Mallets Martin French
212 Nov 1990 Short Story Ex Epistulis Lucri Facere Brian Bucknall
212 Nov 1990 CA News The Way Ahead Chris Hudson
212 Nov 1990 President's Cup 1990 David Maugham a Worthy Winner Martin Murray
212 Nov 1990 Coaches Corner Ardingley 1990 Summer School Monica Catling
212 Nov 1990 Reflections Reflections of Croquet in England Michael Hornby
212 Nov 1990 World Championship Report Won by Robert Fulford David Foulser
212 Nov 1990 Early Days Letters to the Editor - 1906 Allen Parker
212 Nov 1990 Book Review Croquet: The Skills of the Game by Bill Lamb Chris Hudson
211 Sep 1990 ATCO British Open Croquet Championships Report Mulliner wins 100th Open Championship David Peterson
211 Sep 1990 Short Story A Friendly? Reginald Baunt
211 Sep 1990 Bombay Sapphire Solomon Trophy 1990 GB and Ireland win again 19-2 William Prichard
211 Sep 1990 Club News Tunbridge Wells - A New Home Audrey Howell
210 Jul 1990 Early Days Etiquette in 1907 Allen Parker
210 Jul 1990 Short Story Dourcula; A Nasty Story Bram Rush
210 Jul 1990 Coaches Corner Split Croquet Strokes Bill Lamb
210 Jul 1990 Intrepid Explorers New Zealand Annabel McDiarmid
210 Jul 1990 Bombay Sapphire Solomon Trophy 1990 Preview: A Great Match In Prospect  
209 May 1990 MacRobertson Shield 1990 The Captain's Story David Openshaw
209 May 1990 Early Days Diagnosis and Cure in 1906/7 Why People Do Not Improve Allen Parker
209 May 1990 1989 Accounts Treasurer's Commentary Alan Oldham
209 May 1990 Club News Nottingham Croquet Club Diamond Jubilee Ian Vincent
209 May 1990 Overseas News Croquet In The Desert Margaret Green
209 May 1990 Short Story The Mystery of the Yellow Clip WL Simpson
208 Mar 1990 MacRobertson Shield 1990 As per press releases Charles Townsend
208 Mar 1990 Coaches Corner Book Reviews Bill Lamb
208 Mar 1990 Federation News South East, East Midlands, East Anglian, Croquet North David Higgs, Gary Norman, Judy Anderson, Syd Jones
208 Mar 1990 Early Days Open Champions of the Past - reprinted from 1906 Allen Parker
208 Mar 1990 Indoor Croquet In Blackburn Andrew Bennet
208 Mar 1990 Book Review Croquet: How to Play the Perfect Game by Robert Kroeger John McCullough
208 Mar 1990 Short Story The Exploding General John Griffin
208 Mar 1990 Early Days Unprincipled behaviour in 1904 Allen Parker
207 Jan 1990 Tournament Formats The Egyptian System Paul Hands
207 Jan 1990 Coaching Ardingly Summer School Irene Underwood
207 Jan 1990 Short Story CRUSH! Peter Dorke
207 Jan 1990 Club News Surbiton - Official opening of new club house  
207 Jan 1990 Club Conference 1989 At Hurlingham Derek Caporn
207 Jan 1990 Early Days Croquet Reform in 1905 Allen Parker
206 Nov 1989 Short Story The Clips of Death Peter Dorke
206 Nov 1989 Early Days Controversial Correspondence 1910 Allen Parker
206 Nov 1989 Invitation Events Robert Fulford won 1989 President's Cup Stephen Mulliner
206 Nov 1989 Garden Croquet News No. 3 Chris Hudson
205 Sep 1989 Continental Airlines World Croquet Championship Hogan takes World title in a week of incident and top class croquet David Peterson
205 Sep 1989 In The Garden Hosting a Croquet Party  
205 Sep 1989 Garden Croquet News Issue Number 2 Chris Hudson
205 Sep 1989 Short Story Croquet Short Story Andrew Beck
205 Sep 1989 Puzzle Corner One Crowded Hour Jim Townsend
205 Sep 1989 Early Days The Crush Stroke in 1905 Allen Parker
204 Jul 1989 Early Days Greek meets Greek - An account of a game played in 1904 Allen Parker
