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The Structure of Croquet England

The top-level governance of Croquet England CIO is specified by its constitution and is summarised below.

The Board of Trustees

The Board has responsibility for the management of the affairs of the Organisation and may, for that purpose, exercise all the powers of the CIO. The Trustees are governed by Standing Orders. The Board sets the overall strategy of Croquet England; has responsibility for policy and appoints the Executive.

It has:

  • 6 Trustees elected under specified rules by the Individual Members of the CIO to represent the Individual Subscribers and the Affiliated Clubs and Federations in their regional constituency.
  • Up to 5 Members appointed by the other Trustees to improve the diversity and expertise of the Board as required.
  • The Board's meetings are attended by the Officers of Croquet England
    • The Secretary
    • The Treasurer
    • The Chief Executive Officer

They report to and speak at the meetings of the Board but do not have the right to vote. In addition, the President and any guests invited by the Chairman of the Board may attend meetings and speak but not vote.

The Vice-Presidents are Officers of the Organisation whose offices convey no executive powers.

The CEO, Secretary and Treasurer of the CIO are appointed annually by the Board of Trustees.

The Executive

The Executive is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Organisation (including the authority to execute financial transactions, to implement policy, and to recommend new, or changes to, policy). The Executive is supported by the Treasurer, the Secretary of the CIO; the Secretary to the Executive (if appointed); the Operations Manager: Standing Committees and Advisory Groups and Panels who collectively ensure that the Organisation functions to the satisfaction of the Board of Trustees; the Charity Commission and the Subscribers and Affiliates of Croquet England.

The Executive has the following voting members:

  • Chief Executive Officer, appointed by the Board of Trustees
  • Chairman of the Board of Trustees
  • Secretary to the Executive
  • Treasurer
  • Up to 6 Executive Directors, appointed by the Board of Trustees.

The Executive appoints the Operations Manager (based in the Organisation's office) who reports to the Chief Executive Officer and is a non-voting member.

The Standing Committees, Secretariats and Advisory Groups are organised into those that service the Organisation and those that govern and administer the sport. Individual Standing Committees and Advisory Groups and Panels report to a nominated Executive Director who is responsible for liaising with them to ensure that policies are followed and projects are completed.

The President and any guests invited by the Chief Executive Officer may attend meetings of the Executive and speak but not vote.

Committees and Advisory Groups

  • Coaching
  • Sport Development
  • Equipment
  • Funding
  • Handicap
  • IT (Information Technology)
  • International
  • Laws (AC)
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Rules (GC)
  • Selection (AC)
  • Selection (GC)
  • Tournaments (AC)
  • Tournaments (GC)

The above is a summary of the Organisation's structure. Please see the Governing Documents for full details. Information about the Officers and Committees, Strategies and Policies and Procedures is also published.