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Robert Fulford won the East Midlands Championship

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pictureNottingham Croquet Club

by Ian Vincent at Nottingham
25-27 June 2004 (AC - Championships)

Fulford won both the draw and the process, the loosing finalists being Richard White and David Kibble respectively.

David Maugham won the plate (and claimed a platinum award for his Sextuple; Robert did 4!). There were 24 entries.


GJ Bennett bt AC Davies +21
DJ Kibble bt DB Maugham +19tp
AK Gregory bt JG Allen +18
LG Tibble bt Dr FL Whittaker +12
P Castell bt Dr IG Vincent +15
Dr JC Williams bt R Lamm +26
D Harrison-Wood bt Mrs. E Fleming +22
Mrs BA McGlen bt BJ Storey +1
RK White bt PJ Death +26
G Woolhouse bt R Edlin-White +9
RJ Brown bt P Swaffield +17tp
RI Fulford bt Miss L Bradforth +26tp
DJ Kibble bt GJ Bennett +3
LG Tibble bt AK Gregory +25tp
LG Tibble bt G Woolhouse +8
P Castell bt Dr JC Williams +4
D Harrison-Wood bt Mrs BA McGlen +22tp
RK White bt DJ Kibble +3
RI Fulford bt D Harrison-Wood +24tp
RJ Brown bt P Castell +22tp

RK White bt LG Tibble +21tp
RI Fulford bt RJ Brown +26sxp

RI Fulford bt RK White +7sxp


RJ Brown bt GJ Bennett +26
Mrs. E Fleming bt R Edlin-White +15
Dr JC Williams bt PJ Death +26tp
RI Fulford bt LG Tibble +26sxp
RK White bt Dr IG Vincent +21
JG Allen bt Miss L Bradforth +2
DJ Kibble bt P Swaffield +26tp
G Woolhouse bt BJ Storey +2
P Castell bt AK Gregory +13
DB Maugham bt Mrs BA McGlen +24
D Harrison-Wood bt AC Davies +14tp
R Lamm bt Dr FL Whittaker +13
RI Fulford bt Dr JC Williams +26sxp
RI Fulford bt DB Maugham +24tp
RJ Brown bt Mrs. E Fleming +26tp
RK White bt JG Allen +26
DJ Kibble bt G Woolhouse +21
RJ Brown bt P Castell +11
RK White bt D Harrison-Wood +15
DJ Kibble bt R Lamm +26tp

RI Fulford bt RJ Brown +26tp
DJ Kibble bt RK White +13

RI Fulford bt DJ Kibble +13tpo


R Lamm bt PJ Death +22
DB Maugham bt AC Davies +17stp
Dr FL Whittaker bt JG Allen +17
Mrs. E Fleming bt Miss L Bradforth +11tp
Dr JC Williams bt R Edlin-White +12tp
RI Fulford bt R Lamm +14tp
DB Maugham bt AK Gregory +26
AC Davies bt PJ Death +14
Dr FL Whittaker bt GJ Bennett +21
JG Allen bt R Edlin-White +7
Dr IG Vincent bt BJ Storey +5
DB Maugham bt G Woolhouse +24qnp
Miss L Bradforth bt P Swaffield +14
Mrs. E Fleming bt AK Gregory +16tp
Dr JC Williams bt Mrs BA McGlen +26
AC Davies bt R Lamm +22
DB Maugham bt RK White +17tp
PJ Death bt R Edlin-White +14
D Harrison-Wood bt Dr FL Whittaker +6
GJ Bennett bt BJ Storey +17
Mrs BA McGlen bt G Woolhouse +14
DJ Kibble bt AC Davies +7
JG Allen bt P Castell +15
Dr IG Vincent bt R Lamm +8
LG Tibble bt GJ Bennett +24
Mrs BA McGlen bt P Swaffield +4
LG Tibble bt P Castell +22tp
GJ Bennett bt Miss L Bradforth +8
AK Gregory bt PJ Death +8
BJ Storey bt R Edlin-White +23
DB Maugham bt Dr JC Williams +24tp
Dr IG Vincent bt AC Davies +14
JG Allen bt LG Tibble +8
Mrs. E Fleming bt Dr FL Whittaker +26tp
DB Maugham bt GJ Bennett +25sxp
Dr JC Williams bt BJ Storey +22tp
Mrs. E Fleming bt Mrs BA McGlen +21tp
P Swaffield bt R Edlin-White +4
Dr FL Whittaker bt G Woolhouse +13
DB Maugham bt D Harrison-Wood +22
P Castell bt AC Davies +1
BJ Storey bt AK Gregory +20
JG Allen bt GJ Bennett +18
RJ Brown bt Dr JC Williams +11tp
DJ Kibble bt Dr IG Vincent +25tp
DB Maugham bt RJ Brown +17
AC Davies bt P Swaffield +17
Mrs. E Fleming bt LG Tibble +18
R Lamm bt Miss L Bradforth +17
D Harrison-Wood bt JG Allen +26tp
AK Gregory bt G Woolhouse +15
Dr FL Whittaker bt Dr JC Williams +4
BJ Storey bt P Castell +5
Mrs BA McGlen bt GJ Bennett +25
R Edlin-White bt Mrs BA McGlen +12
PJ Death bt JG Allen +18tp
R Lamm bt P Swaffield +15
DB Maugham bt Mrs. E Fleming +24
RJ Brown bt D Harrison-Wood +26tp
Dr IG Vincent bt LG Tibble +3
AC Davies bt Miss L Bradforth +4
Dr JC Williams bt GJ Bennett +17tp
AK Gregory bt Dr FL Whittaker +12
P Castell bt G Woolhouse +22
PJ Death bt BJ Storey +6
DB Maugham bt RJ Brown +26
JG Allen bt P Swaffield +22
DJ Kibble bt D Harrison-Wood +15
R Lamm bt R Edlin-White +17
RK White bt Dr JC Williams +18tp
Mrs BA McGlen bt P Castell +8


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