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Provisional Forward Tournament Schedule for CA Events

Cautionary Notes

Please note that this information is provisional. Dates and venues are subject to change, particularly for later years. Any forward planning should bear this in mind. It is published here to assist:

Dates and venues are finalised at the time the fixtures book is published for the appropriate year. In the event of any discrepancy, the fixtures book should be considered correct. Scheduling Assumptions are recorded to aid the collective memory, but are non-definitive and may be changed (temporarily or permanently) by the relevant CA committee(s).

Applications to Host Events

Applications to host an event should be made to the relevant tournaments committee. Requests will be solicited by the CA Office at the appropriate time. The lawns column is an approximation of the number of lawns required to host the event and is provided as guidance to clubs.

Responses to the current bidding cycle are requested by the 25 January 2019. Clubs should respond to the CA office.

Provisional Calendar

This table lists all CA events and selected club and international events. It is sorted in date order for the current season.

TBA: To be arranged. Bids will be solicited at the appropriate time by the CA Office or by the Tournament Director. Where a provisional allocation is shown, this indicates a greater potential for change than for other entries.

N/A: Not Applicable. This indicates that this event is not expected to take place in that year.

Event Event Group AC/GC Lawns 2019 2020 2021 2022 Scheduling Assumptions
WCF World GC Team Championship Tier 1 A GC - N/A N/A 6-12 Jan New Zealand N/A N/A N/A N/A  
WCF AC World Championship A AC - N/A N/A 15-23 Feb Victoria, Australia N/A N/A TBA TBA, England  
WCF Women's GC World Championship A GC - 2-9 Feb Hawkes Bay, New Zealand N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A  
England v Spain A GC - 15-17 Mar Seville, Spain TBA TBA, England TBA TBA, Spain      
Students' Championship D GC - 13-14 Apr Dulwich 11-12 Apr TBA 10-11 Apr TBA      
Peels C AC 5-6 9-12 May Nottingham 7-10 May Nottingham 6-9 May TBA      
CA Ladies vs. Dorset E AC - 11-12 May East Dorset TBA TBA TBA TBA      
Western Championship C AC 5 17-19 May East Dorset 15-17 May East Dorset 14-16 May East Dorset      
AC Inter-Counties B AC 15 25-28 May Sussex & Compton 23-26 May Sussex & Compton 29 May-1 June Sussex & Compton      
AC Home Internationals A AC 4-5 8-9 June TBA 6-7 June TBA, Ireland 12-13 June TBA      
Mens & Womens B AC 8+ 12-16 June Cheltenham 10-14 June TBA 16-20 June TBA      
GC Open Championship B GC 6+ 18-23 June Sussex 16-21 June Sussex 22-27 June TBA      
AC Veterans D AC 10 24-29 June Budleigh Salterton 22-27 June Budleigh Salterton 21-26 June TBA     Monday-Saturday
AC Open Championships B AC 8+ 29 Jun - 7 July Surbiton 4-12 July Cheltenham 3-11 July TBA      
AC Seniors D AC 10 8-13 July Budleigh Salterton 13-18 July Budleigh Salterton 12-17 July TBA     Monday-Saturday
Eastern Championship C AC 4 19-21 July Colchester TBA TBA TBA TBA      
WCF U21 GC World Championship A GC - 20-24 Jul Nottingham N/A N/A TBA New Zealand N/A N/A  
WCF GC World Championship Qualification Event A GC - 22-25 July Guildford and Godalming N/A N/A TBA New Zealand N/A N/A  
GC Veterans D GC 6 23-25 July Hurlingham 21-23 July Sussex 20-22 July TBA      
WCF GC World Championship A GC - 27 Jul-4 Aug Southwick, Compton, Royal Tunbridge Wells and West Worthing N/A N/A TBA New Zealand N/A N/A  
Ladies Sixes (Barlow & Longman) ? AC 6 10-11 Aug Cheltenham 8-9 Aug Cheltenham 7-8 Aug TBA      
GC Inter-Counties B GC 10+ 17-18 Aug Sussex & Compton 22-23 Aug Sussex & Compton 21-22 Aug Sussex & Compton      
Northern Championship C AC 4 23-26 Aug Bowdon 28-31 Aug Bowdon 27-30 Aug Bowdon      
GC First Eight (Musk's Cup) B GC 4 24-26 Aug Roehampton 29-31 Aug Sussex 28-30 Aug TBA      
GC Second Eight (Kate Jones Trophy) B GC 4 24-26 Aug Pendle & Craven 29-31 Aug Sussex 28-30 Aug TBA      
Challenge & Gilbey C AC 9 29 Aug - 1 Sep Sussex 3-5 Sep Sussex 2-4 Sep TBA      
AC All England Handicap Area Finals ? AC 3-4 31 Aug - 1 Sep [Various] TBA [Various] TBA [Various]      
GC English National Doubles (Ranelagh Cups) B GC 6 31 Aug - 1 Sep Hunstanton 5-6 Sep TBA 4-5 Sep TBA      
Ian Maugham Salver A AC 3-4 31 Aug - 1 Sep (TBA) Southport & Birkdale (TBA) 5-6 Sep TBA 4-5 Sep TBA      
Grass Roots Competition (final) ? GC 4 1 Sep Bath 6 Sep TBA 5 Sep TBA      
President's Cup B AC 4 5-8 Sep Sidmouth 10-13 Sep Hurlingham 9-12 Sep TBA      
Chairman's Salver B AC 4 5-8 Sep Cheltenham 10-13 Sep Nottingham 9-12 Sep TBA      
Spencer Ell Cup B AC 4 5-9 Sep Pendle & Craven 10-14 Sep East Dorset 9-13 Sep TBA      
Treasurer's Tankard B AC 4 5-9 Sep Nailsea 10-14 Sep Southport 9-13 Sep TBA      
Selectors' Weekend B AC 4 6-8 Sep Bath 11-13 Sep Wrest Park 10-12 Sep TBA      
AC All England Handicap Final ? AC 4 7-8 Sep Hunstanton 5-6 Sep Chester 4-5 Sep TBA      
GC B-level Final B GC 6 7-8 Sep Guildford & Godalming 5-6 Sep Roehampton 4-5 Sep TBA      
English National Finals (Ascot Cup) B GC 4-8 14-15 Sep Hurlingham 19-20 Sep Southport 18-19 Sep TBA      
GC All-England Handicap Final ? GC 4 14-15 Sep Camerton & Peasedown 12-13 Sep Hamptworth 11-12 Sep TBA      
South of England Week C AC 5 14-18 Sep Compton TBA Compton TBA Compton      
South of England Championship C AC 5 20-22 Sep Compton TBA Compton TBA Compton      
GC Home Internationals A GC 4/5 21-22 Sep Balgreen, Scotland 18-19 Jul TBA 17-18 Jul TBA, Ireland      
CA Club Finals B AC 6 5-6 Oct Surbiton 3-4 Oct Surbiton 2-3 Oct TBA      
WCF Women's AC World Championship A AC - N/A N/A 30 Nov - 6 Dec New Zealand N/A N/A N/A N/A  
Solomon Trophy A AC 4 Sep/Oct TBA TBA, USA N/A N/A N/A N/A 2021 or 2022 TBA, Great Britain  
Juniors' Championship D AC - TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA      
Schools' Championship D AC - TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA      
Students' Championship D AC - TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA      
WCF World GC Team Championship Tier 2 A GC 6 N/A N/A TBA England TBA TBA TBA TBA  
MacRobertson Shield (World AC Team Championship Tier 1) A AC - N/A N/A N/A N/A TBA Australia N/A N/A  
WCF World AC Team Championship Tier 2 A AC 8 N/A N/A N/A N/A TBA England N/A N/A  
WCF Over 50 GC World Championship A GC - N/A N/A N/A N/A TBA Egypt N/A N/A  

