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Association Croquet National Inter-Club Events - Conditions

These Conditions except where indicated are applicable to:

  1. These competitions are open only to Croquet England Affiliated clubs. The players must be Individual Associates of Croquet England, and playing members of the clubs they are representing.
  2. An individual may play for the same or different clubs in different competitions during a season, but in any one competition may not play for more than one team.
  3. Clubs may enter a second team in any of the competitions. If two teams are entered they must be designated Team A and Team B, and Condition 2 above will apply.
  4. Teams shall consist of four players, and must meet the handicap restrictions given against the event. Attention is drawn to CA Tournament Regulations H1 and P5 regarding handicaps.
  5. In each round of the competition, the venue of the match between two clubs shall be the reverse of the previous encounter between those clubs in that competition. Where no history is recollected the Director shall, on request, spin a coin to determine the venue. A match played on neutral ground forms no part of the history. If one of the clubs has fewer than two regulation-size courts available (see the Laws for Short Croquet) then that club must play "away", except that clubs with undersized courts may have them approved for competition-use on application to the Director before the start of the competition. Double-banking may be used.
  6. Make contact as early as possible, to give time for making arrangements. Try very hard indeed to agree. If you fail, follow this procedure - but it will probably leave a nasty taste in the mouth for at least one club.
    1. Each club gives at least two preferred dates, at least one of which must be a weekend. If two dates coincide, that is the day of the match. If all the dates coincide choose one.
    2. ONLY if no dates coincide: each club should give ONE preferred date, weekend unless both clubs agree at this stage to play midweek, and then spin a coin. If you wish the Director to spin please ask.
    3. If neither club has courts available, play must take place at another venue - note that Croquet England will not pay lawn fees. This includes when the expected home team cannot provide courts on the date that has been determined by the above process.
  7. If a club wishes to play all of its home matches at another club, it must register this fact at the time of entry.
  8. Where possible the host club should provide a referee.
  9. Prior to the start of each match, the Captains will exchange team lists, with the players listed as A, B, C and D. The listing will be in handicap order, the lowest handicap first, except for The AC Inter-Club Championship which will be in DGrade order. Where two or more players have the same handicap (or DGrade) the Captain may choose their order, which must then apply for the whole match. The sequence of play will then be as described in the Match Format for that competition.
  10. The match must be completed in one day. Time limits should be imposed if necessary by agreement between the Captains, either before or during play, to ensure this. A maximum time limit of 3.5 hours is compulsory for The Longman Inter-Club Trophies and The Secretary's Shield, and 75 minutes is the time limit for Short Croquet.
  11. In order to ensure that a result is achieved in a single day in the case of bad weather, shortened games may have to be considered for the second session. If the second session has begun but has to be abandoned, then only the scores of completed games count for the result. If the second session has not started, or no games have concluded, the result is taken from the first session games only. If fewer than three games have been completed, or if the scores in a curtailed match are level, and there is no possibility of further play in any outstanding game to complete it, then, unfortunately, the toss of a coin is the only means of determining the winner (see 12 below, which allows for postponements assuming the away team is prepared to travel again; if so, this will be a new match and no games will be carried forward from the abandoned match). In an abandoned match, any completed singles game counts for handicap and ranking purposes, so full results should be submitted with the reason for abandonment.
  12. A match planned within three days of the due date that has to be cancelled owing to exceptional circumstances outside the control of the teams may be played within seven days of the cancellation, but the Director must be told within 24 hours of the cancellation and give approval.
  13. The draw will be on a regional basis, in an attempt to reduce travelling, only for The Mary Rose Inter-Club Trophy, The Longman Inter-Club Trophies and the Short Croquet Inter-Club Regional Finals. It is up to the clubs playing each other to arrange mutually convenient dates for the matches. Dates by which rounds must be completed, together with the details of the draw, will be on the Croquet England website and circulated to the clubs concerned after the draw is made. Extensions will be allowed only under exceptional circumstances and with the permission of the Director.
  14. The Director will organise the finals weekend for The AC Inter-Club Championship, The Mary Rose Inter-Club Trophy, The Longman Inter-Club Trophies and The Short Croquet Inter-Club Competition at the venue and on the dates listed in the CA Fixtures Calendar. The final of the Mary Rose will be played on the Saturday, and the final of the Inter-Club on the Sunday, that match consisting of either two or three sessions (see details of Inter-Club Format). The semi-finals of the Longman Trophies and the Short Croquet will be played on the Saturday, with the final and third-place play-off taking place on the Sunday. The final of the Secretary's Shield will be held at a venue and on a date to suit the finalists: the Director must be informed of the arrangement beforehand so as to be able to organise trophy presentation.
  15. The winning club is responsible for reporting the results of each match by email to - this report will then reach the Director, the Croquet England Office, the news editor of the website, the editor of the Gazette, and the people who maintain the Ranking Systems. The information required is:
    1. the competition
    2. the club names
    3. the match score
    4. the date played
    5. the venue
    6. the detailed game scores (compulsory for Inter-Club and Mary Rose, helpful for Longman Trophies, Secretary's Shield and Short Croquet)
    7. a short report (if available), which will be put onto the Croquet England website, and may be considered for inclusion in the Gazette.

Under exceptional circumstances, the Director will take just the club names, venue and match score over the telephone, but in this case, no entry will be made into the Ranking System and there may be a delay in updating competition results on the website, which in turn may delay arranging later rounds. It should therefore be followed by the full email report as above.

Brian Havill