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Editorial Policy for News Pages on Croquet England's Website

  1. Each page will carry a disclaimer being a simple copy of that in The Croquet Gazette (i.e. "Disclaimer: The opinions expressed on this news web page are those of the Editor and contributors. The Croquet Association is not responsible for statements other than those clearly defined as being made on behalf of the Croquet Association").
  2. The disclaimer will appear in small (but visible) font at the foot of each page.
  3. Statements by the Chairman of Council, or of any CA committee, or by the CA Secretary, made on behalf of the Croquet Association may be represented as official CA views or policy.
  4. The editorial policy, once agreed, shall appear as a linked web page for easy reference.
  5. Any news item that comes to the attention of the Web News Editor (WNE) from any source that, in the opinion of the WNE, may be of interest to a number of CA members will be considered for publication unless it is explicitly marked as not for publication or confidential.
  6. News items may include some overseas events in which the CA has no part.
  7. News items may (but are unlikely to) exclude some CA events or announcements. When requested by the Chairman of Council, or of any CA committee, or by the Secretary, the WNE shall publish CA news items. If such items are edited materially, the revised version shall be approved by the originator before publication.
  8. The WNE will endeavour to ensure that no potentially libellous statements appear on the news pages. If in doubt the WNE shall, prior to publication, refer the matter to the CA Secretary.
  9. The WNE is to ensure that no derogatory references to individuals or bodies appear on the news pages.
  10. The WNE may publish contributions that criticise the views or actions of the Croquet Association. In such cases, the WNE shall endeavour to obtain a response from the relevant CA Council member or the Secretary, which shall be published after the critical contribution.
  11. The WNE will ensure that any contribution that he may consider to be controversial is correctly attributed.
  12. The WNE may substantially modify contributions whilst maintaining their original attribution, but not so far that the originator would not recognise his own work.
  13. The WNE will not publish anything that, in the opinion of the WNE, may cause offence to a reasonable individual.
  14. Upon receipt of a complaint, the WNE will endeavour to correct or remove any misrepresentation or offensive material as soon as it is practicable (typically within the day). In such cases, including when in the opinion of the WNE no action is necessary, the WNE will inform the complainant and send a copy of all correspondence to the CA Secretary.
  15. If the Chairman of Council (or his deputy), whilst acting in his official capacity, reasonably requests removal of material from the news pages then the request shall be honoured without undue delay.

Approved by CA Council on 16th December 2000.