204 Jul 1989 Garden Croquet News Issue Number 1  
204 Jul 1989 Minutes AGM Minutes 1989  
204 Jul 1989 Profile Major Gerald F (Freddie) Stone Gerald Cave
204 Jul 1989 Mechanics What the Balls do FR Ross
204 Jul 1989 Short Story The Bedevilled Mallet Brian Bucknall
204 Jul 1989 Early Days Champions of the Past - Dr AC Prior Allen Parker
203 May 1989 Accounts 1988 Accounts Alan Oldham
203 May 1989 Early Days The Willis Setting Allen Parker
203 May 1989 Short Story Born To It? Reginald Baunt
203 May 1989 Golf Croquet The Art of Golf Croquet Chris Hudson
203 May 1989 Hoops & Moles The Mole Truth Press Release from Eliza Tinsley & Co
203 May 1989 Hoops & Moles The Lost Art of Hoop Setting Martin French
203 May 1989 Drug Control The New Drugs Control Regulations Charles Townsend
202 Mar 1989 Club News Norwich Nick Harris
202 Mar 1989 Natural History Wildlife on the Croquet lawn Leslie Riggall
202 Mar 1989 Early Days Handicapping problems in 1904 Allen Parker
202 Mar 1989 Short Story Croquet: How it altered the whole of my life David Charsley-Thomas
202 Mar 1989 Feature Ban the Bad Roll Stroke Neil Griffin
201 Jan 1989 Menton Cup A Gift to the CA by Mr J Britcher  
201 Jan 1989 Early Days Nothing Changes - from 1898 and 1905 Chris Hudson
201 Jan 1989 Short Story The Perfect Croquet Club Dorothy Rush
201 Jan 1989 Feature Ban The Heavy Roller Eric Solomon
201 Jan 1989 International News Pilgrim's Progress in BC Croquet Harold Sisson
201 Jan 1989 International News Scotland opens National Croquet Centre Martin Murray
201 Jan 1989 Comment Straight Rush Dorothy Rush
200 Nov 1988 Handicap Systems The Interactive Handicap System Damon Bidencope
200 Nov 1988 Invitation Events The 1988 Bombay Gin President's Cup won by Chris Clarke David Peterson
200 Nov 1988 Book Review The 1989 Townsend Croquet Almanack Graham Budd
200 Nov 1988 Short Story Spanish Ladies Dorothy Rush
200 Nov 1988 Early Days The Start Of It All - 1904 Allen Parker
199 Sep 1988 Short Story Straight Rush Dorothy Rush
199 Sep 1988 Solomon Trophy - GB v USA GB won at Cheltenham Bernard Neal
199 Sep 1988 The Carlsberg Open Championships Won by Stephen Mulliner Colin Irwin
199 Sep 1988 Coaches Corner A Garden Break Chris Hudson
199 Sep 1988 Short Story As a Matter of Fact Hal C Sisson
198 Jul 1988 Early Days Mallets of old Allen Parker
198 Jul 1988 Coaches Corner Wafer Take-Offs John McCullough
198 Jul 1988 Grading Systems A Continuous Grading System Tim Harrison
198 Jul 1988 Croquet Etiquette and Customs   Chris Hudson
198 Jul 1988 Short Story Final Story Peter Dorke
197 May 1988 1987 Accounts Treasurer's Commentary Alan Oldham
197 May 1988 Coaches Corner Setting up for the triple peel Keith Aiton
197 May 1988 Short Story My Uncle George, the First Professional Dorothy Rush
197 May 1988 Club History Compton Croquet Club James Kellaway
197 May 1988 Feature How to be a good shot Eric Solomon
197 May 1988 Early Days Looking Backwards in 1896 Allen Parker
196 Mar 1988 CA News Andrew Bennet - Coach of the Year Pat Hague
196 Mar 1988 Coaches Corner Basic Tactics for Novices Allen Parker
196 Mar 1988 Schools and Universities Croquet at Cambridge Jonathan Collis
196 Mar 1988 Short Story Ellicott and the Triple Peel DK Holland
195 Jan 1988 Short Story Father Christmas Plays Croquet Brian Bucknall
194 Nov 1987 CA Awards The History of the Apps-Heley Award John McCullough
194 Nov 1987 Short Story One Good Turn Dorothy Rush
