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Coaching is important for developing, sustaining and increasing participation in croquet. Croquet England is committed to a coaching programme that trains and develops excellent coaches who can provide a wide range of coaching to players of all levels throughout the country.

This page tells you how our coaching system works, how you can find a coaching course, how you can become a coach and how you can upgrade your coaching qualification. It also covers Croquet England's special awards and schemes that encourage players and coaches of all ages.

If you are looking for coaching materials, coaching ideas, practice routines, skills tests, jargon busters, or hints and tips on tactics, follow this link to our coaching resources.

Good luck and enjoy your coaching!

John Harris, Chair of the Coaching Committee

Interested in Becoming a Coach?

Here are Five Great Reasons to Do It

  1. You stay involved with the game you love, the friendships and the fun
  2. It's a great way to give something back to the community and the sport
  3. You can inspire new players to the game - perhaps, the next generation of players
  4. You will develop personally - and so will your game
  5. Keeps you fit, keeps you thinking, keeps you learning!

Next Steps - Follow These Links for More Information

Find Coaching

Become a Coach

Coaching Schemes, Awards and Resources



Interested in trying croquet? Every one of the 220 Croquet Clubs in the country offers taster sessions and coaching for beginners. Find your local club and call them - you can be sure of a warm welcome!

Club-Level Coaches

More than 200 accredited Club-Level Coaches are ready to coach beginners and improving players in their clubs throughout the country.

Graded Coaches

200 qualified Graded Coaches are ready to coach players at all levels of ability - from refreshing and consolidating the basics right on through to international standard. Just ask!

Examining Coaches

Our 20 Examining Coaches coach the coaches by running initial courses to train new Club-Level Coaches. They also take a lead in developing Graded Coaches and recommending them for appointment.

Coaching Courses

Coaching Academies offer a wide range of coaching courses for players of all abilities. Development Pods operate locally, as do coaching initiatives at Federation level.

regional Coaching Officers

Each region of the country has a Federation Coaching Officer who seeks to ensure their region's coaching needs are met. Need some help or advice - give your Federation Coaching Officer a call!

Player Schemes

The Mentoring Scheme seeks to help under-25s to benefit from the experience of leading players. The Bursary Scheme provides financial support for young aspiring international players.

International Opportunities

The AC Development Squad and GC Development Squad are for improving players who have international potential.


These prestigious awards recognise outstanding coaches. Each year Croquet England honours a Coach of the Year, and occasionally bestows a Lifetime Coaching Award.


The Merit Awards recognise players developing their skills to ever-higher levels. The scheme covers achievements. in both GC and AC and players may apply for Awards in both.

Player Performance Awards

The Most Improved Player Awards recognise players whose tournament play shows the most striking handicap improvement. The Silver Medal Scheme recognises players who enter the highest echelons of the game.