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Top Player Profiles

Players are presented here in alphabetical order, please refer to the relevant ranking listing to see who is the creme de la creme today!

There are two main variants of the game played in the UK: Golf Croquet and Association Croquet (also known as International Rules Croquet) - see Introduction to Croquet for an outline. Some players play (or excel) in one version of the game, some at both. This is shown below as (AC) or (GC).

Mark Avery (AC)

Reg Bamford (AC GC)

Pierre Beaudry (GC)

Richard Bilton (GC)

Jamie Burch (AC GC)

Ian Burridge (AC GC)

Christian Carter (AC)

Miranda Chapman (AC)

Paddy Chapman (AC)

Jeff Dawson (AC GC)

James Death (AC GC)

Harry Dodge (GC)

Marcus Evans (AC)

Robert Fulford (AC GC)

Rachel Gee (GC)

William Gee (GC)

Alain Giraud (AC)

Dr James Hopgood (AC)

Dr Jonathan Kirby (AC)

David Maugham (AC)

John-Paul Moberly (GC)

Stephen Mulliner (AC GC)

Samir Patel (AC)

Jonathan Powe (AC GC)

Tobi Savage (GC)

Mark Suter (AC)

Pete Trimmer (AC)


Mark Avery (AC)

Picture: /infra/49528-5.pngMark Avery

Mark has been playing at the top level for close to 40 years, representing his country in four MacRobertson Shields, winning three of them. He is the youngest winner of the Open Championship (1987), a finalist in first world championship (1989), a winner of various regional championships, and a former Open Doubles champion in both England and New Zealand.

Reg Bamford (AC GC)

Picture: /infra/49528-14.pngReg Bamford

Born in 1967, Reg is married with two sons. A South African Chartered Accountant by training, Reg started his own business in the UK in 1996 and now employs over 150 staff in his professional services business.

Reg lives in Surrey, and is a member of the Surbiton and Roehampton Clubs. He has been playing croquet since he was 7, and has represented South Africa since the age of 14 in numerous Test matches, most recently as captain. Reg has been a top-ranked player in the world for over 30 years, and is a 10-time British Open Champion, a 4-time AC World Champion (2001, 2005, 2009 and 2012) and a twice GC World Champion (2013 and 2017). As well as croquet, Reg enjoys skiing, golf and sailing.

Reg can be contacted on 07780 661 468, or email reg.bamford#sableinternational.com

Pierre Beaudry (GC)

Picture: /infra/49528-23.pngPierre Beaudry

Born in 1954, Pierre (legally) migrated to south London in 1979. He started playing croquet in Sydenham in 2005 and has been a member of the Dulwich Croquet Club since 2006. Pierre prefers the dynamics of Golf Croquet and has represented Belgium in five GC World tournaments winning the Bowl in 2013 in Cairo.

He captained Belgium in the 2012 Team Championship in Cairo where they narrowly lost to Wales in the final. In partnership with UK number one under-21 player Harry Dodge, Pierre has won the premier doubles GC event in the UK in 2013, 2014, and 2015. Pierre has also played for Kent in the GC Inter-Counties.

Richard Bilton (GC)

Picture: /infra/49528-6.pngRichard Bilton

Richard started playing Croquet back in the summer of 2008, and he significantly improved when he joined Nottingham Croquet Club in September 2015. He qualified for the GC B Level Series National Final in Budleigh Salterton in 2016, having won the Hurlingham B Level Tournament that August, and came second.

In January 2017, Richard was selected for the GC International Performance Development Squad, and finished 3rd place in his first English National Singles Championship (Ascot Cup) at the end of the season. At the end of 2017, Richard became a member of the GC Tournament Committee, and was also awarded the Spiers Trophy for the most improved GC player in 2017.

In May 2018, Richard won his first open tournament, the Hunstanton A Level, and saw further success in winning his first ENSC qualifier at Nottingham that July, winning all 15 games. Having qualified as of right for the ENSC for the first time, Richard went to Southwick in September and won the Ascot Cup, his first GC 'major'.

