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These event details are draft and subject to change


The GC Students' Championships

Date: 18-19 Apr 2020 Add to my diary
Venue: Nottingham Croquet Club
Croquet Pavilion, Highfields Park, University Boulevard, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG7 2PS Tel: 0115 922 2237
Entry Owner: Richard Bilton
Open to: All
Lunch: Lunch: No Not Available

Organised by The CA

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Type: GC Tournament
Manager: TBA
Director: Richard Bilton
Secretary: Richard Bilton (For this fixture only)
4 Granary Close, Morton, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, DN21 3BJ richard.bilton30#talktalk.net Tel. Mobile: 07570 599136
Entry Dates: Entries accepted in receipt order; Closing: 27 Mar 2020 more on dates
Entries: enter and pay online enter and pay online or Post an Entry Form.
Championship GradeDefinition: 3
Event Types: GSD Key - what the symbols mean
Comment: Open to All Students
Club Notes:
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Tournament Conditions: The Tournament Conditions apply to all listed fixtures unless otherwise stated. See also the Introduction to the Fixtures Book.
Special Conditions:
For this tournament
  1. To be eligible to compete, an entrant must be an 'internal' student registered for and following a full-time degree or diploma at a University, or at an Institute or College of Higher Education. Students finishing their course of study in December or March are eligible until the end of the academic year, provided that their Union subscription has been paid.
  2. There does not need to be an even number of students from each university for pairing in the doubles. Students may choose to play in only the singles or the doubles (or both). If there is an odd number of players from a university for the doubles, students may play with people they know from other universities or can be paired with someone else.
  3. The initial format will be block play, the number of blocks dependent on number of entries. The top-performing players from each block will be selected for a knockout for the final. Play will start around 10am and finish about 5pm on the Saturday, and likely 30 minutes earlier on the Sunday.
  4. Own food and drink is allowed.
  5. An evening meal will be planned if popular.

Fixtures Book Contact: Richard Bilton (specific for this tournament - overrides club Fixtures Book Contact)

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toggle Event 1: The Student Singles Championship
Holder: Daniel Gott (University of Bath)
Event Type: G: GC (Level) [GC] More
Format: Blocks followed by knockout.
Number of Places: -
Special Conditions:
For this event
50-minute time limits may be imposed.
Entries Type: Individual
Entry Fee: £6.00; CA Premium Member: £6.00; Young Person Member: £6.00

toggle Event 2: The Student Doubles Championship
Holder: Daniel Gott & Joe Curtis (University of Bath)
Event Type: G: Doubles GC (Level) [GC] More
Format: AMD
Number of Places: -
Special Conditions:
For this event
50-minute time limits will be imposed.
Entries Type: {enter alone, define partner}
Entry Fee: £6.00; CA Premium Member: £6.00; Young Person Member: £6.00
Entry Fee Comment: per player




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