193 Sep 1987 Short Story Revenge Brian Bucknall
193 Sep 1987 80 Years Ago Pegging Out Allen Parker
193 Sep 1987 Book Review The World of Croquet by John McCullough and Stephen Mulliner Chris Hudson
193 Sep 1987 Coaches Corner Hoop Approaches Chris Hudson
193 Sep 1987 Coaches Corner An Introduction to Wiring Allen Parker
192 Jul 1987 Debate 1984? Dennis Moorcraft and Stephen Mulliner
192 Jul 1987 Professionalism Professionalism in Croquet Bernard Neal
192 Jul 1987 Feature The Long and Short of Roquets? Allen Parker
192 Jul 1987 Short Story The Judge Pegs Out Dorothy Rush
192 Jul 1987 Club History Worthing Croquet Club Pat Shine
192 Jul 1987 History The Gazette John Walters
192 Jul 1987 Coaches Corner A Practice Routine - The Thin Take-Off Chris Hudson
192 Jul 1987 Minutes AGM Minutes 1987  
191 May 1987 Club History Bristol CC Ray Ransom
191 May 1987 Historical Review Hoops Allen Parker
191 May 1987 Club History Thameside CC Bill Gardner
191 May 1987 Croquet & the Arts 'The Croquet Game': An Art Exhibition Extracts from catalogue - Yale University 1984
191 May 1987 International News Croquet in Santa Barbara Xandra Kayden
191 May 1987 Recruitment Increasing Our Membership Chris Hudson
191 May 1987 1986 Accounts Treasurer's Commentary Alan Oldham
191 May 1987 International News The Origins of the US Challenge Nigel Aspinall
191 May 1987 Coaches Corner Hoop Approaches Andrew Bennet
191 May 1987 Coaches Corner Cannons for Beginners Part 4 Two Fourth Corner Cannons Allen Parker
191 May 1987 Short Story Miss Marple and the 1-back leave Dorothy Rush
190 Mar 1987 Club Conference The 1986 Club Conference Derek Caporn
190 Mar 1987 80 years ago The Instructive Stroke Allen Parker
190 Mar 1987 Coaches corner The Rush Line Allen Parker
190 Mar 1987 International News The New Zealand Supporters' Tour to Mac In UK Phil Clarke
190 Mar 1987 Origins It's a funny old game David Appleton
190 Mar 1987 Prize List 1983    
190 Mar 1987 Feature A Scientific Approach to Hitting-In Reginald Bamford
190 Mar 1987 A Club History Wellcome Beckenham Croquet Club Mike Keen
190 Mar 1987 Television Channel 4 captures 'the essence' Chris Hudson
189 Jan 1987 Schoole Croquet Schools - Croquet's Best Chance Peter Dorke
189 Jan 1987 Special Feature Back In Time's Deep Shade - 1909 Allen Parker
189 Jan 1987 Computer Grading System The Croquet Grading System Explained Stephen Mulliner
188 Nov 1986 The Westwood Internationals The 1986 MacRobertson Shield Series - A Retrospect Martin Murray
188 Nov 1986 Coaches Corner Pegging Out Chris Hudson
188 Nov 1986 MacRobertson Shield 1986 Reports - tests 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 Various
188 Nov 1986 Short Story Ambition Brian Bucknall
187 Sep 1986 Coaches Corner Tactics in Time Endings John McCullough
187 Sep 1986 The MacRobertson Shield 1986 An Overview David Openshaw
187 Sep 1986 Coaches Corner Cannons for Beginners - Part 3: Promotion Cannons Allen Parker
187 Sep 1986 MacRobertson Shield 1986 Reports - tests 1 to 4 Various
187 Sep 1986 Equipment Review The Townsend "Aspinall" Mallet Martin French
186 Jul 1986 MacRobertson Shield 1986 An Old Campaigner's Forecast Martin Murray
186 Jul 1986 Short Croquet The Royal Bank Nations Trophy John Walters
186 Jul 1986 News from Overseas Croquet in Santa Barbara, USA John Walters
186 Jul 1986 Computer Croquet Even Computers play Croquet! Chris Hudson
186 Jul 1986 Coaches Corner Cannons for Beginners - Part 2: Six cannons for the price of one Allen Parker