Richard is hoping to be playing in the 2020 World GC Team Championships in New Zealand.

Jamie Burch (AC GC)

Picture: /infra/49528-24.pngJamie Burch

Jamie Burch - from Reigate Croquet Club in Surrey, England. A painter & decorator by trade.

He is a busy family man who enjoys spending time with his wife and two young children.

He still finds enough time for croquet and darts - his winter sport.

Ian Burridge (AC GC)

Picture: /infra/49528-13.pngIan Burridge

Ian has been a leading AC player since taking up the sport in 1988. He has represented Great Britain on numerous occasions, including the 1996 MacRobertson Shield. He has won both the Southern (1995) and Eastern (2015) Championships. Born in Aberdare, Wales, he has represented Wales in both team and individual events since 1990, won the Welsh Championship on 13 occasions and is the Chairman of the Welsh Croquet Association.

Recently Ian has enjoyed success as a GC player winning both the Ascot Cup (2015) and Musk's Cup (2016).

Ian was named CA Coach of the Year for 2015.

Christian Carter (AC)

Picture: /infra/49528-22.pngChristian Carter

Born in 1987 in North Yorkshire, Christian moved to London in 2006 where he studied Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London. It was here he was introduced to croquet in 2009 by the legendary Eugene Chang. Now living in Surbiton with his wife Fiona, Christian is a Commercial Accountant for KFC and a keen hobbyist woodworker and furniture maker.

After winning his first ever CA tournament and achieving his first triple peel in the same event it wasn't surprising he developed an obsession for the game that so many of us share. Christian first represented England after gaining a qualifying place in the 2013 AC World Championship where he made it to the block play-offs. In 2016 the same number of block wins gained him a place in the last 32 where he was defeated by his arch rival Stephen Mulliner who subsequently went on to win the event.

In 2018 Christian made the last 16 of the World Championship in Wellington, New Zealand, and tied for first place in the President's Cup, the CA's top selection event, before losing the play-off to Robert Fulford.

Christian can be contacted on 07889 423 133 and emailed at carter.christian#gmail.com

Miranda Chapman (AC)

Picture: /infra/49528-4.pngMiranda Chapman

Miranda was born in Australia and began playing croquet in 1998 in Wellington, New Zealand. She is married to Paddy Chapman, and in 2010 they moved to the UK where Miranda works as a clinical prosthetist at the DMRC, Stanford Hall.

She won the 2015 Women's World Championship in Nottingham. She was selected to represent GB in the Maugham Salver in 2017 and played for England in the Home Internationals in 2018. Other titles she has won over the years include the British Women's Championship, Australian Women's Championship, and Australian Open Doubles (with Paddy Chapman). She played in the 2012 AC World Championship in Adelaide where she reached the knockout stages, and has previously represented Australia in two Trans Tasmans vs. New Zealand, winning in 2011.

Paddy Chapman (AC)

Picture: /infra/49528-12.pngPaddy Chapman

Paddy was born in 1987 in Christchurch, New Zealand, and moved to Nottingham in 2010 where he currently works in IT as a SQL DBA for Boots UK. He started playing croquet at the age of 11, and was mentored by the legendary John Prince. In 2012 he married Miranda, who is one of the top female croquet players in the world.

He won the 2018 Croquet World Championship in New Zealand, the first Kiwi world champion since Joe Hogan in 1989. He has also been runner-up in the World Championship on one previous occasion (2013). He was a member of NZ's winning MacRobertson Shield team in 2014, which returned the Mac to NZ for the first time since 1986. Other titles he has won over the years include the NZ Open Championship, Australian Men's Championship, Australian Open Doubles (with Greg Bryant and Miranda Chapman respectively), British Open Doubles (with Dave Maugham), UK President's Cup and NZ's top invitation event (twice). In 2018 he was inducted into the NZ Croquet Hall of Fame.

Jeff Dawson (AC GC)

Picture: /infra/49528-10.pngJeff Dawson

Born in 1956, Jeff is married with two grown-up sons. Originally a software engineer and project manager, he left to run the CA's on-line shop which he did for seven years before taking early retirement. He now works as a volunteer with Citizens Advice.

