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Playing Croquet

Croquet is played on a 35 x 28 yards completely flat and closely-mown fine grass court.

Six cast-iron hoops and a peg set firmly into the ground, four balls weighing one pound (in top-class competition 1/32" smaller than a hoop), and mallets weighing around three pounds are used to play at club to international level.

There are three main variants of the game played in the UK:

  • Garden Croquet - simplified Association Croquet suitable for beginners to play in the garden
  • Association Croquet - score many hoop points in a single turn by playing breaks
  • Golf Croquet - one stroke per turn and when a hoop is scored all players move on to the next
  • Short Croquet - a simplified version of Association Croquet played on half-size lawns.

For more background, see the introduction to croquet.


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