186 Jul 1986 Coaches Corner Fun With Coaching David Higgs
186 Jul 1986 Official Business Minutes of 1986 AGM  
185 May 1986 Recruitment Increasing Our Membership Chris Hudson
185 May 1986 1985 Accounts The Treasurer's Commentary Alan Oldham
185 May 1986 Book Review Keith Wylie's 'Expert Croquet Tactics' John Solomon and Tim Harrison
185 May 1986 Coaches Corner A 3 lesson improvement course for high bisquers John McCullough
185 May 1986 Coaches Corner Accuracy of the Rush Allen Parker
185 May 1986 Croquet Variations The Intelligent Player's Guide to Alternative Croquet Games Simon Garrett
185 May 1986 Short Croquet So what's different about Short Croquet? Chris Hudson
185 May 1986 Club Profile Croquet in Ashby-de-la-Zouche Ken Hillier
185 May 1986 Club Profile Himley Croquet Club Howard Stanley
185 May 1986 MacRobertson Shield 1986 New Zealand Players  
185 May 1986 Golf Croquet Some Tactical Suggestions Keith Wylie
185 May 1986 Early Days The Rise of a Lady Champion - Lily Gower Allen Parker
184 Mar 1986 Committee News Working with the Press  
184 Mar 1986 Coaches Corner Cannons for Beginners Allen Parker
184 Mar 1986 Early Days The 1872 Wimbledon Tournament Allen Parker
184 Mar 1986 Club Profile Tyneside Croquet Club Syd Jones
184 Mar 1986 Club Profile The Thomas Cook Croquet Club at Peterborough Adrian Kirby
184 Mar 1986 Special Feature John Jaques & Son Ltd  
184 Mar 1986 1986 International Test Series The MacRobertson Shield: A Brief History  
184 Mar 1986 Coaches Corner Break-building for Middle Bisquers Keith Aiton
183 Jan 1986 Special Feature The Changing Scene Jim Townsend
182 Nov 1985 Special Feature Hoop Setting Eddie Bell
182 Nov 1985 Coaches Corner Percentage Croquet - Shooting at Singles and Doubles Allen Parker
181 Sep 1985 Club Profile Ludlow College Croquet Club Peter Dorke
180 Jun 1985 Special Feature Croquet in North America John McCullough
180 Jun 1985 Coaches Corner Get Better - Quicker - Taking Bisques  
180 Jun 1985 Official Business Minutes of 1985 AGM  
178 Dec 1984 Club Conference November 1984  
177 Oct 1984 The Greatest Player Ever Humphrey Hicks Jim Townsend
175 Jun 1984 AGM 1984 Minutes of 1984 AGM  
174 Apr 1984 The Heart Of The Laws   Betty Prichard
174 Apr 1984 On Running Firm Hoops   Keith Wylie
174 Apr 1984 Making Croquet Balls   Leslie Riggall
174 Apr 1984 Golf Croquet on Television   Godby, Mulliner, Sanford, Solomon
174 Apr 1984 Ken Schofield Budleigh Salterton  
174 Apr 1984 Changing Customs Dress, Shaking Hands, Buying Drinks SS Townsend
173 Dec 1983 Making a mallet   Martin French
173 Dec 1983 Croquet In Japan   Liz Neal
169 Mar 1983 AGM 1983 Minutes of 1983 AGM  
169 Mar 1983 Accounts Statement of Accounts 1982  
169 Mar 1983 MacRobertson Shield 1982   Martin Murray
169 Mar 1983 Prize List 1982    
168 Dec 1982 MacRobertson Shield 1982 Results  
165 Mar 1982 News from Clubs Bowdon  
165 Mar 1982 News from Clubs Sussex County and Phyllis Court  
165 Mar 1982 Measuring the Speed of Your Lawns    
165 Mar 1982 Accounts Statement of Accounts 1981  
164 Dec 1981 Varsity Match 1981 Cambridge won 6-3  
164 Dec 1981 AGM Minutes AGM Minutes 1981  
159 Apr 1981 Commentary on Accounts 1980 Accounts Alan Oldham
158 Dec 1980 FW (Eric) Meredith    
158 Dec 1980 AGM Minutes AGM 1980  
157 Oct 1980 Reminiscent Roquets The Little Things In Croquet Reproduced from Gazette 2 Aug 1941
