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Play Croquet!

What is croquet all about - and why should you give it a try?

Croquet: six hoops, four balls, two mallets and a patch of grass.

Sounds easy enough.

Croquet is a game of skill and strategy, angles, tactics, guile. A bit like snooker on grass. Will your balls get through the hoops and peg out before your opponent's?

Croquet offers sport, friendships, fun, competition and a whole lot more.

To see what we mean, please watch the adjacent short video. With over 200 clubs nationwide to choose from, look up your nearest club to find out more about the outdoor sport that keeps you physically and mentally fit, providing a competitive yet sociable environment. Clubs belong to regional Federations.

Croquet is played on a 35 x 28 yards completely flat and closely-mown fine grass court.

Six cast-iron hoops and a peg set firmly into the ground, four balls weighing one pound (in top-class competition 1/32" smaller than a hoop), and mallets weighing around three pounds are used to play at club to international level.

The coaching section will get you started through to international champion.

The Refereeing section tells you how to become or be a better referee.

The handicapping system allows competitive games between players of different abilities.

The Ranking System ranks all croquet players in the world.

There are two main variants of the game played in the UK, see the introduction to croquet:

The Technical section tells everything else!

There are also some just-for-fun games you can play on a croquet lawn.

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Where are the best players?

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