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The AC All-England Handicap Final

Date: 8-9 Sep 2018 Add to my diary
Venue: Wrest Park Croquet Club
Wrest Park, Silsoe, Bedford, MK45 4HR Tel: 01525 718550
Entry Owner: Hilary Smith
Open to: All

Organised by The CA

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This event happened 13 months ago

Type: AC Tournament
Manager, etc.: Suppressed - the event happened a while ago, please contact the CA Office for details
Entry Dates: Allocation: 4 Mar 2018 more on dates
Entries: Post an Entry Form.
Event Types: H Key - what the symbols mean
Tournament Conditions: The Tournament Conditions apply to all listed fixtures unless otherwise stated. See also the Introduction to the Fixtures Book.
Special Conditions:
For this tournament


  1. Competitors, who need not be Individual Associates of the CA or members of a CA Member Club, must arrange to play in a preliminary competition at a CA Member Club. A competitor may not play in more than one preliminary competition.
  2. There is no handicap restriction but no competitor may play off a handicap greater than 20.
  3. A Member Club must notify the CA Office of its intention to hold a preliminary competition by 4 March 2018. This should be confirmed by 31 May stating the number of competitors in the preliminary competition and enclosing the appropriate entry fees.
  4. The Area and National Finals will be played to full-bisque handicap base 10 but the organising club may alter this ruling for its preliminary competition.

Preliminary Competitions

  1. Subject to the General Rules above, a preliminary competition may be carried out in any way convenient to the organising club. It must be completed, and the names of those going forward to the Area Final notified to the Tournament Director, by 8 August. A preliminary competition must have an entry of four or more competitors and one player may go forward to the Area Final for every four competitors that actually play in the preliminary competition, up to a maximum of four players per host club.


Players who are not members of any club, or players who are members of clubs not holding a preliminary competition, wishing to play in a preliminary competition, should contact the Director by 1 March 2018.

Area Finals

  1. Qualifiers from preliminary competitions will be allocated to an Area Final and will be expected to play both days of the weekend 1-2 September 2018. The number of Area Finals will depend on the overall number of entries. Area Finals for 2018 will be held at the following croquet clubs: Surbiton, Fylde, Ashby, and Camerton & Peasedown. Club organisers should ensure that substitutes are available if any qualifier become unavailable for the Area Final. The format of the each Area Final will be a Swiss or American block tournament with a time limit at the manager's discretion. Managers of Area Finals should notify the results to the Director within two days and should ensure that those qualifying are available to play in the Final. Any qualifier who becomes unavailable for the Final should notify the Director immediately. Their place may be taken by a substitute or reserve, but any player who has not participated in a preliminary tournament will be ineligible to progress to the final.


  1. These are available at the discretion of the host club.

Entry Fee

  1. Clubs may add an additional charge for their own funds.

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Trophy: The Trevor Williams Cup, The New Zealand Tray
Holder: Phil Nuttall, Bury CC
Event Type: H: Handicap AC [AC] More
Format: Swiss or American Block with time limit, AMD
Number of Places: -
Handicap Restriction: H:20- (Max: 20)
Levy Days: 2
Entry Fee: £6.00
Entry Fee Comment: per player




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