157 Oct 1980 Some Famous Croquet Clubs No 1 Budleigh Salterton Reproduced from Gazette 23 Feb 1922
155 Apr 1980 Prize List 1979    
154 Dec 1979 Retrospect 1979 The end of the Seventies Betty Prichard
152 Aug 1979 AGM Minutes 1979    
151 Apr 1979 Accounts Accounts for 1978 Alan Oldham
151 Apr 1979 MacRobertson Shield Results  
151 Apr 1979 Prize List 1978  
150 Dec 1978 Croquet Handyman Ball Carriages  
149 Oct 1978 Open Championship 1978 Report  
148 Aug 1978 Bath - a New Club with a Past    
148 Aug 1978 Croquet In Nigeria   David O'Connor
148 Aug 1978 AGM Minutes AGM 1978  
147 Apr 1978 Prize List 1977    
147 Apr 1978 Accounts Year ended 31 December 1977 Alan Oldham
147 Apr 1978 Croquet in a tennis museum Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum Tom Todd
146 Dec 1977 1977 In Retrospect   Dudley Hamilton-Miller
146 Dec 1977 The Imperfect Double Where Should One Aim? CA Parker
144 Aug 1977 Statistics of Shooting   David Prichard
144 Aug 1977 AGM Minutes AGM 1977  
143 Apr 1977 Reaction to Double Elimination   Edgar Jackson, Betty Prichard
143 Apr 1977 Directory of Clubs    
143 Apr 1977 Prize List 1976    
143 Apr 1977 Reaction to Double Elimination Alternative Methods Roger Bray, Ian Baillieu, Arthur Reed
143 Apr 1977 Accounts Accounts for 1977 Alan Oldham
143 Apr 1977 Chairman's Report 1976-7 Derek Caporn
142 Dec 1976 The Corpus Christi College Cambridge Croquet Club Song   Andrew Bennet
142 Dec 1976 Double Elimination   Nigel Aspinall
142 Dec 1976 Development Scheme Report   Liz Neal
142 Dec 1976 1976 In Retrospect No room at the top Dudley Hamilton-Miller
141 Oct 1976 Ranking of Competitors in Unfinished American Blocks   Ian Vincent
140 Aug 1976 AGM Minutes 1976    
140 Aug 1976 The Croquet Gymkhana   F Stanley-Smith
139 Apr 1976 Club Conference 1975   Peter Hallett
139 Apr 1976 Accounts Accounts for 1975 Alan Oldham
139 Apr 1976 Prize List 1975    
138 Dec 1975 Bowdon Croquet Club A Short History Alix Fotiadi
138 Dec 1975 Directory of Clubs 1975  
137 Oct 1975 Croquet in South Africa   CWI Gillespie
135 Apr 1975 Croquet world-wide   Peter Hallett
135 Apr 1975 Club Conference 1974   Liz Neal
135 Apr 1975 Croquet in America   Nigel Aspinall
135 Apr 1975 Croquet Etiquette   Peter Hallett
135 Apr 1975 Accounts Accounts for 1974  
135 Apr 1975 Prize List 1974    
135 Apr 1975 Books on Croquet up to 1904   Roger Bray
134 Dec 1974 1974 in Retrospect   Maurice Reckitt
134 Dec 1974 Report on the Development Scheme 1974   Liz Neal
132 Sep 1974 Cannons   Leslie Riggall
131 Jul 1974 AGM Minutes 1974    
130 Apr 1974 Constitution of the Scottish Croquet Association    
130 Apr 1974 MacRobertson Shield Conditions    
130 Apr 1974 Prize List 1973    
130 Apr 1974 Directory of Clubs    
130 Apr 1974 Accounts Accounts for 1973 Alan Oldham
130 Apr 1974 Croquet for Three Players   I Howard Wright
130 Apr 1974 The Worldmark Croquet Tour 1974 South Africa CW Haworth
130 Apr 1974 Croquet Management Serving the tournament player Richard Rothwell
130 Apr 1974 Croquet Management Some principles of management Betty Prichard
129 Dec 1973 Croquet Literature   Roger Bray
129 Dec 1973 1973 in Retrospect   Maurice Reckitt
129 Dec 1973 Notes from Clubs Bristol and Ipswich  
129 Dec 1973 Automatic Handicapping   David Prichard
128 Oct 1973 Rules of Croquet from 1869    
127 Sep 1973 Sports Turf Aeration   Sports Turf Bulletin
127 Sep 1973 Tactics in Handicap Games Part II Leslie Riggall
126 Jul 1973 AGM Minutes 1973    
