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Become a Coach or Upgrade Your Coaching Qualification

If you would like to become a coach please contact either your Federation Coaching Officer or the CA Coaching Committee Chair.

A financial contribution of up to £25 per head is available from the CA for registered CA members, to help towards the cost of the enrolment fee on a CA-approved Coaches' Training or Qualification Course at any level; ask your FCO, Academy Contact or Course Organiser about this. This contribution is for attending and completing a coaching course and may be claimed only ONCE at each level. It is available only for courses that are approved for this purpose (normally in advance) by the CA through its Coaching Committee and that lead to a formal CA accreditation or qualification. Any such financial contribution is a contribution not towards candidates' personal expenses on travel, accommodation and so on, but towards the cost of running the course itself, for example, coaches' travel expenses, and may not exceed actual costs incurred. A Federation or Club may request the CA to help it run a course; any reimbursement is again towards the expenses of mounting the course itself. Academies and Course Organisers are asked to contact the CA Office with regard to making a claim on behalf of a group of players. The claim form is available in the downloads section. Some Federations may offer additional support.

There are several coach grades within the CA:

Becoming a Club-Level Coach

To become an accredited Club-Level Coach you should attend an approved CA Coaches' Training Course (CTC) led by an Examining Coach. A CTC runs over two days; is a mixture of lecture, demonstration, group-work, discussion and practical sessions; and includes formal assessment of each candidate's coaching skills both indoors and on the lawn. This course is designed to equip you to plan your courses and to coach beginners and high-handicap players at your own club. The CTC Course Organiser should notify your attendance to the CA Coaching Committee Chairman, who will record it and arrange for the remainder of the accreditation process to be supported.

Following successful completion of the two-day course, you must demonstrate, over at least five coaching sessions, your fitness to coach within your own club. You must keep a record (your Coaching Portfolio) of the coaching sessions, and, after completing the sessions, an official from your club should validate your coaching sessions by signing off your Coaching Portfolio and forwarding it to the Examining Coach. The Examining Coach then endorses your application and forwards the portfolio to the CA Coaching Committee Chairman together with a recommendation as to whether or not a pass is to be awarded. The Chairman then arranges for a final assessment of the application; ensures the candidate, the Examining Coach and the appropriate Federation Coaching Officer are informed of the outcome; and, for successful candidates, arranges for a badge to be forwarded, and for the candidate to be entered into the CA Register of Coaches.

Prospective Club-Level Coaches should be able to show basic knowledge of both the Rules of Golf Croquet AND the Laws of Association Croquet.

Becoming a Graded Coach

To become a CA Graded Coach (AC or GC) you should attend a CA Coaches' Qualification Course (CQC) approved by the CA via its Coaching Committee. This course is to develop, as may be necessary, your technical knowledge and coaching skills to the level at which you can competently coach players more advanced than beginners and high-handicap players.

In rare and very exceptional circumstances, candidates having appropriate coaching skill, experience and qualifications may be exempted from the requirement to attend a CQC and may be appointed as a Graded Coach if the CA Coaching Committee approves. Such approval will require a formal proposal to be put to the Committee by an Examining Coach who is able to assess and confirm the player's technical knowledge, skill and coaching abilities. In special cases, where a candidate has demonstrated appropriate technical knowledge, skill and coaching abilities, the assessment may be carried out during a CTC.

In all cases, the Examining Coach will send to the CA Coaching Committee Chairman and to the candidate a Coach Assessment Report, which will recommend either appointment as a CA Graded Coach, or any additional steps the candidate should undertake to develop the necessary skills. The Coach Assessment Report might also recommend appointment after other criteria are met, e.g. when the candidate has gained the appropriate Laws or Rules qualification, or has reached a handicap at the correct level.

Only CA Members will be entered onto the CA Register of Coaches and receive the coach's badge.

Association Croquet Graded Coaches Qualification Criteria

Prospective AC Graded Coaches should meet the criteria shown below for each Grade. A prospective higher-grade coach is not required to hold the lower qualification.

Golf Croquet Graded Coaches Qualification Criteria

Prospective GC Graded Coaches should meet the criteria shown below for each Grade. A prospective higher-grade coach is not required to hold the lower qualification.

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