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  • 22: High Wycombe AC - Introduction to the Triple Peel Course View details (Course)
  • 22: The Academy GC - Move Up to A Level View details (Course)
  • 22: Wrest Park Golf Croquet C-Level (7+) Series Tournament View details (GC)
  • 23: Surbiton Don's Day (GC 0+) : Level Doubles View details (GC)
  • 25: Newport (Essex) C-Level Singles (GC) View details (GC)
  • 25: Guildford Golf Croquet Handicap Doubles (Advantage) View details (GC)
  • 25-26: Cheltenham Cheltenham Golf Croquet Challenge View details (GC)
  • 25-26: Hamptworth Golf Croquet A-Level (0+) Series Tournament View details (GC)
  • 21-23: Tyneside Midweek Handicap (AC) Tournament View details (AC)
  • 22-23: Roehampton Handicap AC View details (AC)
  • 25-26: Blewbury High-Bisquers' 14-Point Handicap Weekend View details (AC)
  • 25-26: Meadows The Scottish Masters View details (AC)
  • 25-26: Roehampton B-Level Advanced (AC) Weekend View details (AC)
  • 29: The Academy GC A Master Class with Jonathan Powe View details (Course)
  • 31: Winchester GC - Raising Your Game to B-Level Course View details (Course)
  • 28: Hamptworth Golf Croquet C2B Level (5+) Tournament View details (GC)


  • 1: Balgreen The Scottish Golf Croquet Championship View details (GC)
  • 1: Chester Chester B-Level (3+) Tournament (GC) View details (GC)
  • 1-2: Sidmouth Golf Croquet A-Level (0+) Series Tournament View details (GC)
  • 1-2: TBA Openshaw Shield Squad View details (GC)
  • 1-2: Wrest Park The Wrest Park Golf Croquet Championship (Championship Series) View details (GC)



  • 1: Surbiton Speed Doubles (AC) View details (AC)
  • 1-2: Bowdon Advanced Weekend (AC) View details (AC)
  • 1-2: East Dorset AC C-Level (7-16) Advanced Weekend View details (AC)
  • 1-2: Nottingham B-Level Singles Weekend (AC) View details (AC)
  • 5: The Academy GC Workshop View details (Course)
  • 6: Tunbridge Wells GC Workshop View details (Course)
  • 6: Roehampton Golf Croquet C-Level (7+) Series Tournament View details (GC)
  • 6: Surbiton Don's Day (GC 0+) : Level Doubles View details (GC)
  • 5-6: Blewbury Midweek Advanced (AC) Tournament View details (AC)
  • 5-9: Sidmouth June Mid-Summer (AC) Tournament View details (AC)