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The GC Murphy Inter-Club Shield

Date: TBA
Venue: TBA
Entry Owner: John Bowcott
Open to: All

Organised by The CA

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Type: GC Tournament
Manager: TBA
Director: John Bowcott
Secretary: CA Office (For this fixture only)
Cheltenham Croquet Club, Old Bath Road, GL53 7DF Tel. Work: 01242 242318
Entry Dates: Allocation: 18 Dec 2017; Closing: 8 Mar 2018; Draw: 21 Dec 2017 more on dates
Entries: Post an Entry Form.
Event Types: GSD Key - what the symbols mean
Tournament Conditions: The Tournament Conditions apply to all listed fixtures unless otherwise stated. See also the Introduction to the Fixtures Book.
Special Conditions:
For this tournament
  1. This competition is intended to provide competitive and enjoyable inter-club team matches for players with middle range Golf Croquet handicaps.
  2. The competition is open to CA Member Clubs. Clubs may enter one or two teams. If two teams are entered they must be designated as Team A and Team B. Players must be members of the club they are playing for. No player may play for more than one club or one team in a season.
  3. The draw will be published on the CA website by early January and circulated to Clubs entered, with dates by which rounds should be completed. These dates may only be extended with the approval of the Director. As far as possible the draw will be done on a regional basis in an attempt to reduce travelling. Clubs playing each other should arrange mutually convenient dates and a home or away venue for their matches. The venue should be the reverse of the previous encounter between the two Clubs in this competition but where there is no previous encounter or if they are unable to agree they may either toss a coin to determine the venue, or ask the Director to do so. Double-banking may be used. If a Club has fewer than two full size courts available it should arrange to play matches "away" except that Clubs with under-size courts may have them approved for use on application to the Director before the start of the competition.
  4. In setting a match date it is recommended that both clubs identify preferred dates and if two dates coincide then that date should be chosen. If no dates coincide, then each club identifies a preferred date which should be a weekend unless both clubs are content to play midweek. A toss of a coin should be used choose the date. If neither club has courts available on the chosen date, then clubs arrange and pay for a neutral venue.
  5. The final is to be at a neutral venue to be arranged by the two clubs concerned and be played on or before Sunday 30 September 2018, court hire fees and management expenses will be paid by the CA. The Director should be informed beforehand of the agreed date and venue so that the Trophy is made available for presentation on the day.
  6. Teams shall consist of four players and must meet the following handicap restrictions:
    1. a. The total CA Golf Croquet handicap of the team must be at least 12.
    2. b. The team may include one player with a handicap of 2, the others must have higher handicaps. Attention is drawn to CA Tournament Regulation H1 on Handicaps, and in particular to paragraph f, Eligibility. It is possible that the handicap restrictions will change if the current handicap system is revised before the draw is made.
  7. The winning club is responsible for reporting the results of each match by e-mail to This report will reach the Director, the CA office and the editors of the website and the Gazette. The information required is: (a) the competition, (b) the club names, (c) the match score, (d) the date played, (e) the venue, (f) the detailed game scores, and (g) a short report (if desired) which will be put onto the CA website and may be considered for inclusion in the Gazette. Under exceptional circumstances, the Director will take club names, venue and match scores over the telephone.

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Trophy: Murphy Shield
Holder: Watford
Event Type: GSD: GC Singles and Doubles (Level) [GC] More
  1. Prior to the start of each match Team Captains will exchange team lists with their team members listed A, B, C and D in handicap order, the lower handicap first. Where two or more players have the same handicap the Captain may choose their order, which must then apply for the whole match.
  2. Each match will consist of two rounds, the first comprising one doubles and two singles games and the second comprising four singles, giving best-of-seven. Each game will be best-of-three 13-point, level play games. Time limits will not be imposed unless both Captains agree. In the first round players A and B of each side play doubles against their opposite numbers and player C plays against player D and vice versa. In the second round each player plays against their opposite number.
Number of Places: -
Teams Event: Yes
Handicap Restriction: G:2+ (Min: 2)
Levy Days: 1
Entry Fee: £27.00
Entry Fee Comment: Per team: to be paid by 8 March 2018




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