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The Tea Lady Explained

by Keith Aiton, December 2000

During the 1990 NZ Open Doubles Championship at the United Club in Christchurch, I forget the lawn number, but I think it was the one in the corner near (but not next to) the clubhouse.

Bob Jackson and Joe Hogan (then World Champion Doubles Pair) were playing and The Legend says that in order to avoid having a bye, two of the ladies who were there to provide teas etc. were persuaded to make up the numbers. The opponents were not in fact tea ladies (as far as I know), but just looked like them.

Joe laid up an octuple for Bob and the shot hit was from hoop 3 to a yard south of hoop 5. The first shot was hit, but no hoops made so Joe made the leave again and the other "tea lady" hit. I have rarely heard bigger cheers at a croquet tournament.

Keith (an actual, genuine, bona fide, eye-witness)


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