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GC A-Level Series

The CA's golf croquet A-Level Series is part of a hierarchy of competitions that group together certain tournaments of a similar grade. Players are rewarded for their achievements in Series tournaments, by the awarding of points that can lead to a National Final or can achieve direct qualification to a National Final by dint of a qualifying tournament victory. Note however that the A-Level Series is a straight 'points race' with no National Final.

The hierarchy of Series tournaments is:

  1. The English National Singles Championship (8 Open tournaments leading to a National Final for the 'Ascot Cup')
  2. The National A-Level Series (8 Open tournaments - A straight 'points race'. There is no National Final)
  3. The National B-Level Series (24 tournaments restricted to handicaps 3+, leading to a National Final)
  4. The National C-Level Series (a planned competition for handicap +7 with a National Final - to start in 2018)

A-Level Series Tournaments 2017

Tournament Date

(10 points)

(6 points)

(4 points)

(2 points)

Tournament report links Results on rankings?

22/23 April

Stephen Custance-Baker

Ivor Brand

Peter Balchin

David Bell

Report by Russell Barter

Lancashire (Pendle)

29/30 April

Tim King

David Widdison

Freda Vitty

Ray Mounfield

Report by Tim King


6/7 May

Lionel Tibble

Peter Dowd

John Noble

Michael Hills

Report by Lionel Tibble


5/6 June

Jeff Dawson Lionel Tibble

James Death

Chris Roberts

Report by Bernard Jones


17/18 June

Jane Pringle Freda Vitty

Les Heard

Libby Dixon

Report by Abdul Ahmad


8/9 July

Stephen Custance-Baker Chris Roberts

Roy Tillcock

Pam Sim

East Dorset

15/16 July

Jonathan Powe

Richard Brooks

Nick Archer

Tom Weston

Report by Jonathan Powe


9/10 Sept

David Dray Colin Britt

Lionel Tibble & Martin French (3pts. each)

  not yet

Points Totals 2017

This is the 'leader board' of points accumulated by players.

The player with the most points after the last A-Level Series tournament of the year, will win National A-Level Series competition for the current year.

Name Points
Stephen Custance-Baker 20
Lionel Tibble 19
Jeff Dawson 10
David Dray 10
Tim King 10
Jane Pringle 10
Jonathan Powe 10
Freda Vitty 10
Chris Roberts 8
Ivor Brand 6
Colin Britt 6
Richard Brooks 6
Peter Dowd 6
David Widdison 6
Nick Archer 4
Peter Balchin 4
James Death 4
Les Heard 4
John Noble 4
Roy Tillcock 4
Martin French 3
David Bell 2
Libby Dixon 2
Michael Hills 2
Ray Mounfield 2
Pam Sim 2
Tom Weston 2

Please contact Competition Director Chris Roberts if you spot any results errors.


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