125 Apr 1973 Tactics in Handicap Games Part 1 Leslie Riggall
125 Apr 1973 Experiences of a small club   GEP Young
125 Apr 1973 Accounts Accounts for 1972 Alan Oldham
125 Apr 1973 Directory of Clubs    
125 Apr 1973 Prize List 1972    
124 Dec 1972 Retrospect of 1972   Maurice Reckitt
124 Dec 1972 Report on the Development Scheme 1972    
121 Jul 1972 AGM Minutes 1972    
121 Jul 1972 Brighter Days for Ipswich    
121 Jul 1972 Croquet: A brief history of the game   Elizabeth Prichard
120 Apr 1972 Prize List 1971    
120 Apr 1972 Accounts Accounts for 1971  
120 Apr 1972 Third edition of the Laws and Regulations    
119 Dec 1971 Development Scheme Report 1971  
117 Sep 1971 Directory of Clubs 1971  
116 Jul 1971 AGM Minutes 1971    
115 Apr 1971 Prize List 1970    
115 Apr 1971 Accounts Accounts for 1970  
113 Dec 1970 Retrospect of 1970   Maurice Reckitt
111 Jul 1970 AGM Minutes 1970    
110 Apr 1970 Accounts Accounts for 1969  
109 Jan 1970 1969 in retrospect   Maurice Reckitt
109 Jan 1970 Prize List 1969    
107 Sep 1969 Revised Rules of the Croquet Association    
106 Jul 1969 Directory of Clubs 1969  
106 Jul 1969 AGM Minutes 1969    
106 Jul 1969 Croquet on the Move The Delayed Sextuple Peel Keith Wylie
105 Apr 1969 Reports of Test Tour MacRobertson Shield  
105 Apr 1969 Accounts Accounts for 1968 Alan Oldham
104 Dec 1968 Scottish croquet 1968   J O'D Alexander
104 Dec 1968 Prize List 1968    
104 Dec 1968 1968 season in retrospect    
104 Dec 1968 Croquet on the Move An attempt at a septuple peel Keith Wylie
102 Aug 1968 Croquet on the Move Peeling off in Public or Development of the Sextuple Nigel Aspinall and Bernard Neal
102 Aug 1968 Directory of Clubs    
101 Jul 1968 Practice with a purpose   Hope Rotherham
101 Jul 1968 How to make a break   John Solomon
101 Jul 1968 Croquet on the Move New Leaves Keith Wylie
101 Jul 1968 AGM Minutes 1968    
100 Jun 1968 Variation to the triple peel   John Solomon
100 Jun 1968 The use of bisques   Bernard Neal
100 Jun 1968 Directory of Clubs    
100 Jun 1968 The MacRobertson Trophy Extracts from MB Reckitt's History Maurice Reckitt
99 Apr 1968 Croquet on the Move New Leaves William Ormerod
99 Apr 1968 Accounts Accounts for 1967  
99 Apr 1968 Constructive bisque taking   Bernard Neal
99 Apr 1968 Croquet on the Move New Openings Nigel Aspinall
99 Apr 1968 Conditions of competition for the MacRobertson Shield    
98 Dec 1967 Centenary year in retrospect   Maurice Reckitt
98 Dec 1967 Croquet on the Move New Openings William Ormerod
98 Dec 1967 Prize List 1967    
98 Dec 1967 Directory of Clubs    
96 Aug 1967 Her Majesty at Hurlingham The Queen's Visit  
96 Aug 1967 Directory of Clubs    
96 Aug 1967 Hurlingham goes west Hurlingham in the USA Douglas Strachan
95 Jul 1967 AGM Minutes 1967    
94 Jun 1967 Walter Jones Whitmore The Birthplace of Scientific Croquet Reverend Handel Elvey
92 Jan 1967 Prize List 1966    
92 Jan 1967 The 1966 season   Maurice Reckitt
89 Aug 1966 Croquet And How To Play It Book Review Bernard Neal
88 Jul 1966 AGM Minutes 1966    
87 Jun 1966 Our Irish Origins Summary of article from Prof ASC Ross and RL Thomson  
87 Jun 1966 Directory of Clubs    
86 Apr 1966 The 1966 season   Daisy Lintern
86 Apr 1966 Accounts Accounts for 1965  
85 Dec 1965 Prize List 1965    
85 Dec 1965 The 1965 Season   Maurice Reckitt
82 Aug 1965 Varsity Match    
81 Jul 1965 AGM Minutes 1965    