Jeff has been active on the CA council, serving as Chairman for two years as well as on the marketing, publishing, ICT, Laws and International committees at various times. He was responsible for the recent membership structure changes, and has been helping with the database project which is implementing them. He is also an AC referee, and periodically runs laws courses to train new referees. Jeff plays mostly Association croquet, although he has dabbled with Golf croquet a little.

Jeff lives in Surrey, and is a member of Woking Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club. He has been playing croquet for over 35 years, and has played in the President's cup (for the top eight available players) several times, and has won the Chairman's Salver (for the second eight) three times. As well as croquet, Jeff likes to go on walking holidays.

James Death (AC GC)

James Death profile photoJames Death

James Death is one of the most talented players in the world. His fluent style makes him a "must-see" for spectators. James has previously won the prestigious Presidents Cup, twice been the UK Men's Champion, twice been Open Doubles champion, and been a semi-finalist in the 2005 World Championships. James is a club operations manager at a bingo hall. James enjoys eating, drinking and computer games.

Harry Dodge (GC)

Picture: /infra/49528-27.jpgHarry Dodge

Born - Somerset, England

Residence - Somerset, England

Height - 1.89 m

Occupation - Environmental Officer

Grip - Dodge (right-handed)

Prize money - £25 (officially)

Wins and notable appearances: Won multiple regional-level tournaments, medallist at Under 21 World Championship held in New Zealand, British Open finalist, twice National Doubles and British Open Doubles Champion with Pierre Beaudry, East Anglian and Irish Open Champion.

Marcus Evans (AC)

Marcus was born in Bristol in 1985 and took up croquet in Nailsea 11 years later. Having graduated in philosophy from the University of Nottingham in 2007 (where he was a sports bursar for croquet for three years, as well as appearing on "University Challenge" and singing in Gilbert & Sullivan's "Iolanthe", among other things), Marcus now works as a pensions consultant for Hargreaves Lansdown in Bristol. In the winter months Marcus is a keen musician on both piano and 'cello, and sings in the Bristol Bach Choir.

Marcus has appeared in three previous Golf Croquet World Championships and four Association Croquet World Championships, reaching the semi-finals in Adelaide in 2012. In addition he has represented the England and Great Britain teams in various international matches. He also enjoys many other sports including tennis, squash, running, and bridge.

Robert Fulford (AC GC)

Picture: /infra/49528-15.pngRobert Fulford

Robert is one of the most successful players in the history of the game. He has won the world championship a record five times and has been part of a winning British MacRobertson Shield team on an unprecedented seven occasions (twice as Captain). Other achievements include winning the British Open nine times, the President's Cup 11 times, the British Open Doubles 10 times with Chris Clarke and twice with James Death. Robert plays with a fluent style and loves tactics, employing a wider range than other top players.

Robert was born in Colchester in 1969 and started playing aged 15 at the Colchester Club where he still plays. Robert and his most regular doubles partner, wife Susan, live in Lower Raydon, Suffolk.

Rachel Gee (GC)

Picture: /infra/49528-21.pngRachel Gee

Rachel played in the 2016 England Openshaw Shield team, won the 2014 and 2018 European Golf Croquet Championships and the 2011 World Women's Golf Croquet Championship. She played in the U21s from 2007 and won the Steel Bowl for the most improved female AC player in 2008.

Rachel has a Maths degree from Warwick and has been working for Experian as a Data Developer in Nottingham since graduating in 2010.

She likes travelling to new places and finds Croquet provides lots of excuses for this!

Will Gee (GC)

Picture: /infra/49528-7.pngWill Gee

Will started playing Croquet in 2004 at Nottingham, originally playing only Association Croquet. In 2005 he won the Apps Memorial Bowl for being England's most improved male GC player. Having reached an Association handicap of -1 he turned his attention to Golf Croquet in 2008 when he joined Ashby Croquet Club. This coincided with him focusing on his studies much more. In 2009 he began a degree in Biochemistry at Oxford University where Will became only the third person to receive a Full Blue for Croquet. In 2013, Will started a PhD researching the molecular aspects of sleep at the University of Cambridge, and has since struggled to find time to play much Croquet.

