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Enter and pay online or register availability. Enter and pay online or register availability.

View entries and the tournament details. View entries and the tournament details.

View details of tournament. View details of tournament.

add to diary iCal - add individual item to your diary manager.

You can customise your view of the Fixtures List to make it easier to use.

Note that a black line separates each week in the listing.

Tournament entry forms can be downloaded from the downloads section.

Fixtures List Key and Abbreviations Used

Key and Abbreviations Used
14A 14-Point Advanced
14H 14-Point Handicap
14HD 14-Point Handicap Doubles
A Level Advanced AC
AC Association Croquet
AD Level Advanced AC Doubles
AMD As Manager Decides / At Manager's Discretion
As Super-Advanced AC
Asa Level Advanced/Super-Advanced AC
AsaD Level Advanced/Super-Advanced AC Doubles
ASD Level Advanced AC Singles and Doubles
CA AC Coaching
CG GC Coaching
CGS Croquet Grading System (GC rankings)
CO Other Coaching
CQC Coaches' Qualification Course
CRA AC Referee Course
CRG GC Referee Course
CTC Coaches' Training Course
E Depends on entry (AC)
G GC (Level)
GC Golf Croquet
GD GC Doubles (Level)
Gh GC Handicap
GhD GC Handicap Doubles
GM GC Mixed (Level and Handicap)
GSD GC Singles and Doubles (Level)
H Handicap AC
Ha Handicap Advanced AC
HD Handicap AC Doubles
HSD Handicap AC Singles and Doubles
L Level Ordinary Play AC
MS Mixed AC (Level and Handicap) Singles
MSD Mixed AC (Level and Handicap) Singles and Doubles
MSDGh Mixed AC (L & H) Singles & Dbls + GC H'cap Singles
O One-Ball Advanced
Oh One-Ball Handicap
OM One-Ball Mixed (Level and Handicap)
SAC Short Croquet (AC) Handicap
TBA To Be Arranged / To Be Advised
TBD To Be Decided
V Various
wd (Number of) working days spanned by a tournament
Comments Column
Association and Golf Croquet CHAMPIONSHIPS are shown in capitals - C1, C2 or C3 shows the Championship Grade.
CA-organised events are shown in bold type.
Association Croquet handicap restrictions are indicated thus:
  • H:1+ means AC handicaps of 1 or higher.
  • H:10- means AC handicaps of 10 or lower.
  • H:2-9 means AC handicaps from 2 to 9 inclusive.
Golf Croquet handicap restrictions are indicated thus:
  • G:1+ means GC handicaps of 1 or higher.
  • G:10- means GC handicaps of 10 or lower.
  • G:2-9 means GC handicaps from 2 to 9 inclusive.
Age limits are indicated thus: 50+ means age 50 or over.
The number of working days (wd) each tournament occupies is shown in the comments column.

Tournament Dates

Entries should arrive before the Allocation Date. Between then and the Closing Date, entries will be accepted if the tournament is not full, or may be placed on a waiting list in order of receipt. After the Closing Date, entries will only be accepted at the discretion of the Manager, who should be approached direct.

For full details, refer to the Tournament Regulations, section C2 Tournament Programme and section C3 Procedures for Dealing with Entries.

Date Meaning
Allocation Organiser decides whose entries to accept on this date; where no date is shown it has not been specified by the organiser and entries are considered in order of receipt. For selection events: selection announcement - if pay online, payment system opens 7 days before (in case of early selection). The online entry system will accept entries after this date only if the event is not full.
Closing Entries might not be accepted after this date; where no date is shown it has not been specified by the organiser. For selection events: availability registration closes. The online entry system will not accept entries after this date.
Draw The date who-plays-whom in the tournament is published (usually only for championships). For selection events: payment due date - re-selection for non-payers.

How to use the customisation

Use the customisation to show selected tournaments only. When you have finished, you can print the page or (if logged in) use one of the buttons to help enter them, import them into your diary manager (e.g. MS Outlook), or to create a sheet to print to help manage your entries.

Display Options

Click display options at the top of the listing to show the options:
  • Select the basic event types that will be displayed, by ticking at least one of Association Croquet or Golf Croquet. Only the event types ticked here will be shown.
  • Choose a club region to restrict the listing - or click a club name in the listing to show only tournaments at that club (this actually goes to the club details page).
  • By default, only future events are shown, tick Past Dates to see past events in the current year (or last few months of the previous year).
  • During the period of fixtures list production, the draft fixtures list is available when you tick Draft Entries.

Use the search (bottom of full fixtures listing page when viewing the complete fixtures list) to list events containing the text you specify anywhere in their text fields, for example in their entry conditions.

Members: once you are logged in you can use additional features:

  • Unrestricted handicap events are shown by default, for example by ticking the box to hide them you can see B-Level events.
  • In the full fixtures listing, enter a handicap at the top of the page (and click go), then only events that would allow that handicap are listed (e.g. if you enter handicap 12, events stipulating a handicap restriction of 11 or lower will not be listed) - this works independently for Golf Croquet and Association Croquet handicaps. Click [Show All Events] to clear this.
  • Use the '-' at the left to hide a tournament you are not interested in (refresh the page to show all tournaments again).
  • Use the Checkboxes to tick each event you are interested in, then, at the bottom, select the action you want to perform (note that the actions are only available if you select fewer than 100 events).

    An alternative way of doing this is to click on the '-' at the left of each row to hide the events you are not interested in and finally use the [(De)Select All] button at the bottom of the listing. Note though that this setting is not remembered and any selection is lost if you reload the page.

    Having selected 1-100 events, the following options are available:

    • [Show only selected] Shows only the selected events in the tournament listing format - a page you can save in your bookmarks and so return to to make further selections or just for reference. Click [Show All Events] to restore the display of all events.
    • [Highlighted selected] Shows all events (subject to the filter options) with the your selections highlighted.
    • Select [Download selected to diary] to download an iCal file to update your electronic diary.
    • [Enter selected events] Opens a page with up to three buttons to help enter the selected tournaments:
      • go to online entry for the all the selected tournaments that can be entered online.
      • register availability online for the relevant selected events.
      • Show entry details for the selected tournaments that require an entry form but cannot be entered online. This is a printable page to help manage your postal entries.

Download into your diary: How to use an iCal file

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook will usually automatically open the file when you download it - older versions cannot make sense of a file that contains more than one event so you should download them separately using the iCal icon in the tournaments listing. More recent versions of Outlook create a new calendar if you just open the file - you need to import it. See answers.microsoft.com/...

Google Calendar

  1. Download and save the iCal file from the CA Fixtures listing.
  2. In Google Calendar: select Settings and Calendar Settings.
  3. Choose the Calendars tab
  4. Choose Import calendar
  5. Choose the file you downloaded above and click Import.
After a few seconds, Google should tell you it Successfully imported ... events. If anything else happens that doesn't look like a problem with your PC, contact the webmaster for help.


For results, news, reports, corrections, updates, etc. see contact the CA. As an anti-spam measure when not logged-in, # replaces @ in email addresses - click on the link as usual to send an email.

The CA will not share your personal details with any other organisation and undertakes to keep them confidential as described in our Security, Privacy, and Cookie Policies and Information.