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The Croquet Association

The Croquet Association (CA) is the national governing body for the sport of Croquet (including both Association Croquet and Golf Croquet) in England, and is responsible for promoting and regulating the game in that area.

In conjunction with the regional Federations and its Member Clubs, it supports croquet at all levels, from games played in the garden and local play at clubs, through to regional and national tournaments and international matches. It runs an online shop, from its headquarters in Cheltenham, where both its members and the public can purchase books and equipment, with the benefit of advice if needed.

The CA is a not for profit organisation1, funded through club and tournament levies, individual subscriptions, and donations; most of its accomplishments are through voluntary effort. It works in aspects of the game that need national coordination, in particular it:

  • Leads the development of a playing infrastructure
    • Provides grants, loans and other practical assistance for new and developing clubs
    • Holds a block insurance policy that covers all full member clubs for Public Liability and Professional Indemnity
    • Publishes booklets and other material to assist players, coaches, managers, groundsmen, etc., with croquet-related activities
  • Publicises the game in its various formats
    • Promotes press coverage for the game
    • Publishes The Croquet Gazette and the CA website
  • Maintains the laws of the game
    • Maintains and develops the laws of the game; liaises with the international laws body
    • Trains and examines referees
  • Operates a national handicap and ranking system
    • Supervises the handicap and ranking systems
  • Develops and controls a national coaching system
  • Organises national tournaments and championships and coordinates events run by member clubs
    • Publishes the national tournament calendar
    • Organises championship events and national inter-club competitions
  • Selects and supports national representative teams
    • Selects and assists players representing the CA at home and abroad

More Details

10 Things you might not know about the Croquet Association.

The Constitution defines the Croquet Association and the Structure of the CA describes how the CA organises itself. Current Officers & Committee details lists committee members and links to the meetings schedule and meeting minutes and papers.

You can join the CA as an Individual Member or as a Club Member.

If you need paperwork: Downloads & Forms, for anything else please Contact the CA Office.

Other resources:

If you cannot find the information you want about the sport of croquet on this web site, our Office staff have many free leaflets and publications, which they will be pleased to send you, so please get in touch.

1Legally, the CA is an unincorporated association.