81 Jul 1965 Club Conference 1965 The Second Representatives Conference PJM Fidler
79 Apr 1965 The 1965 Season   Daisy Lintern
78 Dec 1964 The 1964 Season A Retrospect Maurice Reckitt
74 Jul 1964 AGM Minutes 1964    
73 Jun 1964 Talking to John Interview with John Solomon Maurice Reckitt
72 Apr 1964 The 1964 Croquet Season   Daisy Lintern
72 Apr 1964 Accounts Accounts for 1963  
71 Dec 1963 1963 Season review Maurice Reckitt
71 Dec 1963 Prize Winners 1963    
69 Sep 1963 Test Tour in New Zealand   Patrick Cotter
68 Aug 1963 An Amateur makes a Lawn   BVF Brackenbury
67 Jul 1963 AGM Minutes 1963    
66 Jun 1963 Who is Aunt Emma?   Uncle Ember
66 Jun 1963 Miss Lydia Elphinstone-Stone Southwick  
66 Jun 1963 Short History of Wrest Park   ACW Davies
65 Apr 1963 Statement of Accounts 1962    
65 Apr 1963 The 1963 Season Two Innovations and a New Look Daisy Lintern
65 Apr 1963 MacRobertson Shield Second and Third Test Results  
64 Feb 1963 MacRobertson Shield Special Issue - First and Second Test Results  
63 Dec 1962 The 1962 Season   Maurice Reckitt
63 Dec 1962 Prize Winners 1962    
62 Oct 1962 AGM Minutes 1961    
62 Oct 1962 Croquet in the 60's An Experiment and a Challenge Derek Caporn
60 Aug 1962 To Shoot or Not to Shoot   Joan Warwick
60 Aug 1962 How I Teach Croquet   Major GF (Freddie) Stone
59 Jul 1962 AGM Minutes 1962    
59 Jul 1962 Looking back to 1950 Test tour to New Zealand Dudley Hamilton-Miller
57 Apr 1962 The 1962 Season   Maurice Reckitt
57 Apr 1962 Advance Australia    
57 Apr 1962 University Croquet    
56 Dec 1961 The 1961 Season   Maurice Reckitt
56 Dec 1961 Prize Winners 1961    
54 Sep 1961 First Aid For Beginners On Manners and Etiquette in Croquet A Player
53 Aug 1961 Golf Croquet Tactics    
52 Jul 1961 Croquet as a Comedy   Maurice Reckitt
51 Jun 1961 Why you miss your roquets   Col DW Beamish
49 Dec 1960 Prize Winners 1960    
49 Dec 1960 The 1960 Season   Maurice Reckitt
48 Oct 1960 Croquet between the Wars 1919-1939 A Backward Glance NO Hicks
47 Sep 1960 To seed or not to seed   Senex
45 Jul 1960 AGM Minutes 1960    
45 Jul 1960 Getting Better   Dr WRD Wiggins
43 Apr 1960 Accounts Accounts for 1959  
43 Apr 1960 Walter Jones-Whitmore The Birthplace of Scientific Croquet GFH Elvey
42 Dec 1959 Prize Winners 1959    
42 Dec 1959 The 1959 Season   Maurice Reckitt
41 Sep 1959 How to finish a break   Humphrey Hicks
40 Jul 1959 Picking up a break   John Solomon
40 Jul 1959 Croquet in New Zealand   Arthur Ross
39 Jun 1959 Why you break down   Patrick Cotter
38 Apr 1959 Practice with a purpose   Hope Rotherham
38 Apr 1959 Accounts Accounts for 1958  
37 Dec 1958 Prize Winners 1958    
37 Dec 1958 The 1958 Season   Maurice Reckitt
33 Jul 1958 AGM Minutes 1958    
33 Jul 1958 The Art of Being Managed   Maurice Reckitt
31 Apr 1958 Croquet in New Zealand A Few Impressions Maurice Reckitt
30 Dec 1957 Prize Winners 1957    
30 Dec 1957 The 1957 Season   Maurice Reckitt
28 Sep 1957 The charm of croquet   D Jesson Dibley
27 Aug 1957 Climate of opinion   Bryan Lloyd Pratt
27 Aug 1957 AGM Minutes 1957    
26 Jul 1957 How to wake up croquet   JB Meachem
26 Jul 1957 Croquet in Australia    
25 Jun 1957 Why I Began   AV Camroux
25 Jun 1957 Croquet at Wimbledon   HG Stoker
24 Apr 1957 Looking Forward   William Ormerod
24 Apr 1957 Accounts Accounts for 1956  
23 Dec 1956 The 1956 Season   Maurice Reckitt
23 Dec 1956 The Fifth Test Match England v New Zealand at Budleigh Salterton  
23 Dec 1956 Prize Winners 1956    
