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CA Silver Medals

This page is draft and subject to change before publication

CA Silver Medals

The CA Silver Medal marks a player's entry into the top echelon and is presented by the CA to any of its Individual Members who, in a Grade 1 or Grade 2 Championship singles event (see the Regulations for Tournaments C2b3), reaches any of the following stages for the first time when the requisite number of bona fide competitors are drawn and actually play:

  1. the final of the knockout stage (or the winner of the Draw or Process) when there are at least 16 competitors;
  2. the semi-final of the knockout stage (or the final of the Draw or Process) when there are at least 32 competitors.

Note: a player only receives a single medal even if achieving the above in both AC and GC. The CA website lists the award of all Silver Medals and will record when any individual has completed this achievement in both codes.

To claim the award, send details of your qualifying event to the CA Manager.