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Grass Roots Golf Croquet Competition

Date: 9 Sep 2018 Add to my diary
Venue: Bath Croquet Club
Bath Recreation Ground, William Street, Bath, Somerset, BA2 4DS
Open to: All

Organised by The CA

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This event happened 13 months ago

Type: GC Tournament
Manager, etc.: Suppressed - the event happened a while ago, please contact the CA Office for details
Entry Dates: Entries accepted in receipt order; Closing: 31 May 2018 more on dates
Entries: Post an Entry Form.
Event Types: G Key - what the symbols mean
Tournament Conditions: The Tournament Conditions apply to all listed fixtures unless otherwise stated. See also the Introduction to the Fixtures Book.
Special Conditions:
For this tournament
  1. Players must arrange to play in the preliminary heats at their own venue. A competitor may only play in one group.
  2. A Cheque payable to The Croquet Association for the total amount due should be sent along with the names of the contestants to the Director of the competition.
  3. Entry is by group (recommended size 6, but a minimum size is 4). Any club may enter more than one group but a player may play in one group only.
  4. Early entries are appreciated, but none will be accepted after the closing date.
  5. Format: Played as a series of club events, followed by the National Final. Each group will organise its own preliminary heats in any way convenient to the Club/Group. Courts may be half-size at this stage. Depending on the overall national entry, a number of players will go forward to the National Final, where full-size courts will be used. If the total number of entries is sufficient Area Rounds will be arranged.
  6. Dates:
    1. 31 May 2018: Closing Date for entry.
    2. 31 July 2018: Last date for completion of club rounds.
    3. 9 September 2018: National Final Bath.
  7. Basic Rules:
    1. Matches are played under the Rules of Golf Croquet as published by the Croquet Association.
    2. Players who do not have a CA handicap must arrange with a local club for a handicap to be issued in accordance with the CA guidelines.
    3. Each game is 13-point level-play singles (i.e. no extra turns).
    4. Games will have a time limit of 50 minutes, except the final.
  8. Full rules and regulations will be provided on acceptance of entry. Please do not play before receiving the rules from the Manager.
  9. Eligibility: Open to anyone who has a CA Golf Croquet handicap of 8 or above. Any player who has won the National Final, or has played in the National Final on two occasions, is not eligible and should consider entering The 'B' Series.

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Holder: David Hill (Enfield)
Event Type: G: GC (Level) [GC] More
Format: 13-point
Number of Places: -
Handicap Restriction: G:8+ (Min: 8)
Levy Days: 1
Entry Fee: £6.00; CA Premium Member: £1.00
Entry Fee Comment: per player




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