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Golf Croquet Tactical Decision Tree

1 Should SB run the hoop? If yes - do it
    If no (too risky or loses next hoop) - go to 2...

Is OB1 a threat?

If yes - clear, block or hamper
  2.1: can it run the hoop?  

2.2: can it harm PB?


2.3: can it assist OB2?

    If no - go to 3...

Can PB be assisted?

If yes - do it
  3.1: can it be protected in position?  
  3.2: can it be promoted to position?  
    If no - go to 4...
4 Is OB2 a threat? If yes - clear, block or hamper
  4.1: can it run the hoop?  

4.2: can it harm SB in position?


4.3: can it harm PB?

    If no - go to 5...
5 Take position for hoop  
  5.1: consider jawsing (nestling) be alert to OB1/OB2 jumping potential
  5.2: consider best distance depends on starting distance from hoop
  5.3: consider correct side prevent OB1/OB2 clearing it to far boundary


SB: Striker's ball - the one about to play.
PB = partner ball.
OB1 = next opponent ball in sequence.
OB2 = other opponent ball, which will play after PB.

This page published with thanks to its originator, Stephen Mulliner.