Event Groups

Following a growing number of clashes between events, the CA has conducted a review, during 2018, of the tournament calendar to see what could be done. This has generated the following principles. Subject to confirmation by the relevant committees, the intent is that these will apply for the 2020 season. They are published here for information, in order to obtain feedback from players and as guidance to clubs planning.

Group Description Events Scheduling Principle
Group A Fully representative international events
  • AC and GC Home Internationals
  • AC: Maugham Salver, Solomon Trophy
  • GC: England v Spain
  • MacRobertson Shield and Openshaw Shield in years held
  • WCF singles events (to the extent that the CA has influence over the dates)
  • Note that non-representative international events such as CA v (e.g.) CAI are not included in this group
Group A events should not clash with each other
Group B CA's Flagship Events
  • AC and GC Eights (treating the suite of eights in each code as a single multi-venue event)
  • AC and GC Opens
  • AC Mens and Womens (Singles and Doubles)
  • GC English Nationals (Singles [Ascot Cup] and Doubles)
  • AC and GC Inter-Counties
  • AC and GC Inter-Club Finals
  • AC and GC IPD Coaching Weekend (one per code)
Group B events should not clash with each other, or with any group A event
Group C Other Championships
  • AC: Regional Championships (West, East, North, South of England) and C2 Championships (Coles, Surrey, East Midlands)
  • GC: Whole of the GC Championship Series [8x Ascot Cup Qualifying Events]
  • Other CA events: Peel Memorials, Challenge and Gilbey, South of England
Group C events should not clash with an event of the same code from either group A or B
Group D Age-Specific Events
  • AC and GC Juniors, Students, Seniors, Veterans
Group D events should not clash with the matching group D event of the other code
Group E Other
  • Everything Else
No constraints


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