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Impact of Coronavirus on Tournaments

Warning: This page is archived and not maintained. It is provided for historic or background interest.

Content might not be current and links might not go where expected.

COVID-19 continues to affect croquet tournaments in the UK. CA's Coronavirus Task Force will continue to issue guidance and instruction in line with government policy and discussions with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport and the Sport & Recreation Alliance.

The latest information will continue to be linked from a news item on the homepage of the CA website.

As a general rule, when entering Tournaments or Events, we recommend that members book only accommodation that can be cancelled without penalty and refundable public transport tickets until the high risk of an event cancellation is over. Decisions about tournaments should generally be made no later than the allocation date, although there may be circumstances which require changes are shorter notice. This will particularly be the case in the event of any local restrictions which may be imposed.

Should you wish to withdraw from a tournament that accepts entries online, you can do so through the Tournament Entry System (TES) - there's a help page linked from there (if needed).

An Tournament Entry Fee Donation Scheme has been implemented to enable players to donate their entry fee to support the host club if they wish to.