Since 2011, Will has won several GC ranking competitions, including two English National Championships (2011, 2013). Will has also played for England in both GC World Team Championships (2012, 2016) and the 2016 Rest of the World vs. Egypt Test match.

Outside of Croquet, Will enjoys Chess, Squash and playing the Piano.

Alain Giraud (AC)

Picture: /infra/49528-9.pngAlain Giraud

Alain first played croquet more than 30 years ago having started in the garden and then being introduced to competitive croquet at Southport Croquet Club by his Aunty Alice.

It wasn't until he reached his late 30's however that he rediscovered croquet and started to move up the rankings. In 2018 he reached a career high world ranking of 29.

In the UK he has won the CA Open plate - 2014 and 2018, the Du Pre (Men's plate) - 2017 and 2018, the East Midlands Championship plate - 2015 and 2017 and the Hurlingham Cup - 2018.

In 2018 he also won both the Bronze Medal in the NZ Open and the NZ Open doubles plate partnering Ian Burridge.

He has played in three World Championships and reached the plate final in NZ in 2018.

He has only entered one ranking Golf Croquet tournament, the Nottingham GC Championship in 2015, in which he reached the final and qualified for the Ascot Cup.

In 2013 he was the croquet consultant on the film The Theory of Everything with Eddie Redmayne, Felicity Jones and director James Marsh.

He is a club coach, founder member of Huddersfield Croquet Club and former secretary and honorary member of Ealing Croquet Club.

Dr James Hopgood (AC)

Dr James Hopgood profile photoDr James Hopgood

James discovered association garden Croquet in the summer of 1994 while at the University of Cambridge. The occasional game played biannually in the College gardens involved the stereotypical Oxbridge attributes: beverages, beautiful scenery but slow lawns in the Fellows gardens, tactical naivety, and debates over Law 4e. After moving to Edinburgh in 2004, James spotted in a local chip shop, while buying the Scottish delicacy known as a "rump chip steak", an advert for the Meadows Croquet Club. Assuming this would be similar to his University Croquet experience, James visited the club … only to discover flat lawns, proper hoops, bisques, coaching, a good social scene, and a thoroughly more interesting game than he thought imaginable.

James entered his first advanced Association Croquet tournament in June 2006, and became a regular on the UK tournament circuit. He thoroughly enjoys the competitive scene, splendid lunches, and the great company that Croquet players provide. Playing successes include winning the Scottish Open several times, the CA Chairman's Salver in 2011 and 2015, winning the North of England and South of England Regional Championships in the same weekend in 2016 (in the south), and being a member of the 2017 England MacRobertson Shield team. James is a lecturer at the University of Edinburgh and his research area is in Machine Learning and Signal Processing; he is married to Laura, and is playing a lot less Association Croquet than he used to after the arrival of Adam Christopher in May 2018.

Dr Jonathan Kirby (AC)

Picture: /infra/49528-11.pngJonathan Kirby

Jonathan Kirby took up croquet as a student in 1999 when he was 20. He played for Great Britain in the MacRobertson Shield in Australia in 2006, and has also played many times for Scotland. He won a bronze medal at the singles World Championship in 2005, and won the British Open doubles (with Ian Burridge) in 2009. Jonathan has also played in the President's Cup four times, and the Resort Invitational in Oregon twice. He is very pleased to be returning to the Great Britain team for the Solomon Trophy in 2018, after a 10-year break.

Married with a young family, Jonathan works as a lecturer in mathematics at the University of East Anglia, in Norwich. Aside from playing, Jonathan has supported croquet as a coach, a referee, and with various administrative roles including being chairman of the CA's International Committee and chairman of the World Croquet Federation's world ranking review committee for Association Croquet. More recently he was involved in adjusting the handicap system in use in Golf Croquet.

