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Club CA Membership

Other club resources include the Club Guide to the CA, Downloads and Forms, Advice for Clubs. Please contact the CA Office for anything else. To renew your Individual CA Membership, or as an Individual Member, please refer to the join the CA section.

The CA is run almost entirely by volunteers who give up their time to promote the game and help in the administration. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes to promote awareness of the game in the national press and elsewhere, to organise a tournament circuit our members benefit from, to maintain the laws of the game, to provide coaching and generally to help both new and existing clubs to develop and flourish. By joining the CA you will help us to maintain this effort, and be contributing to the wider croquet community.

The first option is to become an Affiliate Club, which costs just £45 per year, and give you:

  • A copy of The Croquet Gazette six times a year to make available to your club members. This helps everyone keep in touch with what is happening in the rest of the croquet world.
  • An entry in the online Croquet Directory of Clubs, so that other players or anyone who asks about clubs in your area will know of your existence, and who to contact.

Hopefully, you would prefer to become a Full Member Club, which gives you all of the above, plus:

  • Free cover by the CA Public Liability Insurance Scheme, which provides third party cover of £10 million as well as cover for Employer's and Professional Liability. Equivalent cover taken individually by a club typically costs well over £100 per year.
  • Financial advice and help from the CA, including the possibility of starter and development grants or loans. Last year we gave out more than £20,000 in donations to clubs covering a wide range of projects including laying new lawns, building a new clubhouse, obtaining new equipment, establishing new clubs, etc.
  • Advice on lawn construction and maintenance.
  • The opportunity to participate in inter-club tournaments and competitions.
  • Access to equipment insurance at competitive rates through our brokers.
  • Recruitment advice on how to increases membership of your club. This includes a free guide to recruitment and retention, and provision of materials (leaflets, posters, etc.) to help when required.
  • The opportunity to negotiate special rates of discount on major purchases of equipment.

The first year of Club Membership costs £60. In subsequent years, the fee is based on the number of playing members in your club (excluding those who have told you that another club is their primary one): the 2020 rates for adult members are £9.00 per head for small clubs, that have either a playing area significantly less than 2 full sized lawns or significant external restrictions on lawn availability from May to September, and £14.00 for larger clubs that exceed that threshold; and £5 a head for students or young people. The fee is capped at £90 in the second membership year, and £120 in the third; and is a minimum of £60 in all years.

Schools and universities can enjoy a reduced rate of £30, which entitles them to the same benefits as Full members clubs, except that they do not get insurance (as they will be covered by their institutions) and can only register 30 of their members as Standard members.

For more details, and to apply for Club Membership, please contact the CA office.