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The Golf Croquet Inter-County Championship 2017

The Golf Croquet Inter-County Championship 2017 takes place 19-20 Aug 2017 at Sussex County croquet club. Click on the tournament name for entry conditions and details.

Director: Bill Arliss
Manager: Bill Arliss

Draw updated: 13 Jun 2017; Details: 13 Jun 2017.

Additional information:

See previous winners in the history section. Make sure you register your eligibility.


Updated: 13 Jun 2017

Click on a county to highlight its matches in the Order of Play below (AC only).

Please note the news item A Firm Basis for Determining Player Eligibility.

Order of Play

The lawn allocation is such that all teams visit all lawns at least once but never more than three time. In the schedules below a capital letter represents a doubles match and lower case letter a pairs of singles matches.

Sat 9.15 Captain's briefing - Veranda Room
Round Start Time Lawn
Sat.   1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 BYE
1 9.30 DL hl AB ag EG df HK bc CJ FI ej ik
2 10.40 FG fg HI hi JK la DE jk LA BC de bc
3 11.50 AH ah EL cj DI bg BG el FK di fk CJ
  1.00 LUNCH
4 2.00 DJ dj EK fl FL ek CI bh BH AG ci ag
5 3.10 IK ik JL bd AC ac FH jl BD eg fh EG
  4.10 TEA
6 4.30 CE bl DF ce AK hj BL ak GI HJ gi df
7 5.40 GJ be CF hk BE gj AD cf IL il ad HK
8 9.30 AE dk BI bi HL ae DK cg FJ CG fj hl
9 10.40 EI ei GK dl BJ bj AF gk CH af ch DL
10 11.50 BF ai AI bf CK ck GL dh EJ DH gl ej
  1.00 LUNCH
11 2.00 BK aj DG eh AJ fi CL dg EH bk cl FI
12 3.20 CD cd EF ef GH gh IJ ij KL kl ab AB

Notes on the Schedule

  • The format is an all play all arrangement, giving each of the twelve teams eleven matches. Each match will consist of two singles and one doubles game. As we only have eleven lawns available and require twelve to complete each round, the matches on the twelth lawn,either one game of doubles or two games of singles, will be missing from each round. All missing games will be scheduled in round 1. Round 1 results need not be reported until all games in a match between two counties are completed. As ties are not acceptable, each match must record either a 2-1 or 3-0 results
  • After completion of all 12 rounds, the teams will be ranked in the following manner
  • the winner will be the team with the most match wins
  • in the event of an equal number of match wins, game wins will be used as a decider
  • if both match and games wins are equal, the who beats who criteria will decide where just two teams are equal.
  • if further resolution is required, this will be at the Manager's discretion but net points may be used. However should the problems be with the top teams, a three way play off may be used if time allows.
  • the bottom team must be identified in case of a play off for the following year.
  • Before each round the Captains are required to give their opposite number a written slip giving the names of the players they intend to use for that round. This must show all players' handicaps.
  • Teams may register up to a maximum of eight players. The names of each player and his/her present handicap must be given to the CA Office when the entry fee is paid. A registered player may be changed before the start as long as the Manager is notified. Additional players may be added to the list at any time provided they are eligible for the County and the total registered does not exceed eight.
  • Any four of the registered players may be selected for each initial round but with the following constraints.
  • The numbers of singles and doubles matches played by each player must not vary by more than one when totalled at the end of the event.
  • The player with the lowest handicap must play as player 1 in all pairs of singles games.
  • Each game is subject to a 60 minute time limit. Players should make their own arrangements for timing. When time expires the normal eight shots will be taken. if the scores are not equal the game will stop immediately and the present score will be taken as the result. If the scores are equal then play will continue until another hoop is scored, at which time the new result will be reported. NOTE If play is still in progress on the final hoop when the next round is scheduled to start, the Manager reserves the right to suspend a game for later completion. The time limit was extended redently at player's request from the original 50 minutes. However the shorter limit may be reintoduced with minimum notice if the schedule gets very badly behind.
  • In double banked games, the first game to place a ball at a hoop has priority at that hoop.
  • As we no longer will accept a tied game as a result, this restricts the possible results of any round to 0-3, 1-2, 2-1, or 3-0. This allows us to use the same scoreboard as used for the AC Inter Counties which will allow all teams to monitor their exact standing at any time. The winning Captain is responsible for ensuring that the correct tablets are placed on the master scoreboard for both his and his opponent's team. The scoreboard should be updated immediately after completion of the third game in any match.
  • Pegs will be provided for keeping score and their use is mandatory to allow the manager or other players to know the score at any time without disturbing the players.
  • All qualified referees are asked to attend when called. Clocks may be stopped for the absence of a player refereeing.
  • All Captains must complete a team results sheet with the individual results. This will be used for the purposes of input to the ranking system of all singles games and as a checklist for the balance of singles and doubles games for each player. It should be kept up to date on a round by round basis and may be required for team ranking after the first eleven rounds. We cannot complete the presentation until this list has been checked by the Manager so please ensure it is kept up to date throughout the competition. Please remember that the Manager is unlikely to know who "Fred" is, so full names please and also please print if your writing is bad.
  • Players may warm up on the allocated lawn after 9:15 each morning


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