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The CA Bursary Scheme

The Scheme

The Croquet Association (CA) provides bursaries to support the expenses of members who aspire to or have achieved International standard at Association Croquet or Golf Croquet and wish to participate in events of that standard. The general intention is that such players will be Young Person Members of the CA. However, other members may also apply.

The CA does not have limitless resources and, thus, when choosing applicants and determining the value of bursary awards, will take account of:

The CA reserves the right to award no bursaries in any given year if the CA considers no applications to be appropriate.

Please note that the CA will not award a bursary to cover expenditure incurred before application.


All applicants must be members of the CA and eligible to play for Great Britain. In the case of domestic events, the requirement is for the event to be of Grade 1 or 2 standard for Association Croquet and of equivalent standing for Golf Croquet.

Level of Assistance

The CA may award a bursary up to a maximum value of £500 to any applicant. The bursary will be no more than 50% of the identified required expenditure to participate in the event(s) (including costs such as travel, accommodation and tournament fees). The amount awarded to cover each single domestic event shall be no more than £250 (but the applicant can request a bursary to cover more than one domestic event in the season).

Other Financial Assistance

All applicants must state if they have received financial assistance from other organisations as a contribution towards their costs of participating in Croquet.

Submission of Applications

If the applicant is less than 18 years of age then signed parental consent is also necessary and the applicant must enclose proof of date of birth (a photocopy of birth certificate or the photograph page of a passport).

Personal History in the Sport of Croquet

The applicant must demonstrate achievements in Croquet that indicate their potential to make a significant contribution to the sport at International level.

Payment of Bursaries

The CA will issue a notice of bursary award to successful applicants and invite those applicants to submit evidence that they have received all other expected funding and, thus, are able to participate in the identified event(s). Upon receiving such evidence, the CA will pay the bursary. However, the successful bursary applicant shall submit receipts of incurred expenditure to the CA Office after participating in the identified event(s), using the evidence of expenditure form. If the expended amount is less than the prediction in the application form then the CA reserves the right to request return of a portion of the awarded bursary.

Recovery of Bursaries

The CA reserves the right to request return of a bursary to any individual who fails to participate in an event in accordance with the conditions and regulations applicable to that event.


Applicants can submit completed forms to the CA at any time. However, applications received later in the year are less likely to receive an award because the budget available in each year is limited.

Consideration of Applications

For domestic events, Young Person Member applicants will require the endorsement of their mentor under the CA Mentoring Scheme. The mentor will have recommended that the applicant should participate in the identified event.

The CA will consider applications on merit, taking into account the details on the completed application form. The CA will not enter into correspondence or discussion about why particular applicants were or were not successful. The CA reserves the right to award no bursaries. Applicants who struggle to progress in croquet because of their financial situation should indicate this in the personal statement that forms part of the application.

Data Protection Act

The CA reserves the right to store and process on computer the personal details of applicants for the purposes of running this bursary scheme but will not pass these details to other organisations except for the purposes of the scheme and, as stated below, publicity.


The CA reserves the right to publish, and offer for publication to the media, the names and photographs of successful bursary applicants for publicity purposes. The CA will advise a successful applicant if, as a consequence, the media request face-to-face interviews with the applicant.