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GC A-Level (0+) Series

The CA's golf croquet A-Level (0+) Series is part of a hierarchy of competitions that group together certain tournaments of a similar grade. Players are rewarded for their achievements in Series tournaments, by the awarding of points that can lead to a National Final or can achieve direct qualification to a National Final by dint of a qualifying tournament victory. Note however that the Open Series and A-Level (0+) Series are straight 'points races' with no National Final.

The hierarchy of Series tournaments is:

  1. The Championship Series............ - 8 Championship tournaments, leading to a National Final for English National Singles Championship (and the 'Ascot Cup')
  2. The Open Series (unrestricted)..... - 9 Open tournaments ............................., it is a straight 'points race'. There is no National Final.
  3. The A-Level (0+) Series......... - 13 tournaments restricted to handicaps 0+, it is a straight 'points race'. There is no National Final.
  4. The B-Level (3+) Series............ - 26 tournaments restricted to handicaps 3+, leading to a National Final.
  5. The C-Level (7+) Series............ - 24 tournaments restricted to handicaps 7+, leading to a National Final.

A-Level (0+) Series Tournaments 2021

Tournament Date

(10 points)

(6 points)

(4 points)

(2 points)

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Wrest Park

24-25 April

Paul Gunn

Paul Durkin

Ron Carter

Tony Butcher

report by Richard Keighley


Phyllis Court / High Wycombe

30 Apr-01 May

Paul Gunn

Andrea Huxley

Ron Carter

Stephen Harbron



15-16 May

Louise Smith

Neil Humphreys

Paul Gunn

Jonny Claxton

report by Richard Jenkins



05-06 June

Aston Wade Louise Smith Colin Britt Stephen Pearson

report by Stuart M Smith


Crake Valley

19-20 June

Paul Durkin

Charlie Sale

David Cornes

Jane Pringle



19-20 June

Tony Butcher

Jane Humpheys

Paul Gunn

Geoff Johnson   Yes


17-18 July

John Hague

John Gosden

Chris Jackson

Mike Bilton

report by David Boxall



24-25 July

Paul Gunn

Mike Bilton

Ray Mounfield

Tony McCann



07-08 August

James Thomas

John Hampson

Philip Blake

Tony McCann

report by David Crawford


Sussex County

14-15 August

Colin Britt

Neil Humphreys

Liz Farrow

Stephen Custance-Baker


Guildford & Godalmaing

03-04 Sept.

Peter Balchin

Neil Humphreys

Paul Gunn

Jane Humphreys

report by Mike Huxley



11-12 Sept.



25-26 Sept.

Tony Butcher

Geoff Johnson

Stephen Hayns

Roy Tillcock

report by Andrew Larpent


Final standings


Paul Gunn (42 pts)

Tony Butcher (22)

Neil Humphreys (18)

Paul Durkin & Louise Smith (16)


Points Totals 2021

This is the 'leader board' of points accumulated by players in the qualifying events from finishing first (10 points), second (6 points), third (4 points) or fourth (2 points).

New rule for all Series competitions from 2018 onwards - If a third/fourth place play-off is declined by one player but not the other, the player willing to play will be placed third and the unwilling player fourth (with Series points awarded as above). If neither player is willing to play a third/fourth place play-off, BOTH players will score only 2 points.

The A-Level Series winner shall be the player who has accumulated the most Series points in the season. If there is a tie on Series points after the last tournament, the Series winner shall be the player who has scored the greater number of tournament wins, followed (in order) by the greater number of second, third and fourth places.

Name Points
Paul Gunn 42
Tony Butcher 22
Neil Humphreys 18
Paul Durkin 16
Louise Smith 16
Colin Britt 14
Peter Balchin 10
John Hague 10
James Thomas 10
Aston Wade 10
Mike Bilton 8
Ron Carter 8
Jane Humphreys 8
John Gosden 6
John Hampson 6
Andrea Huxley 6
Charlie Sale 6
David Cornes 4
Philip Blake 4
Stephen Haynes 4
Liz Farrow 4
Chris Jackson 4
Tony McCann 4
Ray Mounfield 4
Jonny Claxton 2
Stephen Custance-Baker 2
Stephen Harbron 2
Geoff Johnson 2
Stephen Pearson 2
Jane Pringle 2
Roy Tillcock 2


Previous Seasons' Results

(None yet. This is anew competiton in 2021)