David Maugham (AC)

Picture: /infra/49528-20.pngDavid Maugham

David Maugham was introduced to croquet by his father in 1981 when he was 12 and started playing competitively in 1985. He has won various singles honours including the British Open Championship twice, four British Men's Championships, five British President's Cups, the Sonoma-Cutrer World Championship three times, the Australian Open, the US Open and over-25 British Regional Championships. His doubles successes include four British Open Doubles titles (with Steve Comish, Chris Clarke, Mark Avery and Paddy Chapman) and five British Mixed Doubles (once with Jenny Williams, twice with Ailsa Lines, once with Gabrielle Higgins and once with Alison Jones).

David has also been on six MacRobertson Shield winning Great Britain sides, and considers his best match to be the one in which he completed a TP to win the deciding game of the final match of the test against New Zealand at Christchurch in 2000 when the scores were level.

2018 saw David win seven of the nine AC Championships in England.

Outside of croquet, David works as the IT manager for a natural stone company; has a black belt in ju-jitsu; enjoys computer games; and practices modern jive and ballroom dancing.

John-Paul Moberly (GC)

Picture: /infra/49528-19.pngJohn-Paul Moberly

After discovering croquet at his local club Croquet Durham in 2011, John-Paul entered the GC tournament circuit in 2014 and has since won numerous national tournaments, including the English National Singles Championship, Musks Cup, London Masters, British Open Doubles and National Doubles. He has twice been runner-up in the British Open and has competed internationally at the last two GC World Championships; finishing 10th overall in 2017.

In 2017 he was appointed England GC captain and has since led England to victory in the first two GC Home Internationals.

He is also a minus player at AC and jointly won his block at the 2018 AC World Championship before being beaten in the last 32.

Outside of croquet, John-Paul is a Graduate Civil Engineer for United Utilities.

Stephen Mulliner (AC GC)

Stephen Mulliner profile photoStephen Mulliner

Stephen Mulliner, 64, took up tournament croquet as a Cambridge undergraduate in 1976.

Association Croquet: World Champion 2016 and finalist in 1997 and 2008; British Open Champion 1988, 1990, 2000 (41 consecutive appearances since 1977); Open Doubles champion nine times, President's Cup winner five times 1981-92 (record 39 appearances since 1978), Sonoma-Cutrer Champion four times, European Champion 13 times 1993-2013. Only player to have won both the Singles and Doubles Championships of Australia (2009), England (see above), New Zealand (2009 singles, 2000 doubles) and United States (2011). Represented Great Britain in the MacRobertson Shield in 1982, 1986, 1990, 2000, 2003, 2010 and England in 2014 and 2017.

Golf Croquet: World Championship semi-finalist 2000, 2006 and 2015; British Open Champion nine times, including 2010-13 and 2016, English National Champion (Ascot Cup) 2012 and 2014; Musk's Cup winner 2015; European Champion 2007, 2009, 2013 and 2015; represented Rest of the World vs. Egypt in the Ramsis Cup (2008 and 2016); captained England in GC World Team Championships 2012 and 2016. Has competed in 17 different WCF Member countries.

Vice-President of the Croquet Association and Secretary-General of the World Croquet Federation. Lives in Haslemere, Surrey. Married to Sarah with four children aged 28 to 34. Management consultant, Waverley Borough Councillor, active in local politics and keen golfer and all-round sportsman.

Samir Patel (AC)

Samir Patel profile photoSamir Patel

Samir has been playing croquet since taking up the sport in the late-nineties at Oxford University.

Now a member of Surbiton Croquet Club, he has won the Club Championship for both Association and Golf Croquet, and has won the Inter-Club Championship in both codes. He has been as high as fourth in the world rankings. Tournament successes include the President's Cup (2013), Open Doubles Championship (2017, 2019) and Championship of Surrey (2010, 2014). He has reached the final of the British Opens (2008, 2013, 2016) and Quarter Finals of the World Championship (2012, 2016, 2018).

He has regularly represented both England and Great Britain since 2007. He has captained the Solomon Trophy team since 2013, and the MacRobertson Shield team in 2014 and 2017.

