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Golf Croquet Level Series

The CA's Golf Croquet Level Series are a hierarchy of competitions that group together certain tournaments of a similar grade. Players are rewarded for their achievements in Series tournaments, by the awarding of points that can lead to a National Final or can achieve direct qualification to a National Final by dint of a qualifying tournament victory. Note however that the Open Series is a straight 'points race' with no National Final.

The hierarchy of Series tournaments (with links to the Results Page for each Series) is:

1The Championship Series8 Championship tournaments, leading to a National Final for English National Singles Championship (and the 'Ascot Cup')
2The Open Series13 Open tournaments.............................. It is a straight 'points race'. There is no National Final
3The A-Level (0+) Series14 tournaments restricted to handicaps 0+, leading to a National Final
4The B-Level (3+) Series26 tournaments restricted to handicaps 3+, leading to a National Final
5The C-Level (7+) Series24 tournaments restricted to handicaps 7+, leading to a National Final

There are special conditions regarding the allocation of places as follows:

  1. Procedures for Dealing with Entries in all GC Series Tournaments
  2. Tournament Regulations C3a 1 and 2 apply.
    1. Attention is drawn to C3a2A in particular, which details that two priority places be made available to players who U25 Members of the CA, subject to such players meeting the applicable handicap restrictions of the competition.
    2. Additionally, in the case of unrestricted events (i.e. the Championship and Open Series), U25 Member priority-placed players should have a handicap of 2 or lower.
  3. Tournament Regulation C3a3C does not apply. Instead, players with the highest-ranking GC CGS DGrade at the allocation date shall be selected.
  4. Thereafter, the remainder of Regulation C3 applies.

Christopher Roberts