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Fixtures Calendar Preparation Stages

To make clear its state of readiness, the published details of each calendar entry go through a series of steps from inception through to publication - a lifecycle. This is managed by assigning to each entry a status to indicate the step it has reached on the path. At each step, the entry's status determines whether the system allows the organiser's Entries Secretary (or the entry's Director) to modify the details directly online, and whether entries are being accepted in TES for fixtures.

Each stage has an associated colour, which is used in listings to alert users when an item is still in a draft stage. The lifecycle of stages is illustrated in the table below:

Status Colour Icon Name Description Editable? Draft? Enterable? In FxBk? Cancelled? Visible?
Preliminary 10 Preliminary Just created. Editor checks if the fixture is going ahead (or not) and on which dates. If the event is not going ahead, decide whether the event should appear for decision in the following year (Choose 'Not This Year') or be deleted forever (Choose 'Delete For Ever'). Yes Yes No No No Yes
Draft 20 Draft The fixture will take place on the dates shown, but is not finalised and is subject to change. Editors review their fixtures in the context of all other fixtures, getting other people in the club to check the dates, details and prices, and ensure that there are no clashes with neighbouring clubs or national fixtures. Yes Yes No No No Yes
Confirmed 30 Confirmed The editor is ready for the fixture to be published. CA Administrator will check consistency and conformance. No Yes No Yes No Yes
Reviewed 40 Reviewed CA Administrator has checked the fixture: it is ready for publication. No Yes No Yes No Yes
Published 50 Published All details confirmed: Available for entry. No No Yes Yes No Yes
Cancelled 60 Cancelled The fixture is listed as Cancelled (shown crossed-out) and cannot be entered - withdrawals can be processed. It will be copied to create next year's calendar. No No No Yes Yes Yes
Hidden 80 Hidden The fixture will not take place, is not listed (other than for calendar admins), and is not available for users to view but remains available for copying to create next year's calendar. No No No No Yes No
Deleted 90 Deleted The fixture will not take place, is not listed, and is not available for users to view. It will not be copied into the next calendar and all details relating to it will be permanently removed. No No No No Yes No

The attributes (right-hand columns) for each status are:

  • Editable? by Owner TS/Director. Fixtures can be edited by the owner's Entries Secretary or FxCal Contact. Fixtures organised by Croquet England can be edited by their Director.
  • Draft? Not finalised. Controls whether viewers are alerted that the fixture is subject to change without notice.
  • Enterable? If online-entry/selection. Fixtures are open for entry in TES and/or Availability (if set as 'In TES'/'By Selection').
  • In FxBk? Download for printing. Fixtures are downloaded to compatible applications and ready to process for printing.
  • Cancelled? Not available but listed. Fixtures display, but are crossed out.
  • Visible? Available to non-admins. Controls whether only Fixtures Calendar Admin can see them. Such fixtures are placeholders and not part of the current calendar. They will be copied afresh into the next year.


Fixtures editors see these transitions as action buttons displayed next to the fixture's status indicator in each Fixture's details display. They carry out the defined status change whether or not the fixture's preparation status permits the organiser's Entries Secretary (or Director for fixtures organised by Croquet England) to edit the details directly.

If a fixture moves into a stage marked as is Cancelled and has active entries via TES, the operator is directed to withdraw the entries, inviting players to donate their fees to the organiser (or host if organised by Croquet England).

This Stage Transition Name Go to Status Go to Stage Admin Only? Sort Order
Preliminary Confirm as Draft Go to Status Draft No 10
  Not This Year Go to Status Hidden No 20
  Delete For Ever Go to Status Deleted No 30
Draft Confirm Go to Status Confirmed No 10
  Revert to Preliminary Go to Status Preliminary No 20
Confirmed Reviewed Go to Status Reviewed Yes 10
  Revert To Draft Go to Status Draft Yes 20
  Cancel Go to Status Cancelled No 50
Reviewed Publish Go to Status Published Yes 10
  Revert to Confirmed Go to Status Confirmed Yes 20
  Cancel Go to Status Cancelled No 50
Published Cancel Event Go to Status Cancelled No 10
Hidden Revert to Preliminary Go to Status Preliminary Yes 10

The columns in the above table have the following meanings:

  • This Stage Stage button appears in. The button appears whenever a fixture is in this stage.
  • Transition Name Legend on action button.
  • Go to Stage Defines the status assigned when the button is clicked.
  • Admin Only? Who can action this transition. If set, the button only appears for the Fixtures Calendar Administrator - organiser's representatives and fixture Directors do not see the button.
  • Sort Order Amongst other transition names. If more than one button appears, this defines the order left-to-right.