22 Oct 1956 The Fourth Test Match England v New Zealand at Roehampton  
21 Sep 1956 Croquet in retrospect Tournament and Managers prior to 1914 GFH Elvey
21 Sep 1956 The Third Test Match England v New Zealand at Hurlingham  
21 Sep 1956 Shortened Games Various letters  
20 Aug 1956 The Second Test Match England v New Zealand at Nottingham  
20 Aug 1956 Croquet in retrospect 4 Two Great Players GFH Elvey
19 Jul 1956 Croquet in retrospect 3 Croquet in the Edwardian Era GFH Elvey
19 Jul 1956 The First Test Match England v New Zealand at Southwick  
18 Jun 1956 The New Zealand Team Some notes on personalities Ashley Heenan
18 Jun 1956 Croquet in retrospect 2 Links with the past GFH Elvey
18 Jun 1956 AGM Minutes 1956    
17 Apr 1956 The 1956 Season   Maurice Reckitt
17 Apr 1956 Accounts Accounts for 1955  
17 Apr 1956 Croquet in retrospect 1 Half a century ago GFH Elvey
16 Dec 1955 New Zealand Hospitality Fund    
16 Dec 1955 Prize Winners 1955    
16 Dec 1955 The 1955 Season   Maurice Reckitt
15 Oct 1955 Beginners, Please! First and Last GFH Elvey
14 Sep 1955 Beginners, Please! How to get the breaks GFH Elvey
13 Aug 1955 Beginners, Please! How not to be cornered GFH Elvey
12 Jul 1955 AGM Minutes 1955    
12 Jul 1955 New Zealand Newsletter    
12 Jul 1955 Beginners, Please! The Three-Ball Break GFH Elvey
11 Jun 1955 Beginners, Please! A Matter of Principle (2) GFH Elvey
10 May 1955 Reflections on a Calendar    
10 May 1955 Beginners, Please! A Matter of Principle GFH Elvey
10 May 1955 Guests and Hosts New Zealand Tour 1950 W Ashton and John Solomon
9 Apr 1955 Beginners, Please!   GFH Elvey
9 Apr 1955 The 1955 Season   Maurice Reckitt
9 Apr 1955 Accounts Accounts for 1954  
8 Dec 1954 An Amateur makes a Lawn   BVF Brackenbury
8 Dec 1954 Prize Winners 1954    
8 Dec 1954 New Zealand Letter   Ashley Heenan
8 Dec 1954 The 1954 Season   Maurice Reckitt
7 Oct 1954 New Zealand Newsletter    
7 Oct 1954 Beginners, Please! If Winter Comes . . . GFH Elvey
7 Oct 1954 One Ball Croquet   Nora Elvey
7 Oct 1954 How I Teach Croquet   Major GF (Freddie) Stone
6 Sep 1954 Beginners, Please! Making your point GFH Elvey
6 Sep 1954 Golf Croquet Hybrid or Ancestor  
6 Sep 1954 Croquet Today - Maurice Reckitt Book Review GFH Elvey
6 Sep 1954 Buxton Croquet Club    
6 Sep 1954 Practice with a purpose   Hope Rotherham
5 Aug 1954 A little of everything   Arthur Ross
5 Aug 1954 Sussex County Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club    
5 Aug 1954 Beginners, Please! Doing the splits - and other Croquet strokes GFH Elvey
4 Jul 1954 The Budleigh Salterton Club    
4 Jul 1954 Getting Better   Dr WRD Wiggins
4 Jul 1954 Beginners, Please! Hit - or miss! GFH Elvey
3 Jun 1954 AGM Minutes 1954    
3 Jun 1954 The Nottingham Club    
3 Jun 1954 Beginners, Please! 3 - About mallets GFH Elvey
3 Jun 1954 Why you break down   EPC Cotter
2 May 1954 Golf Croquet Some Memories and Criticisms HF Crowther-Smith
2 May 1954 List of overseas associations or clubs affiliated to the CA    
2 May 1954 The Roehampton Club   Norman Oliver
2 May 1954 How to finish a break   Humphrey Hicks
2 May 1954 Beginners, Please! 2 - The Question of Style GFH Elvey
2 May 1954 Accounts Accounts for 1953  
1 Apr 1954 Accounts Accounts for 1953  
1 Apr 1954 Impressions   Arthur Ross
1 Apr 1954 The 1954 Season   Maurice Reckitt
1 Apr 1954 Picking up a break   John Solomon
1 Apr 1954 Beginners, Please! How to play GFH Elvey