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Latest Competition News and Results


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The Open Championships - James Death and Samir Patel won the Doubles Championship

by Samir Patel at The Hurlingham Club [^]
1-8 July 2017 (Championships)

The draw for the Doubles Championship Knockout is as follows:

  Reg Bamford & Stephen Mulliner

Reg Bamford
& Stephen Mulliner

Reg Bamford
& Stephen Mulliner

Reg Bamford
& Stephen Mulliner

James Death
& Samir Patel

  Stuart Lawrence & Mark Ormerod
  Christian Carter & Jose Riva

Christian Carter
& Jose Riva

  Andrew Hope & Martin Murray
  Brian Cumming & Doug Grimsley

Phil Cordingley
& Gabrielle Higgins

Mark Avery
& David Openshaw

  Phil Cordingley & Gabrielle Higgins
  Chris Farthing & Chris Patmore

Mark Avery
& David Openshaw

  Mark Avery & David Openshaw
  Alain Giraud & David Maugham

Alain Giraud
& David Maugham
+24tp(G) +25tp(M)

Alain Giraud
& David Maugham

James Death
& Samir Patel

  Sam Murray & Andy Myers
  George Noble & Ian Vincent

Keith Aiton
& Jared Keeman

  Keith Aiton & Jared Keeman
  Dennis Bulloch & Tim Russell

Alison Jones
& Dave Kibble

James Death
& Samir Patel
-10 +19 +26tp(P)

  Alison Jones & Dave Kibble
  Jeff Dawson & Mike Town

James Death
& Samir Patel

Joel Taylor & David Wise

James Death & Samir Patel
+18stp(P) +20

James Death & Samir Patel

AC Veterans Tournament 2017

by Brian Fisk at Southwick [^]
22nd June (Championships)

The entry this year is disappointing compared to last year at Budleigh Salterton. As a result new venues will be chosen for the next two years.

Handicap Doubles

There were only 4 pairs competing for the handicap doubles event which was played as a single American Block of 4. Janet Overell and Margaret Hampson ran out winners on a who beat who basis having won 2 out of 3 games. Brian Fisk and Paul Castell were runners up also having won 2 out of 3 games.

Handicap Singles

8 players contested the Handicap Singles event. This was run as a draw and process (2 life) event and the final was between Phil Dunk and David Marcus. David Marcus ran out winner +11.

Class Singles

There was only one entry for the 'C' class so that player was put in the 'B' event (with their consent). Each class had one American block of 7.

Results from 'A' block (Rothwell Challenge Cup)

winner: Simon Hathrell 5/6 wins
runner up: Brian Fisk 4/6 wins

Dr Simon Hathrell bt Alan Cottle +7
Jonathan Lamb bt Dennis Bulloch +22
David Wise bt Jon Diamond +19
Dr Simon Hathrell bt Dennis Bulloch +20tp
Jonathan Lamb bt Alan Cottle +7
Brian Fisk bt David Wise +17
Dr Simon Hathrell bt Jonathan Lamb +4
Dennis Bulloch bt Brian Fisk +17
Alan Cottle bt Jon Diamond +10
David Wise bt Dr Simon Hathrell +17
Dennis Bulloch bt Jon Diamond +9
Brian Fisk bt Alan Cottle +11
Dr Simon Hathrell bt Brian Fisk +1
Dennis Bulloch bt David Wise +8
Jonathan Lamb bt Jon Diamond +1
Dr Simon Hathrell bt Jon Diamond +4
David Wise bt Alan Cottle +10
Brian Fisk bt Jonathan Lamb +26tp
Alan Cottle bt Dennis Bulloch +5tp
Jonathan Lamb bt David Wise +24
Brian Fisk bt Jon Diamond +25tp

There were some close games, two ending up +1. In one case Jonatham Lamb came back from 1&1 with two excellent 3 ball breaks to beat Jon Diamond who had missed the peg out with one ball turning a potential +26 into a -1. In the other the game was more scrappy however Simon Hathrell won by +1 in a two ball ending after Brian Fisk had inadvertently pegged out one ball. If the game had gone the other way it would have changed the block winner!

Results from 'B' block (Felixstowe Cup)

winner: Paul Castell
runner up: Phil Dunk

Peter Thompson bt Bill Arliss +15
Paul Castell bt Marchesa Avril Rangoni-Machiavelli +8
Elizabeth Farrow bt Quiller Barrett +18
Peter Thompson bt Paul Castell +6
Marchesa Avril Rangoni-Machiavelli bt Bill Arliss +1
Phil Dunk bt Elizabeth Farrow +7
Peter Thompson bt Marchesa Avril Rangoni-Machiavelli +8
Paul Castell bt Phil Dunk +4
Bill Arliss bt Quiller Barrett +22
Peter Thompson bt Elizabeth Farrow +3
Paul Castell bt Quiller Barrett +14
Phil Dunk bt Bill Arliss +3
Peter Thompson bt Phil Dunk +9
Paul Castell bt Elizabeth Farrow +20
Marchesa Avril Rangoni-Machiavelli bt Quiller Barrett +13
Peter Thompson bt Quiller Barrett +24
Elizabeth Farrow bt Bill Arliss +9
Phil Dunk bt Marchesa Avril Rangoni-Machiavelli +2
Paul Castell bt Bill Arliss +16
Elizabeth Farrow bt Marchesa Avril Rangoni-Machiavelli +2 (match conceded as Avril was ill)
Phil Dunk bt Quiller Barrett +16

There were no over 75s in the 'A' class so the trophy was awarded to the best player in the 'B' block Paul Castell.

Although Peter Thompson was permitted to play he was not over 65 so he was not eligible to win anything.

Brian Fisk Director and Manager


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