Jonathan Powe (AC GC)

Picture: /infra/49528-8.pngJonathan Powe

Jonathan started playing AC on the small lawn in his village in Dorset in 2013 having just retired from the Army. He started playing competitively in 2015 and also took up GC. He made reasonably quick progress in his first two years, rising up the rankings in both AC and GC.

He was awarded the Apps Memorial Bowl (AC - most-improved male player) in 2015 and he won the Treasurer's Tankard in 2016. In 2018: he played in the AC World Championship in NZ in February, winning the Bowl; he was selected for the England GC Team for the Home Internationals in July; with David Nicholson, he won the English National GC Doubles in September; and he played in the Over-50 GC World Championship in Cairo in October, again winning the Bowl.

Tobi Savage (GC)

Picture: /infra/49528-26.jpegTobi Savage

Tobi started playing Croquet at the age of 15. He started competing in 2010, and is now an established competitor. His notable achievements include:

2010: Won GC All England Handicap

2012: Won GC All England Handicap and GC Inter-Counties championship

2013: Played in GC World Championship in Cairo. Runner-up in Musk's Cup, won Roehampton GC Open and the Plate at the English National Singles Championship

2015: Played in GC World Championship in Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. Won English National Singles Championship, won GC Kent Cup

2016: Represented England in GC World Team Championship. 3rd Place at Ramsgate GC Open. 3rd Place in British Open Doubles Championship with David Wise. Runner-up in British Open Singles Championship. Won GC Kent Cup and English National Doubles Championship with J-P Moberly

2017: Runner-up in East Anglian GC Championship and British Open Doubles Championship with J-P Moberly. Semi-Finalist in British Open Singles Championship. Won Belgian Open Championship. Represented England and won GC Home Internationals

2018: Won British Open Doubles Championship. Quarter-finalist in British Open Singles Championship. Represented England and won GC Home Internationals. Won Musk's Cup for GC Top Eight Selection Event

He has a hard-hitting play style, and is known across the globe for his jump shots!

Mark Suter (AC)

Picture: /infra/49528-3.pngMark Suter

Mark started playing Association Croquet at the tender age of 11. At age 18 he was selected to play in The Chairman's (Second best available eight Players in UK) and was also selected for the under-21 GB Squad. A year later, he moved with his family to Cornwall and had to stop playing because there weren't any Croquet clubs, at that time, within reasonable travelling distance from his home. After graduating from University in 1994, Mark moved to Cape Town, South Africa where he started playing again. Very quickly he rose to the top and won all the major SA championships, including representing SA in test matches against England and Ireland.

Shortly after moving to Ireland in 2002, Mark had to stop playing again due to business and family commitments, although he did find time to represent Ireland in a test match against GB in 2004.

Mark returned to play Croquet again in 2017 and, like his first return to the sport after a significant break, he very quickly rose to the top and was selected to play in the Chairman's for the second time, this time winning the event. In his second season back in 2018, Mark continued to improve and was selected to play for England in the Home Internationals and for GB in the Solomon Trophy. He was also selected to play in the Presidents Cup (top available eight Players in UK).

Mark works as the Manager of the Croquet Association from their offices in Cheltenham.

Pete Trimmer (AC)

Pete is a theoretical biologist, currently based in Germany.

Long-ago, Pete had a long-and-lucky run to become the World No 3. Pete is a tactician at heart but rarely practices so is physically inconsistent. Pete occasionally wins events, but you'd be hard-pushed to find his name. His brother's name, D. Trimmer, remains in-perpetuity on the Gold Cup for the Southern Championship. D. Mundy was initially inscribed on the Men's Championship cup. There was no name on his US Open Championship trophy, and the North American Open trophy is (years on) still to be inscribed. He resorted to making and offering a bronze trophy for the World Championships, subtly inscribed with a 'P', but it was deemed too valuable (insurance-wise) to be used, so was instead sold privately. He is now resigned to the fact that, to get his name on a Worlds trophy, he'll have to play extremely well ... and then inscribe it himself.


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